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    Thread: what's up with nfri

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      what's up with nfri

      Hi, just wanted to share with you little bit of my life story...

      I was finishing master degree in the uni, had own small flat, car and a girl and two dogs. I was also working in a corporate office with computers. But I think I've got ill or depressed. After that, I didn't have enough energy to do things, with her or doing something productive not even dream recalling. We split with my gf and she moved out... I left everything, inc study and friends, buy a airplane ticket to the exactly other side of the world, hoping that everything will be okay in new enviroment and I'll get better.

      Right now I'm living and sleeping in my car a travelling. Doing some seasonal jobs. Meeting new people and expiencing crazy advetures inc rain forrest living and eating fresh fish that I cought, and little bit of hunting.... Anyway I hope this will be the opportunity to get back on my lucid dreaming progress, because back home, i was stuck in everything. Fortunatelly, I manage to smuggle bottle of Galatanime with me through border controls in India and China, etc, lol, but I will practice mostly without it. But I forget my EEG measurement device in my grandma basement:/ I hope i won't get stuck with the bad habits and people. We will see...

      Sounds little bit unbelievable, but it's true... Just needed to share it with someone

      And what's up with you guys/friends? How is you recent LD progress? I have to get better, because I sacraficed so much time and pain in this hobby )

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      Wow, you seem to be living an adventure! Sounds like a lot is going on. I haven't seen you much but I wish you the best in this hobby
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      Hey Nfri! Wow, what a story. As someone who suffers from depression, I know how that can become devastating. I am glad you are doing something about it, and all the best to you on your journey!
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