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    Thread: How do you lucid dream a videogame?

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      How do you lucid dream a videogame?

      One of my LD goals is to LD myself in a videogame. I was wondering, how do you do it. I mean things such as character selection, health bars, energy meters, etc. How do they appear in a dream and what do they look like?

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      If I tried this, I would try summoning a virtual reality headset, putting it on and playing whatever game on that. I figure that once immersed enough in the game that I forget about the headset, the headset will go away, resulting in me being in the game.
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      I remember playing Doom a good amount of time, and seeing in on my dreams sometimes. So it would be a good idea to play the game you wanna dream a lot. I think this is called the Tetris effect:
      The Tetris effect (also known as Tetris Syndrome) occurs when people devote so much time and attention to an activity that it begins to pattern their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. It takes its name from the video game Tetris.

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