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    Thread: My Lucid Dreams are very unstable

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      My Lucid Dreams are very unstable

      63% of my lucid dreams last for a very short amount of time. Especially recently. The dream fades away before I can do anything. It seems that even if it's a vivid dream in which I become lucid, as soon as I become lucid,everything breaks down. I would like some advice to help me with this.
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      Sounds like you might need to work on stabilization and/or dream anchoring techniques. In your next LDs, start things calmly and slowly. Breath heavily, rub your hands, take your time to look at and feel out the environment. Practice that for your next LDs, and use such for the first few moments of any subsequent LDs.
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      I think it just takes time. My LD's have gotten a lot more stable with time. I still have some that suddenly end but I've also had a lot that have been stable without me having to do anything. I've also had a lot that were un-stable, but I managed to stabilize them. I've used a variety of techniques to prolong dreams, from spinning, to rubbing hands, to "deepening" which is feeling all the surrounding surfaces, walls, etc. Recently I've made some progress with emotional stability within the dream. I had some dreams where I could actually tell I was getting worked up or adrenalized, and calm myself. I think emotional stability is one of the deeper things that relate to LD duration now that I've actually experienced it. I don't know if I could "control" my emotions but I did something "vibrationally" that shifted things during the dream. After a while, the surface-level techniques like spinning or hand-rubbing wouldn't work if I was doing it with an under-lying sense of franticness. Also making changes in my waking life like working on my issues helped me with emotional stability in the dream world.
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