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    Thread: Confused on WILD

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      Confused on WILD

      Hello! I’m like a once a week DILD’er and I want to get into WILD for more frequent lucids and I have a question regarding it. So on all the guides I read it said jusg relax your muscles and basically sit still with deep breaths, what makes this different from normal sleep, like how do i keep my mind awake during the transition into SP phase.
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      This is not different from normal sleep.

      You keep your mind aware by focusing on something known as an "anchor", that is, something you focus on that will allow you fall asleep while keeping your mind active enough so that it is aware during the beginning of the dream. For example, if you were to sit still with deep breaths, something you could focus on is your breathing. Focusing on your breathing would be your anchor.

      Alternatively or in addition, prior to your WILD attempt you can get up from bed and do something to increase your awareness so you are more aware at the beginning of the WILD attempt. This is known as Wake Back to Bed (WBTB.)

      I recommend that you attempt a WILD technique known as DEILD (Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream). During DEILD, you start focusing on your anchor the moment you awaken from sleep (No WBTB). This gives you a head start towards falling asleep because you are closer to sleep to begin with. I think it this makes it easier and faster than traditional WILD.
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      Quote Originally Posted by dolphin View Post
      I recommend that you attempt a WILD technique known as DEILD (Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream)
      I concur. It takes a little practice to pull off because you have to train yourself to remember not to move immediately upon waking, but once you have the hang of this technique it's certainly one of the more easier ways to have lots of lucids. I used to chain my DEILDs together so that if I accidentally woke up while lucid I could keep going back into the dream.

      Also, may I advise you to not focus so much on sleep paralysis. Like dolphin mentioned: the whole procedure is just like normal sleep. A successful WILD may never involve complete paralysis, and the paralysis you may feel is REM-atonia. Actual sleep paralysis is something you may wake up in but have no control over until your body catches up with your mind.
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