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    Thread: Is using a phone for reality checks a good?

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      Is using a phone for reality checks a good?

      I hear people say the use a phone as an alarm for RC. I was wondering, is this a good way to develop the habit? I mean, you won't have your phone in the dream.

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      Like all lucid dreaming techniques, it will depend on the person. The idea is more to get yourself in the habit of constantly asking yourself if you're dreaming and becoming more aware, hoping this practice will transfer into the dream rather than the actual phone alarm. However, if you always have your phone with you in real life, it is pretty likely that you will also have it in the dream and it may act like your real phone and tell you to perform a reality check every once in a while.
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      I agree with OMD.

      Another good way you could use your phone is to reality check every time you look at your phone. This way you're not relying on a reminder, but instead you are building up a habit with a simple anchor.
      As said above, everyone is different. If your phone does appear in your dreams often already then it would definitely be a good idea to use your phone in some way. If not, simply doing the RCs in connection with your phone could actually cause your phone to appear in your dreams anyways.

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      It seems to be a good idea as any. If this would be most convenient for you, it doesn't hurt to try. I used to use an app called Awoken and it played a special sound when it was time for a reality check; it also had the ability to play the sound during sleep in hopes it may penetrate the subconscious. It did work a couple times for me, so I'd say something similar could certainly work for someone else.

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      It DEFINITELY depends on the person. If you're gonna do it, make sure it doesn't devolve into this:

      Reality check alarm rings for the 20th time today:
      "Ah, yeah, reality check"
      Quickly looks at fingers without any thought behind it
      "K, I'm good, now onto the next thing"

      When you do it, make sure you are able to stop, pause, and reflect on your current situation, and bring your awareness to where you are, and WHAT you are, if you're a dreamer in a dream, or a waking person, dreaming of being a dreamer in a dream.

      If you are very busy through the day, the last thing you want is something else annoying you. If you would like to have the habit of reality checking on your subconscious so you do it automatically, don't try brute forcing it unless you are really, really dedicated.

      I recommend this.... thingy:

      Make a suitable mantra, perhaps do it before you start the day, and you should be good to go.

      Of course, if you want to do the phone method, by all means, go ahead, I'm simply explaining an alternative solution to, what I assume is, the base problem, which is not having the habit of reality checking constantly on your mind.

      Happi dreaming :0
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