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    Thread: Had possible two lucid dreams, unsure & confused.

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      Question Had possible two lucid dreams, unsure & confused.


      Over the past few weeks I informed myself about lucid dreaming, how it works, what you can do and so on. I didnt use any technics to help get one.

      First dream: 1 week ago
      It resembled my school time and I was a kid in school. It also contained something about a country I read before going to sleep. I was chilling with other class mates and we were doing some kids stuff. After a while I noticed that this cant be right, im not a kid that must be a dream. At that point I felt like I got the control. I was trying to change the location but it just got shaky and black, and then I woke up, very confused.
      I should add that I used 5-HTP which increases dream itensity.

      Second dream: yesterday
      We were to visit with my grandfather. I saw him clearly how he was. At some point I noticed, this cant be right he died years ago so I checked the calender and it was 2018 (i think) and we have 2022. At that point I knew it was a dream and I also once again felt like I can control what I do now. I tried to change the location but that didnt work. I walked out of the house and started to fly up like super man but after 50 meters or so I once again woke up.

      On both occasions I was really tired and sleepy.

      Im unsure if this is just pretending to have control or if its really a luicid dream. And is there any way to not get kicked out immediately? In the dream I was thinking that I need to stay calm to not wake up, but on the other hand I tried hard to not get kicked out. And also, does changing location work or im just failing at it.
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      Hi Dante921, welcome to the forum.

      I'd like to point out a couple of things for you here. Firstly, on this point:

      Quote Originally Posted by Dante921 View Post
      Im unsure if this is just pretending to have control or if its really a luicid dream.
      Lucidity is not about control, it's simply about being aware of the dream in itself, while dreaming. While lucid, you can have dream control, or not. It just depends on how you are and how a particular dream is going for you. Dream control can happen outside of being lucid too, and sometimes we can be exerting dream control even while thinking about the fact that it's a dream, while not actually being mindfully present enough to be "lucid".

      For me personally, I know when I'm dreaming lucidly because of the presence I suddenly have in the dream, it's literally like being awake for me, just while dreaming. To me, it sounds like what you had was a lucid experience, but nobody can really tell you whether it was or not, you just... Know. I understand it's not the most helpful comment, though it's the reality of how things are.

      It's worth keeping in mind that even when we are lucid we can still come to dumb conclusions about things or miss obvious things. As such, lucidity in itself does not always prevent dream logic from applying to our own behaviour; after all, we are still asleep, which has its differences to actually being awake. This can result in things like allowing even minor expectations or concerns to play large roles in our ability to hold on to lucidity, not to mention our ability to actually do things we want to do while lucid.

      As for staying calm and not waking up, I think this is something that we just tend to gradually improve on as we get familiar with our own experiences of lucidity; I can attest to it myself and I think a lot of people early on in their lucid dreaming journeys seem to have this issue initially.
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