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      Sudden drop in dream recall?

      Iíve recently started dream journaling again recently and was making good progress.

      First night: 1 Dream

      Second night: 2 dreams

      Third Night: 4 dreams

      Fourth night: 4 dreams

      Now for the fifth and sixth night, Ive remembered no dreams!!

      The fifth I kinda understand, my sleep schedule was weird. I slept an hour later around 1, woke up at 4 for wbtb then at 8 to watch something (much earlier than usual for a weekend) but on the sixth night (last night), I slept at 12, woke up at 8 and remembered no dreams at all.

      This is odd, even when Iím not dream journaling which I have been doing consistently, my dream recall has always been pretty good and I can regularly remember at least one dream without even trying.

      Is this just a dry spell? Do those happen? I havenít changed what Iíve eaten or started taking any medication recently. Maybe I should shift intentions away from lding (focusing on WILD+wbtb) to dream recall?


      Additionally, I'm not sure if I want to step away from WILD or not. It seems like the most consistent (?) way to lucid dream, however that might just be my own assumptions surrounding the technique. I feel like it'd be easier to focus on wbtb and mild (Laberges technique from the book) than continously attempt WILD and make little progress.
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      As you've noticed, it could be any of number of things. Maybe it's a developing cold? Too much TV? There has never been a clear blanket answer to this. The best suggestion is to not worry too much. Just keep on keeping on.
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      Plus as you may have noticed too your sleep cycle is never the same every night. There can be factors that can cause a lack of dream recall or lucidity. Just keep on keeping on but, be careful not to overdo it. Be open to taking breaks. Believe it or not, you can lose sleep by doing too much lucid dreaming.

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