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    Thread: The greatest RC

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      The greatest RC

      What is this existence ? What are we doing here ? How did this all started ? How is this different from a dream ?

      The mystery of existence seems to be a good idea to cultivate lucid awareness, specially because the mystery is really bottomless and you can never claim to have fully grasped, unlike a conventional RC in which you get a definitive answer. Here, you can not claim yourself to be fully lucid, and so you can not apply to stop practicing.

      The meditation upon these topics could well be turned into a practical RC habit, i guess.

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      Sounds good man. T'is a subject I have pondered on a lot myself.

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      Part of my questions around this come based on the fact that as a (very young) child I saw the world in a completely different way, in the sense that I didn't perceive other living beings to have their own consciousnesses. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Problem_of_other_minds and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consci...of_other_minds for example.

      And I would like to go further in my comments but I'm very tired and I couldn't possibly find good references to back up my statements in a jiffy, as it would take quite some time for my full opinion on this.
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