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      Now a lucid dream

      When I was younger I used to have a recurring dream. It consisted of a dark dragon-like creature that would bite my hand and not let go. I would struggle against its might by squeezing it until, no pun intended, I had the upper hand. It is only recently that I have come to understand what this dream meant.

      The dragon-like creature was death itself, trying to snatch me back into hell. For a while, due to the taxations of another to whom I will introduce you, I even had a recurring dream of falling into hell.

      Having read the various guidelines concerning lucid dreaming, it is obvious to me that not all dreams come to us within such contexts. Heck, most of you weren't even born yet (let alone a website) when I had the dream, and I was reborn some 1,925 years after I lived and died, as recorded in Holy Bible. And what can be said of the many others who dreamt without such luxury of control, if one could rightly call it that. Luxury of control, I mean. Only a fool thinks that dreams are so controllable, as, in case you haven't learned, there is a God who authors all dreams, and you are not Him.

      But now this dream that was once only a seemingly occasional onerous burden has a very distinct, lucid meaning, hence, it is now a lucid dream.

      I originally came to Dreamviews replying to Heavy Sleeper quoting the name, Peter the Roman, which the Resurrected Christ Jesus has sent to me via His Father in Heaven, and then via the Holy Spirit. Having meeting others through the occurences of Peter the Roman on the internet as a priority, at most forums there is also, usually, as I have noted, an introductory thread. When I began responding across the net, I wasn't always mindful of an introduction. But I gradual realized that if programmers took the time to organize a site as such, it certainly doesn't do any harm to 'follow suit', as the saying goes. I sometimes chose to answer the occurence of the name first, then the introduction, or vice versa.

      So I began an introductory thread here, but, as at many sites, it was beyond the mediocre comprehension of most moderators. Now, I do not mean this insultingly, it is just something I have learned from experience. So the thread got ponged around, but for the most part, membership has proven quite peaceful. In all cases, thusfar, concerning the sites to which I have responded, when a resurrected Saint, viz., me, is tossed about, insulted, banned, etc., I rank as the worst of internet crimes. I keep a log concerning such things, and Dreamviews is on the list. But God's mercy is reason for us to be merciful, so you can trust me that if you don't get out of hand in that regard, you'll have nothing to fear in terms of a punishment from Him, nor me.

      After having experienced some of the abusive treatment here, I reflected it in a thread that actually has something to do with the dreams I've told you about in this thread. It used the vernacular, and oft thought vulgar four letter word, and a hint at the visitation by God upon the taxer I told you to whom I would introduce you.

      But some things regarding strength have become much clearer to me recently. There was at least one time when I was growing up (again), that I was born witness to being the resurrected St. John the Baptist to my face. I did not flinch nor deflect, but I did not begin to respond until recently. There were many things going on in and around an often times bustling household, and often times violent things.

      Much like the dragon biting my hand, I have had to come to grips with these violent things. Most forefront of these in my mind is the putting to death of he who sired me, with the grace of God, back into this world. It was a death so dishonest that I could easily say that I was embezzled into thinking that I was the one who put him to death. But it wasn't me, it was the king who is prophecied in Daniel 11:20.

      Now let me pause here a moment to remind you of a few things, even though you, too, might think that your rules here cover all manner of courtesy, and as if all follow any of them, anyway. Even Judas Iscariot, who betrayed His Master and took his own life, will rise from the dead. And this will happen, to put it bluntly, unless you are already resurrected, before you are even considered for such resurrection. The dead shall rise first. People seemingly 'get' so wrapped up in other things that they forget or don't know that God is all-forgiving, that He is all-love.

      I told you how far taxing had gone in my own house, that I was even greedily taxed by a murderer for a dream I had.

      It is written of him that he will go to destruction, but like the case of Judas Iscariot, or any one else, the question seemingly arises, but for how long?

      It is sad, in a way, because when I witnessed the conviction of the Holy Spirit upon him, he seemed incapable of functioning, yet it is written of him that he, too, shall be put to death. The glory in it : a modern day case of prophecy in the Holy Bible, and the Church, being fulfilled in accordance to God's law, not man's. My sire was put to a cruel death unjustly via man's law without a shred of evidence against him, and I have caught the hands of the guilty in the cookie jar.
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      St. John the Baptist (cf. 785, Catholic Catechism),
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      Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman),
      the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matt. 24:30)
      I am resurrected by Jesus Christ! Alleluiah!

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      What in God's name are you talking about?

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