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    Thread: Recall tips

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      Recall tips

      How can i get my recall up? i usually remember a dream about once a month and only flashes of dreams, or maybe just a few minutes in the dream. also, what foods contain vitamin b6? because i want to try using this. so besides vitamin b6 what other tips do you have? um, i have to wake up very early each morning, around 5:40. i dont know if timing affects anything

      Thanks ahead of time

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      Read this Dream Recall Tutorial. Follow the steps in there, and your recall will go up! Good luck! If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

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      Timing shouldn't affect it if you get enough hours of sleep prior.
      Try setting alarms throughout the night, you will wake up more therefore, remembering dreams better.
      Or drink water before bed, and you will wake up after REM cycles (which you dream in REM) to go to the bathroom, naturally, and you will be able to have better recall :3
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