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    Thread: I am bound.

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      Red face I am bound.


      I'm Joel and I in-fact already have little experience on Lucid Dreaming.

      I am 19 years old and currently serving the finnish army.

      I am engaged to a girl who I have been dating for almost a year now. We can only see on weekends and to be honest whole relationship has not been easy. Many question why I stayed, but that story is for some other time.

      I have great passion for cars, music and philosophy. I like writing, but I never really wrote too much, this may become my hobby in near future.

      I am open to any questions you'd like to ask, and I am always willing to help the best way I can. Just ask.

      As a person I would introduce myself as a gentleman. I was raised to be one, I like being one.

      About my sleep and dreams. For sure in the army I can't sleep the way I want and it doesn't really support my attempts in lucid dreaming. I have never had an issue with sleeping, some would say my 5 hour sleep is not enough thesedays, but I disagree. I sleep more on weekends, I prefer sleeping next to my girlfriend more than in the same room with 10 other guys, you know how it is.

      My first real lucid dream was in-fact a nightmare. I had seen the same nightmare numerous of times, but one night I chose to overcome my nightmare, and so I did. I will post the whole dream with great detail to my dream journal. I had that nightmare so many times that after many years I still remember every little detail from it. Since then I have had a couple un-controlled lucid dreams.

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      Hey bound, and welcome to Dreamviews!

      Good job overcomig your nightmare, I can't wait to read about it in your DJ! Lucid dreaming is a very cool and useful talent to have! You don't wanna have only regular dreams forever!

      Anyway, if you don't have a DJ in real life already, you should start one. It's probably the most important thing for lucid dreaming! It helps you remember your dreams so you don't forget a lucid dream. That would just be.... Terrible!

      Also, you should be doing reality checks throughout the day so they carry over into your dream. A simple reality check and very trustworthy one is plugging your nose and trying to breathe through it. In a dream you can breathe like that but in real life its impossible.

      If you ever have any questions, dont be afraid to ask anyone, you could even PM me if you want, I'd be glad to help!

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      Welcome to the forum!

      I can imagine that serving in the army doesn't always afford you the time you would like for sleeping or dreaming. Still, you may have some time to keep the thoughts active in your mind. That plus reality checks can make dreaming more important to your mind so that when you sleep the likelihood of retaining your dreams is increased.

      Writing down all the dreams you can remember is a good start. If you don't have time to write them in detail even keywords and phrases can make the difference between recalling most of a dream and forgetting all of it.

      It's great you managed to turn a nightmare into lucidity. I hope you achieve more luck with your dreams and fewer nightmares.

      If you have any questions please feel free to post them on the forum or ask the staff. We're here to help! You can send any of us a private message by clicking on our profile name.

      Stay safe, and pleasant dreams!

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