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    Thread: I need insane help WILDing! :(

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      I need insane help WILDing! :(

      Hey guys i am kinda new to trying Wild and lucid dreams in general but the main technique i was attempting was mild and i decided wild is probably better.
      `I tried Wilding but i just cannot resist the urge to swallow even when i don't do it it's like a reflex and my mouth does it on its own. So does that send signals to my subconscious or not? Next i was laying there for like 10 minutes and didnt see any signs of that hypnagogic state so i moved and gave up since my body was randomly flinching on its own which is really weird. Like my head my turning to the side by its self while i try to relax and my index finger randomly moves up and down (rarely) and sometime i clinch my feet etc. I had to also get up (twist my upper body) to turn of my alarm so i know i disturbed sleep paralysis but i read that it was okay to do that not sure tho. SO i really need tips i do keep a dream journal is topped but started again and i do take v8 vitamins before bed and it does help. It just seems like both my body and mind hate me and don't want me to become lucid since both of my friends did wild the first freaking time they tried and im trying 4 times as hard as they are ( they dont even have dream journals). So please im desperate here. Do i need to keep the sleep paralysis in the middle of the night or what am i doing wrong? Oh yea and keeping my mind awake is also very hard since i keep saying i am dream 1 i am dreaming 2 and then my body distracts me by moving or tensing up so yea i pretty much fail at life here...
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      Hi, welcome to Dreamviews!

      Ok, so, to WILD, all you need to do is to fall asleep the same way, as you do every night. That means you swallow, scratch, change position. You do these things when going to bed normally, right? If you don't remember, that's because you don't pay attention to that. And yet you do fall asleep. Of course, things may go little faster if you don't move, but if you not comfortable to the point when it's distracting and it's calling your attention to your body, then it will hinder your attempt. Because the goal is to fall asleep and lose track of your body.

      SP - paralysis - is something that takes care of itself. It will happen, whether you like it or not. But not when you want it to happen. It will be triggered by your body, when you start to dream. it can't be induced at will. But no worries, you don't need to induce it in order to WILD.

      Here is a great tutorial WILD (sageous). It's long, but it's quite possible the last tutorial you will ever need. Feel free to ask him questions in that thread, or in WILD subforum. Happy dreams

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