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    Thread: Exploring my Dream Side

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      Exploring my Dream Side

      Hi everyone. I was introduced to this website by my boyfriend, who is the user MadMonkey. He is gonna try to teach me how to lucid dream. I have always been curious with the idea of dreaming but never had the chance to explore the idea. When I was younger I had many over the top dreams. Some included nightmares.

      I remember one bad nightmare when I was about 10 and it was at my house. Someone knocked at my door around 10PM and I opened the door without checking. As soon as I opened the door a huge family of vampires flew into my house. At first they seemed nice because they told me they were looking for a venue to get married. They told me my house would be perfect. My parents were in the other room and I told the family I would need to talk to my parents. Once I said that they became very angry and locked me outside. I started banging on the window asking what the hell was going on. They said they would no longer needed me and need the blood of my parents. I asked but don't you prefer young blood? They ignored me and stared trashing my house and I was running around my house looking through all the windows and saw them attack my parents. I screamed bloody murder and couldn't stop crying. I saw them rip my parents apart. It was gruesome. I remember sitting outside on my front lawn. There was no one in my neighborhood that came out to see what was happening. After the tragic event the vampire family came out to me and asked if I wanted to be the flower girl since my dad killed her with a bat. I freaked out and started hitting them saying NEVER! After this I woke up in a panic. I cried and felt very confused. That had to be one of the craziest dreams I have ever had.

      Now that I am 22 I rarely have nightmares. On occasion I will have a nightmare about school or work since that is the main focus in my life. When I was younger I had a lot of dreams and for the most part I remembered them without having a dream journal. I think it is important to dream because it is a way to relax since I am so stressed about life right now. MadMonkey is going to explore my dreams a lot more and teach me how to keep a journal. I think this might help me control some of the stress in my life and most importantly learn how to relax. I have no idea how I am going to lucid dream because MadMonkey makes it seem so easy. I would like my first goal to be breathing under water because I am a swimmer and it is my favorite sport.

      I hope I can become a better dreamer and write down my dreams without being lazy sometimes. I am going to be really busy with work and school this year. I'm finally a senior in college so hopefully everything will balance out. MadMonkey said this is a great community and that everyone is really nice. Hope I can get to know you guys and learn so much more!
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      to DreamViews, dreamqt

      That's some intense nightmare, yuck! Yeah, I used to have plenty, but not as many not that I'm older.

      It's awesome to have someone close to you that you can talk about dreams and maybe even do the lucid tasks together. Or even try shared dreaming. happy dreams

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      Hi DreamQT you are such a QT! I am so happy you are starting to be interested in dreams too. I love hearing what you dream about. I'm sure you will learn to lucid dream with enough time. That dream you shared was interesting! It seems everyone I know has had a dream as a kid about vampires. My freind had a dream about vampires who were friendly because they where "fruit vampires". That is, until he realized his nose was a giant strawberry! lol

      Quote Originally Posted by gab View Post
      It's awesome to have someone close to you that you can talk about dreams and maybe even do the lucid tasks together. Or even try shared dreaming. happy dreams
      I think it will be great for us to have someone to remind the other to do reality checks! I also look forward to bringing DreamQT on some of adventures too!
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      YAY!! Welcome DreamQT !!

      MadMonkey and I go back to 2010, we partnered up for a shared dreaming course and I'd say we came close to achieve it haha, at least our dreams seemed to sync a bit. That vampire nightmare seemed brutal! A couple nights ago I had a nightmare I was ice climbing with my dad and he fell to his death, definitely not fun. Also, me and MadMonkey fought a vampire once (in different dreams), and there were some crazy similarities. One of mt LDing goals is to return to my childhood nightmares (I remember quite a few of them), and saving my child-self from the monsters/killers, maybe we could pay this vampire gang a visit .
      Anyways, I feel like I'm rambling on, welcome to DV, I'm sure with MadMonkey guiding you, you will achieve your first LD in no time
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