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    Thread: Long time listener, first time caller...

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      Long time listener, first time caller...

      I hate joining new forums.. I am a analytical person and i consider myself an expert in everything i do, so being new.. is uncomfortable. So i am going to apologize in advance for rules i may break or norms i may trample. I have been using online forums for as long as there has been forum software in existence, so i should be safe..

      I have always had the most vivid, detailed and sometimes bizarre dreams. I am a amateur writer so, that has always been a fantastic benefit. Years ago i had a herniated disk that just wouldn't heal and it caused me excruciating pain. My physician put me on Vicoprofen. Basically a Hydrocodone/Advil pill. As is typical with the current epidemic, i got hooked quickly. two pills a day turned to 6.. then to 10.. My dreams stopped. I would go to bed, wake up.. nothing. it was a blank screen. In fact, you don't feel much on opioids.. Not having the dreams was enough motivation to stop taking the medications and suffer through the withdrawals. The dreams continued again, but were never as frequent.

      Over time i found that i was also able to do things to manipulate or entice these dreams. I started taking a natural supplement for stress called Theanine Serene with Relora. It got great reviews on amazon and after about two weeks it did have a huge effect on my stress.. However, I also noticed that my dreams were incredible .. they were longer, more detailed and incredibly intense (they also seemed to center around chickens for some reason). I stopped taking it on a regular basis because i had moved through that stressful time .. But i do take it from time to time when i need a good story to write about.

      So that's my story and introduction. I am interested in learning more about the things i dream and maybe pass on my unprofessional Frankenstein research that I have learned overtime.

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      Welcome AngriBuritto!

      I'm curious if chickens are less of a frequent topic for your dreams once you stopped taking theanine or are common for vivid dreams you have in general? Maybe our mind is more creative when more active, come to think of it, a lot of my dreams featuring animals tend to be quite vivid.
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      Welcome to Dreamviews!

      If you interested in learning about lucid dreams, just let us know. Happy dreams

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      Heyps! Welcome to our little and secret community Wishing you lots of lucids ~

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