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    Thread: Greetings from IndigoRose

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      Greetings from IndigoRose

      Hi! I am happy to be here.

      I used to be a lucid dreamer as a kid and as a teenager. I experimented with dream control as a kid (I remember thinking if it is possible to change something in dreams and later trying it and succeeding. But as for many people, my LDs become rare with age.

      I've learned the term lucid dreaming in my twenties but did nothing back then to get better at them.

      Then, in my thirties, one day in a lockdown, I was thinking that I hadn't had a nice epic dream for a long time. And decided to read a little bit about lucid dreaming.
      At first, it was all very confusing and I had trouble relating. I also had worries about losing the connections with dreams that I have (or used to have) and replacing them with learned LDing stuff. Like nobody told me when I was a kid that mirrors are weird in dreams (why should they?). Or that things will be different than I remember them because I read how they are supposed to be.
      But I've dived in and I love it.

      I read a lot, I love Dreamviews as a resource. I've spent long evenings reading old threads here. Thank you for being such a good and long-lasting community. I've also spent ages reading about sleeping, sleep phases, checking science about LDing etc. (I like to study a lot when I get into something).

      In the last two months, I've had my successes and I've had my struggles. From sleepless nights to mornings of euphoria after a LD.
      I am looking forward to whatever LDing brings for me and I am looking forward to discussing my experiences here.

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      Welcome to DreamViews! Happy to have you here. You seem like me, I tend to get very obsessed with subjects, too, and lucid dreaming has been no exception. Feel free to check out the book club, and/or the lucid tasks of the month and year. They are so much fun. And don't forget to set up your dream journal. It's always fun to read new lucid experiences from people who are just starting out, or starting again.
      Check out the Lucid Dreaming Book Club: March-April
      Have a suggestion? Book Club Suggestion Thread


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