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      Hey! Thanks for attempting the RC I mentioned. Iím disappointed it didnít have any affect for you but Iím not surprised and did wonder if it would only work for me.

      Basically I became lucid once from a sensation that felt like something was pulling me up and down from my back and causing the dream to shake as well as my dream body. I then tried this as an RC in another dream and experienced the same sensation. I confirmed this a third time as well and so I believed I had stumbled across an affective RC. My belief was the sensation was caused by me laying on my back in bed whilst dreaming.

      I suppose even though it didnít work for you itís possible it was because you were laid on your side as mentioned in your journal. Or itís possible this is just something I expect to work for me.

      Anyway, Iíll wait and see if anyone else attempts it before I mention this in the thread. Really appreciate you having a go though. Congratulations on the WILD as well, sounds like a good one! 🙂
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    Pugosaurus - Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 12

    by IndigoRose on 09-14-2023 at 01:25 AM
    I was vaguely lucid because I got attacked by someone, used a protego (invisible shield/defense) spell and was annoyed by my magic never having visual effects in my dreams and about the need to explain (LARP-like) the effect to the opponent. Other than the lack of any visual effect, the spell worked well though. I even used it to push against the enemy (at that point it worked like an invisible wall without any need for explaining or roleplaying it). I don't know if I was lucid before that or if the use of the spell led to lucidity, either way it was still pretty low lucidity.

    A short time later, there was a FA. I was recalling the dream and writing notes. I figured out that I was still asleep, got up from the bed and RCed.

    I wanted to go to DreamPrague library but after getting up and taking a couple of steps, there was nothing urban and I had no visuals. By the time I managed to open my eyes and regain visuals, I was in a completely rural landscape and also alone, no DCs anywhere. For teleporting, I typically need something connecting me to the desired location, something that makes the change more believable (at least some buildings and door to go through or something obviously Prague-likeÖ considering the landscape an urban park would probably work but I didn't get the idea), so I continued walking. The dream was still shaky and not very vivid, at one point, I walked through a young tree as if it wasn't there. For a while, I ran and enjoyed how running felt in my dream body.

    Then I arrived at a crossroad of two paths, still no buildings in sight. I decided to get some points in another way and looked for something to eat. There was a bush with white and red flowers and I tried both, but they were boring. So I went into a small woodland and looked for mushrooms. I found a nice boletus mushroom and took a bite. It tasted the same way as mushrooms smell in the autumn.

    I walked out of the forest and saw a huge animal in the distance. It had the head and face of a pug dog and the body of a hippopotamus or a large dinosaur and was as big as an average family house. Looks like fun, I thought and wanted to fight it, maybe jump on it Legolas-style. As I got close to it, I noticed it actually was on wheels and had these sets of huge tires instead of legs. I could easily run between the front legs, even though the tires were bigger than I was because the animal was too big to react to me. It tried to get its back legs together to trap me there and I stopped for a moment to think. Not having any obvious idea what to do next, I woke up.

    Updated 09-14-2023 at 01:41 AM by IndigoRose


    The Fall - Spring Competition Night 13

    by IndigoRose on 03-15-2023 at 12:04 AM
    At my grandmother's house. Thinking about how it is always summer in my dreams but a cold March in reality. I want to go out to check the garden. There is a guarding girl who doesn't want to let me out, I tell her that I have to go to school in half an hour anyway and she lets me go.
    I am in car with R. or maybe someone else, he takes a wrong turn and I am mad at him. I end up next to a mall with a group of schoolmates and I don't like it because I actually wanted to go to school. They want to go drinking. We argue in a small snack bar, right next to a railing of a mall atrium, several floors high. I say something bad to one of my schoolmates, Honza, a strong guy who weighs much more than I do. He gets mad and attempts to push me over the railing. We're struggling and the railing collapses. Seeing that I can't prevent the fall, I cling to him and take him with me. The dreams end before the fall actually happens, with us floating in the air.

    Waking up disliking the ending because earlier this night, I was thinking that I would like to fly again or jump from a height. I reimagine the feeling of floating in the air and successfully DEILD back.

    Falling. I slow the fall to levitation and land elegantly in a pirouette-like pose. I look for Honza and he's falling separately from me (and later than me, how convenient). I sent a rough burst of energy his way (this is like unaimed telekinesis, I am not counting it as a separate dream control because it works the same way), he bounces off it before reaching the ground like falling in an invisible trampoline, which gains me time and I catch him in more precise telekinesis and lower him slowly to the ground.
    Together with my schoolmates again, I want to eat something and there is a supermarket with cash registers right next to us. There is a woman paying for her shopping and putting it in her bag. I see a truss of tomatoes there, take them (she ignores me) and put one in my mouth. I give the rest of the truss to my friends.
    The tomato is awesome. Not really summer levels awesome but tasty and juicy. The sensation of eating it, including the juices bursting in my mouth and the texture of the seeds is so vivid and realistic that it makes me extremely happy. I want to share my happiness with one of my friends but she goes away and I quickly lose sight of her.
    I decide to move on the 3-step tasks. The plan is to summon a potion and drink it. I check my pockets and find a bunch of thread spools but no potion.
    I walk up stairs of a road overpass that should take me back to the higher floors of the mall because I am in the mood for more flying. On the way there, I also check the pockets of my cardigan and find two bottles there but they are lip gloss, not potions. I try to put it on my lips and it is extremely slimy. The bottle also leaks and the stuff spills everywhere.
    I wake up, consider another DEILD attempt but decide to journal the dream instead.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Teleport Practice - Spring Competition Night 2

    by IndigoRose on 03-04-2023 at 02:26 AM
    I decided to include other notes from the night and also some bits of my PR lore this time. For the lucid, see the red part.

    Lights off - a little bit before 4 am
    Falling asleep - quickly, a little bit after 4 am

    Awakenings and recall
    7:02 - several fragments
    some awake time because of the cat
    9:13 - 1 fragment
    10:39 - 1 long chunk of the dream (almost getting lucid) and 1 shorter fragment
    a little bit of WBTB time
    11:54 - 1 fragment
    12:35 - 1 fragment (again almost getting lucid)
    13:45 - final waking - quite a lot of non-lucid content but very chaotic, three dream plots mixing together, then getting lucid

    Lucid (DILD)
    Chaotic non-lucid. Slowly getting semi-lucid (understanding that I have powers and wanting to practice them). I also believed I had investiture from Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. I was running, feeling the energy, and then I decided to practice teleporting.
    During my first attempt, my mum was talking to me and I had to start again.
    I was standing in a kind of portico of a house or a garden gazebo with several steps leading down. I decided to use Welsh for a spell phrase - "Llwybr allan", meaning a path out. Obviously lucid at that point, I remembered Mzzkc's dream control advice from the day before and added the emotion of how it should feel to teleport away and stopped overthinking the schematic part, I simply stepped through with the intention of a movement somewhere else (nothing specific, just a significantly different location).
    I closed my eyes to make it easier and walked the steps down. I could actually feel something like a shaky barrier.
    When I opened my eyes, I was standing on a street in a city looking like Prague*. The portal behind me changed to a solid wooden door of a townhouse.
    There was a tram stop, so I tried to find out where I was. The sign was "Pencil Square". I was thinking about how to get back to my friends and wanted to check the tram timetables but then I decided to try the teleport again, thinking that it could "remember" the way back.
    I went to the door but two people approached me, a man and a woman, looking aggressive. They wanted me to go with them, acting like a sort of dream police. I hesitated and the woman pulled out a knife, telling me: "If you want to resist, I have this." I wanted to say that I can resist that too and was trying to think of some good dream control idea. Unfortunately, I woke up.

    *If I stick with my PR lore, this was Dream Prague, a place where I staged most of my efforts against the Dark Lord (persistent evil DC, but he isn't limited to the Dream Prague realm, he is a traveler, or a realm-hopper, as most powerful DCs are).
    But if I want to see it that way, who were the two people who tried to arrest me and what is going on there? I haven't been there for quite a long time and was doing different goals, mostly ignoring the Dark Lord. But I was told in a different dream that he plans something.

    Illustration - me, Midjourney
    lucid , non-lucid

    Last Minute Points - Winter Competition Night 14

    by IndigoRose on 12-18-2022 at 01:25 AM
    I was with a friend and we were touching a little bit. I figured if it was a dream, it would have gone a lot further.
    Then I thought: This can't be a dream, right? And I slowly realized that not only can it be, but it was.

    I was in my childhood home, in my grandmother's bedroom. The house is a two-generation house, with kitchens on both floors.
    I quickly wanted to score some points, so I went into the kitchen and found a piece of old bread. It was pretty nasty and dry, maybe even starting to mold. I swallowed one bite with great difficulty.
    Then I decided to complete the third task of the 3-step task (element manipulation), I considered air but chose fire. I wanted to turn on the stove to start with the existing flame, but it was old and obviously not working.
    I went downstairs to the other kitchen. My grandmother was there and she had some sort of roasting pan on the stove. I gently pushed her away, she protested, and I said I just needed to do something.
    I was going to ignite one burner, but several started burning. I tried a hand gesture to put out one of the burners. It worked, but it wasn't clear if the flame had gone out because of the movement. So I put my hand over the other burner, held it still, and gave the fire a mental command to die out. The fire disappeared without a trace.
    I wanted to try again just for fun, but I couldn't get the stove to turn back on. It suddenly acted like an electronic device with a graphic display and didn't cooperate at all.
    That gave me the idea to try using an electronic device. I asked my grandmother if I could borrow her phone. Noticing her phone on the line, I picked it up, but it was just a dumb phone. I wanted to go back upstairs and try to use my smartphone.
    But grandma had enough and stopped me. As I struggled, she grabbed me around the neck with her elbow. I bit her arm but she ignored it. Opportunity for DC mind control! I straightened up, calmed down, and said, "You're gonna release me and let me go." Grandma started to squirm, but she still held me. I said again, "You release me and let me go." Grandma let me go, curled up in a ball, and sobbed, "I hate this, I hate this."
    I ran back upstairs and found my phone. Only it wasn't my phone. I was worried it wouldn't respond to my fingerprint, but it woke up. I got the home screen, touched it, and went to the apps menu. There was a green icon in the middle that had the label tax, so I selected it because I was curious to see what it was.
    Then I woke up.

    Women's Institution - Winter Competition Night 12

    by IndigoRose on 12-13-2022 at 08:42 PM
    The non-lucid dream had a Handmaid's tale vibe, not negative though, however weird it sounds. I mention this because it affected the location of the lucid.

    I got lucid via fake DEILD. It's becoming a pattern for me - I start to review and recall a dream while still dreaming. Because I am in my thought, the location usually fades to parallel vision or disappears completely and I am not really present. And because I am already conscious, waking up is very soft. This all ad to me doing this without even noticing.

    Anyway, this night, the intention was to prioritize DEILD and V-WILD over recall.

    Being in a nice cafeteria next to a pool, I was thinking how nice it would be to be there lucid. I started to imagine more details and walking around, assuming it was just a visualization. For a moment, I was thinking how to make it lucid, touching a wall next to me and my body for stabilization. No signs of real life, so I concluded I was already lucid.

    I walked away from the pool, down an empty corridor. After a while, there were some windows and I was wondering if I was strong enough to eat something like a dry dead fly for points. I looked at the parapet and found a flower - that would be surely better than a dead fly - but I wasn't in the mood for eating that either and considered going back to the cafeteria.
    I also considered punching the window, to get points for superstrength, and then trying superspeed. But I disliked the place and decided to walk a bit more before trying something.
    Following the corridor, I suddenly heard a female voice. So I went back but the woman noticed me and went after me, trying to stop me. I passed a bathroom door on my right and entered, quickly considering peeing (I felt like I needed to, a feeling leaking in from real life) but it was a dead end, so I didn't do it and continued to try to escape from the woman. The area around me become a big dormitory. The whole location was some kind of a women's institution and I wasn't supposed to walk there freely, the woman was a guard or maybe a nurse.

    I woke up shortly afterward.

    Back to sleep and to more non-lucid dreaming.

    At the end of the next dream, I felt awake. Sitting next to an attractive guy...

    Spoiler for NSFW: