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    Thread: First Successful WILD ever. Stopped trying for about 4 months or so...

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      First Successful WILD ever. Stopped trying for about 4 months or so...

      Our power's been out from Irene for the past 2.5 days, right following a minor (but surprising and thus alarming earthquake) here in Baltimore. Since I hadn't anything to do, being out of power, I went to bed early 2 nights in a row. Sitting in bed at 11pm last night I said to myself, half-heartedly, "I'm going to Lucid Dream."
      Well I woke up at 4:45 because my neighbors came outside and started talking. The 40-something woman was standing outside smoking a cig with her 16 year old son. Their back door is a few feet from my bedroom window so the smell of smoke and the voices woke me up. I clambered about a bit, closed the window, mumbled some profanities and emptied my bladder in the dark.
      Climbing back into bed my head hit the pillow and immediately I began to feel the now-familiar buzz of SP slipping in -- familiar because a handful of months ago I had been religiously trying to WILD, or LD at all for that matter. Well my eyes were closed and a slight, muted swirl of olive and bruise-colored light began to dimly swirl about my eyelids. And suddenly my eyes were open again, in the dark. It was foggy but I looked about and was like "yeah, its my room... wish I could sleep." Closed my eyes again, and again the room kind of just was there again, like I had opened my eyes. Still in First Person POV. And then I realized, I don't know, something triggered subconsciously. I looked around. "Waitaminute. There's a cabinet in my room. I don't have a cabinet in my room. I'm dreaming. I'm lucid dreaming." I didn't get panicked or overly excited, I was just like, 'hey, wow. cool man.' Then I guess I got up and opened the door, wound up in another place -- another room -- and the adventures began. I forgot to 'stabilize' so I didn't have huge control but I definitely knew I was dreaming, that I was me, and didn't have trouble walking around. I did experience textures and temperatures even though I didn't taste or hear or smell- I didn't remember to do so.

      But that was a cool experience. I kept coming out of the dream back to the buzz of SP or, what seemed like an in-between-dream-state but I dived down again about 4 separate times. It was pretty decent.

      Unfortunately I've let my dream recall slip so although I remember a general plot which I recanted to myself as I began to awake, and I remember images and glimpses of the dreams (which intertwined with the same characters), I don't quite fully remember the dreams themselves. I do remember laughing to myself with pleasure how funny it was that the dreams of a filmmaker involved elaborate camera pans as if the camera were attached to a crane or a jib.

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      This is awesome, congratulations. It's funny how you didn't succeed at WILDing until long after you stopped trying so hard.
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      Congrats. Makes me want to get back to WILDing too.

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      I clambered about a bit, closed the window, mumbled some profanities and emptied my bladder in the dark.

      lol that made me laugh. Congrats man

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      Yea, nice post, there is actually something too what somniloquist said, my first WILD happened when I stopped trying soo hard and it was a surprise. My most recent WILD was also very unexpected but my most vivid and longest to date.
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      This is entertaining, inspirational stuff. Keep it up, you'll be having loads more soon!
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