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      Experiments in LD

      Hi guys:

      This would be my first post, so I hope you could help me and be patient if I donīt really know about the terms you use, but itīll come with time.

      This happened yesterday night, but it actually begun a couple of days ago. Visiting KickStarter I saw the Remee mask and begun investigating about lucid dreaming, as I had experienced it several times before. I looked for information for a couple of days until *zap*, lucid dreaming last night without any effort. Probably just my subconscious trying to please me. But anyway, this is what happened:

      I was in the middle of a very narrow street, no one else there and no special details, just remember realizing: "God! Iīm dreaming, how incredibly lucky... But this may end very soon, I have to run an experiment!" . I have lucid dreamed before, but probably because of my inexperience, all of them have been very short.

      So the first thing I asked myself was of course: "Can I fly?" Answer: YES, but it's not that simple. I made a big "antigravity" jump that propulsed me several meters in the air, about 30 to 40 meters, but it was scary as hell and I had to control very carefully my fall not to loose control.

      I've always had issues with gravity in my dreams, in fact, one of the things that makes me lucid the most is realizing that my jumps never end and make me advance in line just like a glitch in a video game, or that I can lift my feet a few centimeters and keep advancing just as if I was using rollers. But most of the time it happens by accident.

      Following with the dream, I realized I didnīt like high altitudes, but a couple of meters from the ground was ok. I tested the "Superman" pose of flying and it worked perfectly.

      So, second experiment: Can I get supersonic? Answer: NO . For my surprise, the faster I tried to fly, the more an incredible force pushed me back, keeping me from attaining high velocities. It was like trying to run in the water, I think a made no more than 40km/h. I was a bit frustrated so I tried a new method: At the end of the street, there was a big orange sign. I said: "If I can create atraction force between the sign and myself, maybe I can beat that force that doesnīt let me go faster." Did it work? A bit... I flew like Superman to the sign and achieved a considerably higher velocity than before, but the force was still there and the street ended on the sign, so I had to stop before crashing. Thatīs the las thing I remember.

      Everything was very short, about 5 minutes in total, but I was amazed at the level of lucidity I had. Nothing like before. Itīs a pity I canīt remember how I discovered I was dreaming, but I did at some point. If I had to compare trying to stay lucid in the dream, I could compare it to trying not to fall sleep at a very boring math class, your eyes get very heavy, you have to remember yourself what you are doing and even not to breath to strong so you donīt wake up.

      Other experiences with lucid dreaming have to do with music. It usually happens during the first 5 minutes after I fall sleep, but I can create amazing music and even play the piano like a prodigy, being a fact that I donīt know anything about composing and I have never even touched a piano in my life.

      "Infinite text" is also recurrent in my dreams, a simple word of 5 letters can be read for several minutes as the letters advance, the old ones disappear leaving space for the new ones. The text never makes sense, but it can be pronounced most of the time. Anyway, I try not to look infinite text for a long time, as in my experience, it becomes a bit "hypnotic" and can make you loose lucidity and even wake up.

      Sorry for the long post guys, but I tried to give as much details as I could. Please share your thoughts about it.

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      Hey! Welcome to DV! Good to hear that you have already had some amazing LDs and surely more are on the way as you get to read more on LDs and familiarize yourself with techniques for inducing LDs.

      I was considering buying a remee at some point, when it was in the development stage, I though, finally I will have more lucids. I decided to postpone it, and then I found Dreamviews. Right now I don't think of buying it, because there is so much info on LD here, so many things to try out...

      It looks like you had a good time in your lucid and managed to do some experiments. From my experience and from reading other people's experiences I can say that sometimes things like flying or super speed, shapeshifting, summoning, etc. work and other times they don't. It depends a lot on your energy levels, overall concentration during any LD, plus your expectations and lots of other factors. Surely you will get to explore more in the future and see that when you learn to have better dream control you can change the laws of the dream and control more things.

      Lucid music and music in general in dreams can be very fascinating. Here is a link to a recent discussion on the topic you might be interested to read.

      Music in Dreams

      Have fun and see you around!
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