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    Thread: Behavior of people in lucid dreams

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      Behavior of people in lucid dreams

      The reason to post this is my last night extremely long lucid dream in which I think I exhausted the limits of the dream people and there is nothing more to do with them.

      The people I meet in dreams they rarely answer my questions (unless I be persistent) and when they speak they are very brief and many times they interrupt their talk before they complete it and stare at me waiting for me to complete their sentence.

      I remember the first time I became lucid. I was in a road and there were shops at either side of it. I ran into each shop and asking questions to the shopkeepers (like: what is your name, what is your job, do you know you are in my dream, can you predict the lotto numbers). At first they behaved as normal people, shocked but willing to answer. After they told my name they just kept staring at me and not answer any more questions or if I persisted they tried to answer but their answers didn’t make any sense. It was like the dream environment had programmed them just to react briefly for a short time and for the dream needs. When I push the dream beyond the limits then I revealed their emptiness, they were just a little more than a tree, just for me to think that I am in the real world while dreaming.

      I kept experimenting with people in my first dream. I punched them, push them, break stuff and steal the girlfriend from one guy. In all the above, they just acted as normal for the first seconds then they kept staring at me speechless and doing nothing.

      Various other encounters with people had the exact same result no matter what I was deeply feel about them. And yes I tried to have sex with some hot girls but again the same result, at first they are willing but after some seconds they just behave like lifeless dolls.

      In my dream last night, my sister introduced me her mentor and my first thought was to ask him about a big decision I recently take in my life (to quit my old and not good paying job for a better one). I tried to ask him if I had taken the right decision or I did wrong. Instead of answer me with a yes or no, he took his time thinking. I kept asking him but the replied with more questions about the subject. The last question from him was “what the others say?” I told him they told me I did wrong and then he replied that yes I did wrong and the conversation ended. Although his answer could make me feel bad, it didn’t. I don’t know why but my deep feelings tell me the opposite. It is like the normal dreams I have before something big like a travel, in the dream everything goes wrong just to make me feel anxious and sad and when I wake up the day after I manage to travel and reach my destination with no problems at all.

      So what do you think about dream people? Are they all like this? Can they give you correct answers or predict the future? From my experience so far I think they are just empty shells, part of the dream environment just to make it look more realistic.
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      Dream characters are mixed bag for me as well. Sometimes they are life-less dolls, other times I've had elaborate, philosophical conversations with them.

      Also keep in mind that dream characters are not a separate part of you. They ARE you. Dream characters are simply representations of your subconscious schemas and experiences.

      One thing I've noticed is that the simpler the dream scene, the more "human" the dream characters are. I think creating a complex dream scene requires a lot of brain power, so the dream characters tend to be more simple.

      It's like a computer, if you have too many tabs open on your internet browser, everything is slower. If you have fewer tabs open then the pages load faster.

      I don't think the dream characters always give correct answers or have the ability to predict the future. They can give you some interesting insights, but I wouldn't blindly follow all of their advice either.
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