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    Thread: Interesting conversation with my father during a lucid dream

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      Interesting conversation with my father during a lucid dream

      Last night I had a dream where I was apparently invited to dinner at my father's house, and I suddenly became lucid and decided to try to have a conversation with him about lucid dreaming.
      The dream started with me sitting by his piano and playing some melody, and then he told me to "show some humility" (and for some reason he said this in English, even though we are from Sweden - the rest of the conversations were in Swedish, though).
      I guess he meant that I shouldn't demonstrate my skillz at the piano during a dinner party, lol.
      Then I was like "isn't the real word 'humigility'?" (incorrect of course, I don't know where I got "humigility" from), and he insisted that it was "humility".
      Then when we were seated at the dinner table I was like "you know, I am gonna look up that word when I wake up", and he didn't seem the slightest surprised by the "wake up" part.
      Then I went on and told him "you know, I am actually in a dream right now, so it's gonna be interesting to see if you told me the truth about the word 'humility'.", and then he said something that I don't remember.
      Then I asked him if he actually was my father from the physical world, and he said that he was, and then I asked him "what's the difference between you in this dream and you from the waking world?".
      He said "well there really is none, I am the father that you know in waking life, and I am aware of the waking state".
      Then I asked him "in that case, shouldn't I be able to ask you questions about this dream when I wake up?", and he laughed a bit and responded "even though I am aware both about this dream and waking life, this doesn't necessarily mean that I am able to speak about it with you when we are awake".

      I found this dream pretty mind-boggling - it truly felt like I was having a fluent conversation with him, and that he gave realistic responses to everything that I said to him.
      Have you ever had a lucid dream like this?
      It's pretty hard to accept that all of this was "dream stuff", even though that's probably what it was - it did feel like my father visited me in this dream.

      Maybe I should tell him about this dream the next time I see him?
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      Yea thats pretty cool in many ways

      i would talk to him about this dream. the thing is even when he dreamt something related it might be that he is not remembering. but nevertheless i would try maybe he remembers or have a dejavu or something.

      i would recommend you to read: Robbert Wagoners´s : lucid dreaming gateway to inner self
      he played around a lot in his dreams to see what is behind the (lucid) dream and the inner self and dreamsharing and stuff. i find it pretty interesting

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      Wow Laurelindo that's a pretty cool dream! The conversation was so long and so fluent like you said. I wonder what your father would say if you told him about this dream. Sometimes I wonder if we are interacting with the subconscious of other individuals from waking life and they have no idea or vice-versa! We have so many dreams a night that we don't remember unless we really think about it. I wonder if that's what bring people together when they first meet. So many theories that can revolve around something like this. Thanks for sharing!

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      ask your father when you see him ;v

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