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      Spinning Sensation During Meditation

      I've been playing around with meditation. I don't have any real knowledge on the subject, but I sit quietly and focus on my breathing and the sensations and feelings stored within my chakras. One thing that keeps happening to me almost every time I've meditated is a spinning sensation. I'll describe it:

      Today, for example, I was imagining clearing my chakras, guiding the negative feelings (a little nausea in my stomach, a hurt emotion in my chest area, a tightness in my throat) to go upwards and out my crown chakra. After doing this repeatedly, I started to feel a love sensation. Cool, I thought. I must be doing something right. Then, as has happened before, I get this STRONG URGE to roll my eyes upwards and back into my head. I let it happen. My world starts spinning, and I feel my crown chakra tingling. I stop the meditation after a minute of this weird spinning (total meditation time was only 15 min).

      Any ideas what's going on? I don't feel at all sleepy when I'm meditating.
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      That is interesting. I recently have taken up meditation as well but have never experienced anything like the spinning sensations you are talking about. When the spinning sensation starts, is it very uncomfortable and/or unpleasant? So far I have only focused on the sensations of the breath and the sensations of my feet while doing walking meditation.
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