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    The Lake & Kamen Rider Toy

    by , 03-15-2022 at 10:10 AM (291 Views)
    Found myself in the middle of a Japanese lake in the middle of an impromptu holiday./with my father. We sort of got talking to one of the owners of the lake, somehow in the middle of it. For some reason there was a farting competition between all of us. We swam to shore, where I stumbled upon some giant golden coins, as well as some regular coins, some which were golden They were probably used as offerings to the kami of the lake. I grabbed some coins and wished for about 500 to get me through today.

    I made my way back to shore, even though it seemed impossibly far. After a bit, I found myself wrapped up in a conspiracy about the the lake and the adjoining onsen, a lot of shady people were skulking around the bathhouses. An inventor was passing by, he gave me a square-shaped henshin belt with slots for spherical gems which would have probably been used to access different forms like in OOO. I put on the belt, making a very unique pose with two of my hands in V signs one pointing up, and one to the left.


    I turned into the off-green "Kamen Rider Toy", as most of my gear was themed around toys, I had a blaster that could shoot orbeez as well as having a mode that could hynotise people. I took down the proprietor as he had revealed to be behind the nefarious scheme. I also entirely forgot to finish with a rider kick .

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