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      You still around bro?
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      Happy birthday! =D
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      Just checking in. I haven't been on chat too much lately. I hope
      all is well. May you have sweet dreams, may they all be lucid, and
      may some involve MLP.
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      Yea, I don't think these messages allow BBCode.
      I asked if you DJ'd your lucid because you hardly remember the experience now.
      I guess I can relate. I hardly remember my lucids, but if I read through them, I'll
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      Did you record it in your DJ?
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      Hi celestial
      No LD's yet? We'll have to do something about that! Good luck,
      and we'll talk soon.
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      HAY BAY BAY c:
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    01/27/13 Sleep (2 + 1 LD) 2:00AM - 8:00AM

    by celestialelixir on 01-27-2013 at 03:03 PM
    The first dream I remember having involved me driving down the road on a single-track road. I looked to my left and saw 2 cats, one on either side of a gateway, perched on columns, both staring at me oddly. I looked back to the road and saw a cat about 10 ft in front of my left tire. No time to steer avoid it, I just hoped that I wouldn't hit it. As it came closer, I clenched up as I felt a thud... I heard the cats on the columns (and others, I assume) meowing loudly, almost angrily, when I saw fourth cat about 300 ft ahead jump into the air and sort of divebomb toward my windshield. I was scared for what was about to happen and as the cat came closer, I realized: "Holy shit, cats don't fly.." I went lucid. Unfortunately I don't remember much of the dream from the time I went lucid. I just remember the cat disappearing out of the sky, and that really familiar feeling that comes with lucidity in a dream. Shortly after, I was no longer in my car, and I remember jumping over a building (I usually attempt to fly in my few lucid dreams, but usually end up jumping really high and landing). At some point I believe I lost lucidity, because I don't really remember much else.

    In my next dream, I was meeting my father at one of his friend's houses, I believe. I don't remember why he came up (He lives about 3 and a half hours away from where I'm staying now), but he had in his possession a bag of cocaine, which he was debating on letting me have for the longest time. This is completely out of character for him, as it's an old habit that he has long since kicked, and something he doesn't want to happen to me. He ended up giving me the bag, which I figured was a little more than a quarter-ounce of coke (about 7 grams, which is a lot of $$$). I remember him getting mad at me for even accepting it, because he knew I was going to sell it, and disappointed that I even knew people that I could get it off to. I remember putting it in a secret pocket in one of my hoodies and eventually leaving (there was a lot more conversation I don't remember, but unimportant).

    There was a time-lapse which I'm not sure if I should consider a separate dream, or whether it was even related to the last, but I ended up at my mom's apartment (where I currently reside). When I open the door and come in, she comes from her room to greet me, and I can almost immediately tell that something is wrong with her. She's drunk, and it's extremely unsettling because she's been almost 3 years sober now and I didn't think she was on the road to relapse. After exchanging some words with her, I see some middle-aged dude emerge from her room and I stop talking to her, since she's not saying anything important due to her intoxication. I immediately ask, "Who the fuck are you?" and he said he was her friend. After a short interrogation, I came to the conclusion that she recently met him and he pretty much brought wine over, not knowing she was a recovering alcoholic. I told him to get the fuck out my house or I'd be forced to call the cops, and he told me something like since it was her apartment, he wasn't going to leave unless she said so. The next thing I remember about the dream was the most unsettling. I'm not sure how it got there, or why, but there was a katana in place of where my guitar usually sat propped against the wall. I told hold of it, and threatened his life unless he left the place immediately. He taunted me, saying the sword was probably dull. For some reason, he picked up a pillow off the couch and I took a slash at it, cutting it cleanly into two. His face, I remember, was priceless. He was scared out of his fucking mind, and that's about all I remember before waking up.

    The last two dreams I'll classify as nightmares. Both of my parents have a long history with drugs and alcohol, and it isn't coincidence that they both relapsed simultaneously. I think it's a deeper fear of mine, because I care a lot of both of them, and I know what would happen (especially with my mother) if they did. My dad I wasn't too worried about, because I'm pretty sure he can handle himself. Plus, the fact that he just gave me 7~9 grams of coke is pretty cool, because that can fetch a pretty penny nowadays. Looking at the dream involving my mom, I was really surprised that I was so protective of her, to the point of threatening another person's life. My mom told me after I woke up, that she heard me in the middle of the night. It's been awhile since I've had a nightmare this realistic, as most of the time it's something that doesn't really have a strong possibility of happening, and for that matter, doesn't seem so real. I was legitimately scared for my mother's life here, and I think that's what drove me to the point I was at when I was ready to take that guy's life in her defense.

    I had trouble falling asleep that night before dreaming. I'm sick right now, which has a lot to do with it, but I used the mantra: "I will have lucid dreams tonight" repeated about 150 times before I quit counting, just trying to keep dreaming in my mind before falling asleep. I remember trying to picture something specific as well, which was originally a giant horse*** (big enough to step on buildings), which eventually morphed into a giant cat. This may have some relation to my first dream involving cats, but I can't be sure.

    ***I figured trying to picture something completely unrealistic and keeping it in my mind before going to sleep might trigger that thought manifesting itself in my dreams. I figured a horse the size of king-kong is something you don't see everyday, and should immediately tell me that I'm dreaming if I were to see one. The horse ended up becoming a cat as I lost focus while succumbing to sleep, and it's possible that it did have wings; like the cat that triggered my lucid. I can't recall at this point. I'm not sure if this is a common method for triggering a lucid dream, but it's something that seems to give me results and will continue to keep trying as I document my results in my DJ

    Updated 01-27-2013 at 03:28 PM by celestialelixir


    06/05/11 Sleep (1) 11:00AM - 6:00AM

    by celestialelixir on 06-07-2011 at 06:08 PM
    Only fragment I remember was being in my friend Jacob's car with him going somewhere.

    I didn't write this entry down after I first had it, so that might be why.

    06/05/11 Sleep (1) 12:00AM - 8:30AM

    by celestialelixir on 06-07-2011 at 03:40 PM
    I dreamt I was in some kind of game which was a mix of the gunplay/hud style of Gears of War with the gun customization of Call of Duty and the pace of Counterstrike: Source.

    Odd, because I played 2 of those just before going to bed.

    06/04/11 Sleep (1) 1:00AM - 9:00AM

    by celestialelixir on 06-07-2011 at 04:34 AM
    I dreamt I was in one of three arena-like settings. One with a large spider overhead, one with two fighting triceratops an one with two boxing kangaroos. I was in the spider's arena where a giant spider overhead (like 200ft across? Yeah.) was dropping large sphere-shaped blobs on me as I tried to pop them with a stick or something. I remember getting paid a couple thousand bucks everytime I did it without getting hit.

    06/02/11 Sleep 11:30PM - 6:00AM

    by celestialelixir on 06-03-2011 at 12:18 PM
    No recall. I did the mantra "I will know I am dreaming" like 100 times before I fell asleep.