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      I saw this RC technique in your journal & wondered if you remembered where you found it. It sounds like I've overlooked that one. You wrote: "I had a short LD in which I was somewhere (I think in a car) with my stepfather. I suspected I was dreaming and did the glass RC (I press some glass with my finger until it "pops" as if it were plastic wrap, it creates a small hole in the glass) on a window and it worked"
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    Trying my hardest to find a consistent LD method. Not very active on DV right now, but I check out the newest threads and dj entries every now and them.
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    A user on a forum posted a link to it.


    Don't mind me. I'm just a ghost that shows up from time to time.


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    Meeting a Genie

    by Cookino on 09-22-2017 at 04:29 PM
    I think this dream occurs after a brief awakening IRL. The memory is a little hazy for this one. I'm in my grandparent's apartment at night. I think there are some other people from the family there, but I don't remember if I interacted with them. At some point, I get lucid and for some reason I remember the Task of the Month about summoning a genie and making a wish. I enter a room, expecting the lamp to be there. I find it on the stand where there used to be a TV. It looks just like you'd expect, it's a small, golden lamp.

    I start rubbing the lamp until some pink, slightly purple smoke came out of it. I cannot remember very well what the genie looked like, just that it had a vaguely humanoid form. Wanting to be able to change the dream scene easily, I tell the genie "I wish to be able to travel to any place I can imagine, instantly." I don't remember exactly what the genie did, but I imagined myself in a sunny beach, and suddenly I find myself in one. I am in a sandy island in the middle of the ocean. I them imagine myself back in the apartment and I teleport there. It is daytime now.
    I think the dream ends around here and I transition to a non-lucid nightmare, where I'm home at night and I pick up the phone but there is no response. I put it down and pick it up again and there is no sound. I say "Hello" and a very distorted voice mimics me. I put the phone down immediately.

    I tell my uncle about this and he dismissed this saying it's my imagination and similar stuff has happened to him. He tells me about how there was a dog that appeared in the building at night and he thought it was a ghost until he caught it. I then drag him to the phone and I pick it up again. I start saying something and them a clear voice begins speaking a mix of english and jibberish at me. This startles me and I wake up

    Updated 09-22-2017 at 04:38 PM by Cookino

    lucid , nightmare

    DBZ Battle and Flying a Helicopter

    by Cookino on 09-11-2017 at 02:07 AM
    DBZ Battle:
    The dream begins at my apartment. For some reason, I'm an old man and there are Dragon Ball Z characters fighting outside in a team battle. Goku and Vegeta are in the same team fighting an unknown character who got paired up with me. I'm in my building's corridor, watching them fighting below, from a sort of balcony. I'm lamenting the fact that I can't fly or use Ki and I'm weak, so I can't really fight with them. Suddenly, I remember about Gohan teaching Videl and Goten how to fly and a try flying and suddenly I start floating up a little. I them realize that since I can float, this must be a dream.

    I got back to the floor and think about how to get stronger. I take a stance, flex my muscles and begin screaming really hard, like a DBZ character powering up. Suddenly, my muscles grow and I become really buff. I climb up to the balcony and think I should get another power up just in case. I think that since I'm not saiyan I have to use Kayoken. I imagine myself activating it and I get a transparent aura around me. I prepare to jump down but get scared since Iím afraid of falling in dreams, so I take the stairs instead.

    When I arrive down there with them I immediatelly attack them, doing all sorts of cool moves like punching them and grabbing them and throwing them back down, cracking the ground. There was also a moment where I launched a ki blast at Vegeta from behind, altough it felt kinda weak so I went back to physical attacks. I was completely overpowering them. I even hit my teammate by accident at some point! Unfortunately around here my memory gets kinda hazy and Iím not sure when the dream ended, but it was sometime during the fight.

    Flying a Helicopter:
    Iím inside a military helicopter along with some waking-life friends. I think we are heroes and are going to a mission or something like that. Iím scared while riding the helicopter because itís really high up. Somewhere along the way, the helicopter runs out of fuel and we have to land on the middle of the street. We get off the helicopter, trying to figure out what to do now.

    I suddenly get lucid and think about flying and taking the helicopter with me using telekinesis but then I have another idea. I use a power from a manga called My Hero Academia. Itís a gravity cancelation power which allows the user to remove gravity from objects it touches. I touch the helicopter with one hand, making it weightless and now I can carry it easily.

    I fly around carrying the helicopter and my friends inside it and I stop somewhere because I want to try fusing the helicopter with something. One of my friends dares me to fuse it with an airplane but Iím more interested in fusing it with a car. I try to fuse it with a small car nearby but I canít get it to work. I even make up some magic words but nothing works. This is the last part of the dream I can recall.

    Doing a Favor

    by Cookino on 09-08-2017 at 01:40 PM
    The dream begins, once again, in my grandmother's apartment. Seems like its been a common theme in the past few dreams. I remember being in my grandfather's room and he's having trouble with the computer. Later in the dream (there are a few gaps in my memory of this dream) he is in my brother's room, using his computer. I observe him and he is furiously downloading different things (as he does in waking life, however it was exaggerated in the dream) and installing many dubious programs, with pop-ups showing up all over the place. I'm really annoyed while seeing this.

    The dream skips some more and I'm in the bathroom. I can hear my stepmother outside talking about how her cellphone stopped working and I shout asking something about how can they have so many problems with technology. After I get out of the bathroom,
    I get lucid.

    I begin flying towards the living room and my aunt is sitting on the couch. She asks me to get a cellphone battery that's in the other room. I decide to go fetch it because I think "Complete a DC's task" is one of the tasks in Spellbee's competition. I fly over to the room where my father is lying on a hammock while watching TV. While floating all over the room looking for the battery, I wonder what my father thinks about me flying around. I find the battery and go back to the living room.

    I give my aunt the battery and she thanks me. I think she explains to me what she was gonna use it for, but I cannot remember what she said. I fly towards the balcony and have a moment of heightened lucidity. I have practically waking-level lucidity and memory, and I stop to remind myself of my goals,
    however I think the dream ended shortly after or I lost lucidity because my memory of the dream stops there.

    Trying To Get an Android, Turning Lava Into Ice.

    by Cookino on 09-07-2017 at 05:33 PM
    I went to sleep at about 23:30 and I woke up about 6:40 if I remember correctly. I did a quick wbtb and then tried to wild for a bit, but ended up falling asleep.

    The dream begins at my grandmother's appartment, in my brother's room. I make a RC, since I try to make a habit of doing one when waking up.
    I do a nose RC and I get lucid. I then do a few more, just to make sure.

    I walk out of the room and the place is eerily empty and quiet. When I'm about to turn around the corner and go to the area with the dining table and balcony up ahead, I think I should summon a DC so I can have them help me with stuff. For some reason, the first one I think of is a girl I used to go to school with, F. She's there in the balcony when I go around the corner. I call her and tell her something about opening up a portal. She opens up a portal to a weird dimension that doesn't seem as vivid for some reason. It's kinda blurry, it almost looks like a videogame. I step inside for a few moments then come back to the living room. Suddenly, it's filled with people.

    I'm still lucid, but around this part of the dream I begin to lose lucidity a bit, so I start losing focus of my objectives and kinda start going along with the dream plot. I'm talking with my family and for some reason have a discussion with my uncle, so I decide to get rid of him. For some reason now I feel like I'm an evil genius and kinda start playing a character here (I'm still lucid, but it's like my personality changed) so I want to replace my uncle with an Android.

    I walk outside the apartment and go into an elevator. Suddenly, I'm accompanied by a college friend, A and someone else that I cannot recall. We go down the elevator into another area. We are now in what seems like an office building with several people. I go up to a DC and tell him I want to replace a defective Android and he gives me a number. I'm supposed to wait for my turn but I decide to speed things up. I go back to the elevator and rip up a panel from the wall. I make up some logic hoping the dream goes along and say it's a living creature mixed with machinery. I "hack" it by jamming a screwdriver in it and twisting it and I hear my number being called on the speakers.

    I go up to a desk and explain the situation to the DC that works here, saying that my Android that I purchased there is malfunctioning. The clerk gets up to get some forms and I think about how I need a receipt. I pull out my phone and again make up some stuff and press buttons on the screen and somehow the phone prints out a receipt. When the clerk gets back they handle me a form and I think I start filling it, but this is as far as my recall goes, I think the dream ended shortly after this.

    I wake up in my grandmother's apartment in the morning. I decide to turn on the TV because I want to play something on the PS4. The TV makes a lot of noise when turning on and I hear my brother shout something from the other room, so I turn the volume down. I notice I'm actually very sleepy so I turn the TV off and go to sleep, quickly transitioning into a lucid dream.

    In this dream within a dream, I'm flying around and I think I'm seeing a scene from a movie. I see two characters fighting in the distance. I'm in some gloomy forest in the dark. I continue flying around very fast and transition to an area with a volcano. I was feeling powerful, so I extend my hands and make the volcano erupt. I then transform the volcano's lava into two ice pillars on the sides of the volcano.
    I wake up shortly after that.

    Updated 09-07-2017 at 06:33 PM by Cookino


    3 Frustrating Lucid Dreams

    by Cookino on 04-28-2017 at 03:21 PM
    Dream 1:
    The beginning of the dream was kinda like a videogame, but I was also inside it. I was some kind of space bounty hunter and I was in an enemy base. I was carefully taking out everyone until some security system spotted me and alarms began blaring and I had a timer on the bottom of my "screen". I tried to escape the ship while enemies tried to stop me. Some friends appeared and helped me. When I was at the ship's hangar (it was a big cargo ship I think, so it had a small hangar for smaller ships) our ship was there. Instead of being in space we were just in the sky tough. I think I jumped back onto my ship and we flew away to safety.

    We landed on a grassy island with a plateau and a spiral pathway leading to it.
    As I was nearing the top I gained lucidity. I climbed up onto the plateau (I don't remember how) and there were lots of grass and trees. There was also a naked girl there, for some reason. I hugged her and could feel her soft, warm skin against me. I began to fly with her. I had some difficulties because I would ocasionally think about falling down and I lost a bit of altitude, but I still managed to fly a little above the trees. I think the dream ended shortly after that.

    Dream 2:
    I was in the back of a car with my grandparents. I became lucid and tought of opening a portal. I couldn't do it so I decided to stick my hand out of my vision and summon someone. I extended my hand foward and pulled a hand wearing a white glove. Mickey Mouse immediately came to my mind and when I pulled the hand it was him. I asked him to open up a portal and he opened a weird small cartoony portal on the back of the car. I sticked my hand through it and I could feel a pile of clothes. It was a small enclosed space. I asked him to open up another portal and he did. I put my hand through and it was just a hole that led me to the trunk of the car. I woke up a bit after that.

    Dream 3:
    I was in my grandparents' house, and I think I had a massive urge to go to the bathroom. I eventually became lucid and tried to fight that urge until it subsided. In the beginning of this dream I was RCing constantly to make sure it was a dream. I was walking around, I remember summoning someone from behind me but I don't remember who it was. I remember walking around the kitchen for some reason. At some point I tried again to summon a portal but couldn't. I tried to justify it by saying things like "Oh I'm supposed to clap before I do it" but it didn't work. I even tried recalling times where I did it succesfully but it didn't work. After a while I decided to use something to help me.

    I started looking for Rick's portal gun (from Rick and Morty) and opened a lot of closets looking for it but couldn't find it. I found a weird gadget with knobs and dials but it didn't do anything. I asked my older brother to show me where it was and he told me that he would but had to do something else first and he went into his room. I tought that I wouldn't wait that long so I turned around and began rotating both my arms in front of me and imagining time going faster. When I turned around he was already there and had done whatever it was he had to do.

    The dream skipped a bit (or I forgot something) and then I was in my grandfather's bedroom, where the floor had turned into some kind of weird brown vortex and I was floating around in a plank of wood with Morty. There was a gooey, cartoony brown creature on the ceiling which Morty told me was called a... Gloorpadoop? Something like that. I had somehow obtained a portal gun that was made of glass and didn't seem like it worked. We escaped out of the room while the Gloorpadoop spat some weird slimy brown substance on us. I escaped the room and while Morty was going on ahead he told me the gun needed Gloorpadoop spit to work, so I dunked the gun in some of the Gloorpadoop spit that was by the door and it was pretty disgusting. That didn't do anything however and I couldn't use the gun.

    I know I had 3 lucid dreams in one night which is unusual for me... but this night was pretty frustrating.

    Updated 04-28-2017 at 03:24 PM by Cookino