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    Chased by Ninjor again!

    by gundam178 on 01-24-2018 at 07:28 AM
    I go into SP and get Lucid. My New RC is after SP that I check to see if I'm about to move and if I am, knowing that I just fell asleep then I consider it a dream. I get up and check my feeling. they are strange and confirms it. I walk through the hallway,dining room, kitchen and out the backdoor. The Neighborhood was strange this round. I had a slight feel that I was in that alley way that was across the street from me at Raymond. Anyhow someone found out about me being outside this time of night and the someone was Ninjor! I also seen Robo knight who was back in some woods, looking at something. Ninjor points at me and starts running after me. He is much faster then me and so I would have to syke him out by changing directions suddenly. I did that to him and because we were on grass and he was heavier then me, he ends up slipping and falling in the grass and I got away from him, laughing.

    Flood, moons and strange things

    by gundam178 on 01-24-2018 at 07:20 AM
    I'm at the apartments and is in the kitchen. the light is on and I'm sitting on the ground messing around with some kind of volcano item. Then I'm in the backyard at Raymond where some kind of flood has happened and there is water all around. I'm floating around on something and it is day time. I become aware of the water situation and looks around. There is light brown colored water all around and it is wavy and bobbing me around. I open my mouth and start to swim somewhere since there was nothing I can do at this moment. I turned around and layed on my back.

    Sometime passes.

    I open my eyes after drifting off to sleep and I'm looking at the sky. I see a very blue moon with thin cloud slightly obscuring it. The sky is completely black and I see a second moon. It was right next to the first moon and when I moved my hand the moon distorted a little. Then I realized that this was the reflected surface of the water I was in. I had completely drifted off to sleep for an unknown amount of hours and it was now night time.
    NO sooner I realized that some people who was nearby spotted me and others in the water. I was pulled from behind on to the shore along with that volcano thing that was stuck onto my foot. I looked at it and my foot was in the opening. I pulled my foot out of there and I think broke it in the process.

    Friendly dog

    by gundam178 on 01-18-2018 at 02:53 AM
    I'm at the lakeshore apartments and I'm at the lake with people and I see some people is in the water, swimming in it. I started to go into it as well but noticed that it was dusk and about to be night soon so I avoided the water. I walk around in the back for a bit and as I was walking from the park and farther up the apartments towards the library and black and white husky like dog came up to me. He had random patches of black and white colors in his fur like a cow would except the dogs more hidden by the silver overcoat like a grizzly. He was huge with dark colored eyes and sharp, pointed ears that were perked up. Waging his tail he came up to me and placed a friendly paw on my foot. I pet him and then I seen some people who were indoors, looking at me through some sliding doors that had no urtains on them. Inside their home was dark. When I turned to look for the dog he was gone. I went back to the lake and around a group of buildings that were near the lake and about 50 yards away I seen him in front of someones home and he was laying there. Here there was much more light from the sun and was all orangey bright. I figured that he had returned to his owners and turned to go home. It's night completely and as I'm heading back the husky runs up to me again and walks along side me. He remains outside as I go inside and watch him from in my well lit kitchen. I starts to dig a small hole where was gonna lay down at ad then suddenly he jumps into a nearby well. I run back outside to see if I can get him out. It was a big well with red bricks lining the outside and was too dark to see inside so I bolted back inside the house, trying to figure out how will I be able to save and get him out. I thought about rope but I know no one who has that. My mom came into the kitchen totally oblivious about what just happened. I turned to go back outside only to see the dog running up to the glass door all happy and his tongue out. How the heck did he get out of such a deep well? I didn't care too much as I was glad he was okay. I thought about keeping him but seen a collar around his neck indicating that he belonged to someone.

    HI- It is daytime and I realized that the Husky has fallen back into the well. I go outside and see that it was not as deep as I though. I can clearly see the bottom but knew that it was still to high for a dog to get out of there and was still wondering how he got out in the first place. Just as I think that he is not there I hear him. He is whimpering and seemed to be caught up on something. Screw it! I jump down, being careful not to land the wrong way and break my leg. I found him who came running up to me and licking me. I don't care what happens to me I'll find away out and lifted to dog up to the edge but it was still too high. I found a brick, grabbing it and placed it up against the well wall and still it was just too high. So I mustered up my strength and threw him up to the ledge. He grabbed up but was slipping back. I got under him and pushed him up but the brick I was on broke and I fell. Just as the dog lost grip two blue hands quickly grabbed on to him and pulled him up. I looked up to see who it was and was surprised to see that it was Ninjor! The dog was happy to see him and was jumping up on him and then Ninjor came for me. He saw me on the ground and jumped into the well, his huge feet splashing nasty water all over me. Why didn't he just pull me out like he did the dog! I was a bit angry at this decision. He picked me up before I can react and lept out of the well with me in his arms. "Are you ok?" He asked. I nodded. "Yes. But how'd you know we were here?" He chuckles as he stood me up but allowing one arms to hang around his neck. "I heard someones dog crying who was very close by. When I followed the sound it lead me here. So here I am." He hummed in a humorous way. "I'll get you cleaned up and take care of that broken leg." I smiled, unhooked my arm from around him and stood on my own feet and he looks at me confused. "My leg not broken in the first place I had just fallen back from trying to get whose ever dog this is out." Now I understood why he lept in after me. He mistook me as having a broken leg and probably thought that we had been there for several days. "Oh...Well.." Ninjor looked embarrassed "Let's get out of here. But first." Ninjor turned to that well and with his magic had summoned a dark colored metal steel, round lid and sealed off the well, making sure nothing like this will ever happen again. Then after that we three walked off to where ever. lol

    Star Wars, hostile player

    by gundam178 on 01-18-2018 at 01:53 AM
    I start of waknig up on Yavin, where they have a rebel base set up in the temple. It is hard to see anything and it is dawn out where it is just starting to light up but the sun is not up yet. Something has happened and I'm a pilot who has just returned from a mission as an ally of the rebellion but not part of them. I'm crying about what has happened to Alderaan and someone is comforting me and hugging me. I then state that I wish to join the rebellion and make the Empire pay for what it has done to my planet and they allow me to join them.

    I wake up then go back to sleep.

    Now I'm in a completely different place. I'm now at Raymond and I was sleeping on the olive green coach that was up again the inner wall of the porch. Something shakes the house and wakes me up. There is a player flying around in my home and the defense turrets are shooting him. He is in a satellite like vehicle and seems to be very strong. He powers through the bullets but then quickly retreats, flying through the house and out the back door. I ran outside to the back only to see him rocket up into space. I was night time and I ran back inside before he decides to shoot a laser down at me. My mom was upstairs already hiding and told me that he is probably gonna come back. I ran back downstairs and looking out into the front where there was still a bit of daylight left despite the back being completely night and saw a tiny floating thing in the sky. it was dark in color, rectangular in shape and had flashing lights on the tips of the wing. It was him but he didn't come back down.

    Psycho Red Ranger, Roboknight and a surprise shows up

    by gundam178 on 01-14-2018 at 06:54 AM
    This started as a strange SP that I had. I get Lucid after checking to see if I was able to move after knowing full well that I was in SP. I was able to. I did a quick reality check just to make sure by checking how I felt here. I was feeling odd and floaty and knew that I made it into the dream. I get up out of my dark room and walk through the short hallway and out into the dinning room. I checked the living room and no one was there, the coach my mom sleeps on was empty and all I saw was a white and red vertically striped sheet. I went on through the kitchen, down the basement and saw that my dog was there. He came up from the basement and was glad to see me. I smiled at him and headed on out the door to outside that was night and very dark out. After a while I think about Ninjor and use a recent technique that I have unlocked and start thinking about him liking me and having a crush on me. He was there but he was in a fight with the psycho Red ranger and as I was watching them fight I am almost blindsided by Robo knight who is a mechanical ranger from Hyper force. I jumped out of the way just in time as he blurred by me in an attempt to grab me. I though about that burning mechanical smell that I get when I look at him and avoided him. Ninjor saw what was going on, kicked Psycho Red off of him and chased after Robo Knight, leaving me with that Psycho Red. Ninjor realized what happened and so did Robo knight who is a good guy and started heading back. Psycho Red spotted me and start coming after me. I ran and then I realized that we are standing one a huge robots arm. My eye opened while I was sleep and what that was, was Megazord shoulder close to my vision. I made my way down and the Psycho ranger followed but Ninjor headed him off on his cloud and the Robo knight was there next to me. I quickly got away from him before he decides to grab and burn me. But knew Ninjor was leaving him there with me to protect me from any more baddies.

    Updated 01-18-2018 at 01:07 AM by gundam178