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    Chips and apples

    by gundam178 on 03-05-2024 at 01:40 AM
    I'm at the apartments and I'm wlking down towards them as I do so I see little kids playing in the yard one has a bag of

    chips and is running with it. He somehow dorps the bag but not the chip. It was orange in color and I began to taste it

    Just frome looking at it! It tasted like sour cream chedder. then I'm near the park and I'm walking through foot high apple

    slices. There are green apples and are wet to the touch. My feet are buried in them and I'm wonerin how this managed to

    happen. I pick one up and take a bite. Tasted like juicy natural apples with no over aggzagerarted flavor. The meat of the

    apple looked natural, white and somewhat transparent.

    Updated 03-05-2024 at 01:42 AM by gundam178


    My robotic imagination Revival

    by gundam178 on 03-04-2024 at 10:55 PM
    Hello My fella dreamers, It has been a wile since I have last posted. I am gonna be reviving my dream journal and updating them with imagery and new entries.

    Regular dreams will be in black (Everyday non-lucid/normal dreams)
    Nightmares in red (fear inducing)
    lucid in blue (knowning I'm in a dream)
    interpeted in gray (something simular happens in real life)
    fragmented in brown (can remember only a small part or bits and peices)
    reocurring in pink(Things, characters or people that have appeared in dreams more then once)
    Dream goal in orange (Attempt to do a dream task from the DV forums)
    Reacurring places in dark green (places that appear in dreams)
    HI Hypnogogic Imagery (Images that occur while entering sleep)
    HI Hypnopompic Images (Images that occur while waking up)

    I start off standing in a living room. The lights are on and there are DCs in it. One's a shadow and the other one was the

    same except it had some detailing. The shadowy DC has committed a dream sin and is being punished for whatever it was he has done. The Punisher is talking to the committee about his actions and demands that he comes with him. He refuses and a fight.

    breaks out. They grab at each other and then the punisher opens a pair of doors that was on his chest, grabs the committee.

    and presses his head up against the inner part of the left door and he yells out in pain as the hot metal burns his face.

    He pulls away and the furnace man grabs his arm and they fight yet again, punching and kicking at each other. This goes on.

    for some time with me witnessing them fighting, punching, kicking and burning each other. At some point in time, they fall

    on to the ground and roll around. The furnace man gets the committees head into the doors and stands up with only the head.

    sticking out. They are still yelling and arguing and the furnace guy burns him with the hot doors again and the committee

    screams again. This happens a few times and then the committee dose something dumb. He turns his head sideways and his chin.

    that was keeping his head out came off the edge of the furnace and he is pushed down into his chest and the doors closed.

    up. I can hear him really start to yell and scream as the furnace guy took him off, into another room. After that it got

    quiet. From seeing all of this even though it didn't bother me I went down a hall and into a back room and collapsed on the

    floor in front of a doorless way. I heard the furnace guy call me, but I didn't respond. Soon he came out and gently held me.

    up. "Are you ok?" I nodded yes and stood up. I said something about being Lucid and hoped that this was a dream! Me and him

    talked about dream stuff until I woke up.

    Updated 03-04-2024 at 11:06 PM by gundam178


    Dream controlled

    by gundam178 on 09-08-2021 at 08:01 PM
    I start this dream in many different places. Once I was at some weird place looks to be my older sister Dionne's house and I'm next to some lacy curtains. I'm on a bed and I get the feeling that laying down like in a previous dream would make me go into a computer game with other player. Of course I did not do that because it would not work in reality. So I blew off that idea and was wondering where it even came from. After that I'm now in a different scene. I'm outside in the apartments and I'm somehow lost. I'm trying to get to the correct area where my plaza was at but found my self with people and in an unfamiliar area. It wasn't the parking lot or the backyard I usually see, but a whole new place ashough there got mixed in with other random buildings. I'm looking for my mom and is trying to call her but phone is dreams never work, right?

    After messing around with that for a bit I finally was able to make my way over to some familiar areas. I ended up finding my mom but forgot what she was saying, probably was wondering where I was since I didn't come home all night.

    After that time waste I found myself waking up in sleep paralysis. I had some itching on my neck and sides but ignored them. I continued to ignore them till they got too intense then I moved and scratch both areas. After that I get teleported to a Church like place. There are people there singing and worshipping to music and someone calls me over. I come but I am on a balcony and didn't know it and the other person yells "no wait!" I stopped just in time to see myself about to fell on to the people below. I did end up dropping something metal on to them but no one seemed to have gotten hit by it.

    After that close call The dream shifts to where I'm partially Lucid. I'm in a different place that looks like a huge chapel and I see transformers there. One is Stinger, the Pink bumblebee and he is where Optimus and them. Stingers face was all bubblegummy like and had no details like the rest of his body. There were other Transformers and they ran behind something and stood up against the wall. Behind me were Alien pods and if I touched one, who ever was the owner of that pod would follow me closely. I touched a random pod. I few seconds later a small soldier like robot started walking from around a pillar and towards me. He was gold and black in color and had decepticon like yellow eyes. I shook my head, nope and ran away from him. I'm now outside the building and heading down a long alleyway. I see the soldier follow me and is now flying with wings I never knew her had.! They span out behind him and were black in color with the gold outlining. I cut a corner and ran into a huge pile of red colored dirt. I started climbing it but had to stop because I started sliding down and getting all covered in the dust. I got off of that and as soon as I did, the dream shifted again.

    Now I'm in a water filled place. And the person from earlier found me but he was now and Angry Water God like Aquaman. He pointed at me and yelled dishonorable things at me and began attacking me. He rose his Trident into the air and make little droplets of water float around him. They formed into spikes and he pointed at me, ordering them to attack. Like needles at shot at me but I was able to freeze them and shatter them before they can get to me. He then put his hand in the water at each side of him and them slowly started rising up his hands, as he did this a huge tidal wave began to form behind him. I prepared to brace for impact but then came up with a better idea. I waited till he sent them after me and as soon as the waves went under to rebellow up into the death claw slam, I thrashed my fingers out like I was using force lightning and when it came back up I was able to reverse the momentum right back at him. I seen a look of surprise just as the waves smashed into him, crushing the rock that he was on and sweeping him off of it. I began to feel sad about hurting him but need to defend myself and defeat him some odd sad music started to play. Angered with glowing blue eyes The Water God rose up and with his Trident began to create a huge water spout, with the rest of his powers he swirled the waves around with now his hands, creating a frightening water tornado. He aimed it at me and I began to freeze the water as he was rushing at me with it. The ice broke the water up into slinters and then froze his arms and then his body which was in its water form. His body was a blue colored and a glow to it, the ice made it way down to his body and broke it up. It was all over the rest of the God crumbled into the water, reforming into Aquaman who was now defeated. I looked at him in pity then shook my head and started to swam away, until I seen his body. It was still intact and was floating around in the water. It made its way over to me and I would have pushed it away, but saw his sad eyes looking up at me, ashough he was admitting to his defeat a gentle wave pushed his head into my arms and he smiled at mewith his blue eyes.

    He responded to my emotions! I sat up next to me and relaxed up against some edge that was behind me and started eating chip? I find myself with a box of Cheez-its and ends up dropping them into the water, I quickly pulled it out and see that the bag is full of clear, blue water. Aquaman Saw what happened and made the orange squares float back up to the surface. He gives them to me but because we are trying to eat while swimming, dropped them again. this time they changed into random bits of pretzel, chex and a particular Pringle chip. I tried to get it but it always manage to float between my fingers and ended up too deep for me to get. I watched it disappear into the dark blue depths. Aquaman seemed to chuckle at my misfortune and then I see someone else in the water. She looked like she was injured from the fight but with my finger powers pulled her close to me to check and see what was wrong. Turns out she was jut chilling in a floatie, she woke up out of her relaxation and looked at me with her strange face. She had black and white, long curly hair and a shiny face from it being wet. I let her be since she was okay then the dream ended.

    Turbo Megazord

    by gundam178 on 10-24-2020 at 01:27 AM
    I enter this dream already lucid. I'm at the apartment in the front this time and I'm walking around, thinking what to dream about next. Turbo Megazord came to mind. I look around at the huge place I'm in and start to see the scene change. I tell my mind "remember when I said to you that you need to give me one final dream about zords this week? This is it." with that said I continued to look around and came across the Dino Charge megazord, standing in a door way. I didn't get too close to him but seen his green eyes. He looked at me but didn't do anything other then that. Not wanting to waste too much time on that I let him and began to call out to Turbo Megazord. After I few trys nothing happened at first, but then...a yellow streak of light came at me and I dodged it. It misses and nearly hits Dino Charge who was actually following me without me noticing. he dove behind something and I ran on some tracks that have appeared. I see turbo Megazord at the other end, smirking at me then he raises his chest and shoots at me again. I down into the painful gravel and threw something at him, hitting him on the side of his head. I laughed at him then ran, making sure to cut corners and be near cover so that he can't get a clear shot. I look back and sees him hiding behind something. I saw his yellow eyes looking at me through an opening then once he saw I spotted him, He puts his chest up to it and I dove out of the way and now into a gas station. My mom was there, unaware of the danger and Turbo realized where we were and didn't shoot into the station. He cane out of hiding and charged my mom was talking to me about seeing a dead body but I pushed her out of the way just as Turbo was reaching out for me. He would have caught me but the dream shifted right before he can get to me and now it was about finding out who got killed. Woke up.

    odd dream with Predazord

    by gundam178 on 10-24-2020 at 01:05 AM
    I'm in a beyond strange dream. I don't know how I can even explain this one but I'll do the best I can. I'm in some while/ cream colored place and I'm looking into a refrigerator with no light in it. It is the size of a room and I see a fish inside, swimming all around. It sees me and comes at me aggressively with its sharp teeth, I backed away, punching it and causing it to swim away. Now I'm inside the room and there is weird sounds all around and very dark and hard to see. There was a shadow near me and I ran from it only to see that there was a fight going on. Two unidentified megazords were fight in the dark, knocking things down and punching at each other. One saw me and charged at me but I dodged just as something swiped at where me head was at. The other one grabbed it and threw it up against the wall. I trip trying to run from it and ran into him. He pushes me up against the wall and leaves me. I tried to leave but trip again and this time he pounced on me and there was a window nearby where the moonlight came in and revealed that it was the Predazord. He was in his wolf form and had a scythe to my throat, once he realized who I was he immediately let me up and was looking at me with his red eyes. I began to feel all weird and would up.

    I'm awake for real but let my eyes stay shut. I see Geometric, ornate shapes consisting of triangles, circles and squares. there were in a shape like a kaleidoscope and I was amazed. I moved around so that I will not drift into SP but that was a very odd dream.