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    My Robotic imagination

    This dream journal will contain alot of mecha, Gundams, zords and transformers. I have been lucid dreaming for 10 plus years and look forwards to reviving my journal. Look forwards to reading your journals. Pleasant dreams!

    1. Chased by Ninjor again!

      by , 01-24-2018 at 07:28 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I go into SP and get Lucid. My New RC is after SP that I check to see if I'm about to move and if I am, knowing that I just fell asleep then I consider it a dream. I get up and check my feeling. they are strange and confirms it. I walk through the hallway,dining room, kitchen and out the backdoor. The Neighborhood was strange this round. I had a slight feel that I was in that alley way that was across the street from me at Raymond. Anyhow someone found out about me being outside this time of night and the someone was Ninjor! I also seen Robo knight who was back in some woods, looking at something. Ninjor points at me and starts running after me. He is much faster then me and so I would have to syke him out by changing directions suddenly. I did that to him and because we were on grass and he was heavier then me, he ends up slipping and falling in the grass and I got away from him, laughing.
    2. Flood, moons and strange things

      by , 01-24-2018 at 07:20 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at the apartments and is in the kitchen. the light is on and I'm sitting on the ground messing around with some kind of volcano item. Then I'm in the backyard at Raymond where some kind of flood has happened and there is water all around. I'm floating around on something and it is day time. I become aware of the water situation and looks around. There is light brown colored water all around and it is wavy and bobbing me around. I open my mouth and start to swim somewhere since there was nothing I can do at this moment. I turned around and layed on my back.

      Sometime passes.

      I open my eyes after drifting off to sleep and I'm looking at the sky. I see a very blue moon with thin cloud slightly obscuring it. The sky is completely black and I see a second moon. It was right next to the first moon and when I moved my hand the moon distorted a little. Then I realized that this was the reflected surface of the water I was in. I had completely drifted off to sleep for an unknown amount of hours and it was now night time.
      NO sooner I realized that some people who was nearby spotted me and others in the water. I was pulled from behind on to the shore along with that volcano thing that was stuck onto my foot. I looked at it and my foot was in the opening. I pulled my foot out of there and I think broke it in the process.
    3. Friendly dog

      by , 01-18-2018 at 02:53 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at the lakeshore apartments and I'm at the lake with people and I see some people is in the water, swimming in it. I started to go into it as well but noticed that it was dusk and about to be night soon so I avoided the water. I walk around in the back for a bit and as I was walking from the park and farther up the apartments towards the library and black and white husky like dog came up to me. He had random patches of black and white colors in his fur like a cow would except the dogs more hidden by the silver overcoat like a grizzly. He was huge with dark colored eyes and sharp, pointed ears that were perked up. Waging his tail he came up to me and placed a friendly paw on my foot. I pet him and then I seen some people who were indoors, looking at me through some sliding doors that had no urtains on them. Inside their home was dark. When I turned to look for the dog he was gone. I went back to the lake and around a group of buildings that were near the lake and about 50 yards away I seen him in front of someones home and he was laying there. Here there was much more light from the sun and was all orangey bright. I figured that he had returned to his owners and turned to go home. It's night completely and as I'm heading back the husky runs up to me again and walks along side me. He remains outside as I go inside and watch him from in my well lit kitchen. I starts to dig a small hole where was gonna lay down at ad then suddenly he jumps into a nearby well. I run back outside to see if I can get him out. It was a big well with red bricks lining the outside and was too dark to see inside so I bolted back inside the house, trying to figure out how will I be able to save and get him out. I thought about rope but I know no one who has that. My mom came into the kitchen totally oblivious about what just happened. I turned to go back outside only to see the dog running up to the glass door all happy and his tongue out. How the heck did he get out of such a deep well? I didn't care too much as I was glad he was okay. I thought about keeping him but seen a collar around his neck indicating that he belonged to someone.

      HI- It is daytime and I realized that the Husky has fallen back into the well. I go outside and see that it was not as deep as I though. I can clearly see the bottom but knew that it was still to high for a dog to get out of there and was still wondering how he got out in the first place. Just as I think that he is not there I hear him. He is whimpering and seemed to be caught up on something. Screw it! I jump down, being careful not to land the wrong way and break my leg. I found him who came running up to me and licking me. I don't care what happens to me I'll find away out and lifted to dog up to the edge but it was still too high. I found a brick, grabbing it and placed it up against the well wall and still it was just too high. So I mustered up my strength and threw him up to the ledge. He grabbed up but was slipping back. I got under him and pushed him up but the brick I was on broke and I fell. Just as the dog lost grip two blue hands quickly grabbed on to him and pulled him up. I looked up to see who it was and was surprised to see that it was Ninjor! The dog was happy to see him and was jumping up on him and then Ninjor came for me. He saw me on the ground and jumped into the well, his huge feet splashing nasty water all over me. Why didn't he just pull me out like he did the dog! I was a bit angry at this decision. He picked me up before I can react and lept out of the well with me in his arms. "Are you ok?" He asked. I nodded. "Yes. But how'd you know we were here?" He chuckles as he stood me up but allowing one arms to hang around his neck. "I heard someones dog crying who was very close by. When I followed the sound it lead me here. So here I am." He hummed in a humorous way. "I'll get you cleaned up and take care of that broken leg." I smiled, unhooked my arm from around him and stood on my own feet and he looks at me confused. "My leg not broken in the first place I had just fallen back from trying to get whose ever dog this is out." Now I understood why he lept in after me. He mistook me as having a broken leg and probably thought that we had been there for several days. "Oh...Well.." Ninjor looked embarrassed "Let's get out of here. But first." Ninjor turned to that well and with his magic had summoned a dark colored metal steel, round lid and sealed off the well, making sure nothing like this will ever happen again. Then after that we three walked off to where ever. lol
    4. Star Wars, hostile player

      by , 01-18-2018 at 01:53 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start of waknig up on Yavin, where they have a rebel base set up in the temple. It is hard to see anything and it is dawn out where it is just starting to light up but the sun is not up yet. Something has happened and I'm a pilot who has just returned from a mission as an ally of the rebellion but not part of them. I'm crying about what has happened to Alderaan and someone is comforting me and hugging me. I then state that I wish to join the rebellion and make the Empire pay for what it has done to my planet and they allow me to join them.

      I wake up then go back to sleep.

      Now I'm in a completely different place. I'm now at Raymond and I was sleeping on the olive green coach that was up again the inner wall of the porch. Something shakes the house and wakes me up. There is a player flying around in my home and the defense turrets are shooting him. He is in a satellite like vehicle and seems to be very strong. He powers through the bullets but then quickly retreats, flying through the house and out the back door. I ran outside to the back only to see him rocket up into space. I was night time and I ran back inside before he decides to shoot a laser down at me. My mom was upstairs already hiding and told me that he is probably gonna come back. I ran back downstairs and looking out into the front where there was still a bit of daylight left despite the back being completely night and saw a tiny floating thing in the sky. it was dark in color, rectangular in shape and had flashing lights on the tips of the wing. It was him but he didn't come back down.
    5. Psycho Red Ranger, Roboknight and a surprise shows up

      by , 01-14-2018 at 06:54 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      This started as a strange SP that I had. I get Lucid after checking to see if I was able to move after knowing full well that I was in SP. I was able to. I did a quick reality check just to make sure by checking how I felt here. I was feeling odd and floaty and knew that I made it into the dream. I get up out of my dark room and walk through the short hallway and out into the dinning room. I checked the living room and no one was there, the coach my mom sleeps on was empty and all I saw was a white and red vertically striped sheet. I went on through the kitchen, down the basement and saw that my dog was there. He came up from the basement and was glad to see me. I smiled at him and headed on out the door to outside that was night and very dark out. After a while I think about Ninjor and use a recent technique that I have unlocked and start thinking about him liking me and having a crush on me. He was there but he was in a fight with the psycho Red ranger and as I was watching them fight I am almost blindsided by Robo knight who is a mechanical ranger from Hyper force. I jumped out of the way just in time as he blurred by me in an attempt to grab me. I though about that burning mechanical smell that I get when I look at him and avoided him. Ninjor saw what was going on, kicked Psycho Red off of him and chased after Robo Knight, leaving me with that Psycho Red. Ninjor realized what happened and so did Robo knight who is a good guy and started heading back. Psycho Red spotted me and start coming after me. I ran and then I realized that we are standing one a huge robots arm. My eye opened while I was sleep and what that was, was Megazord shoulder close to my vision. I made my way down and the Psycho ranger followed but Ninjor headed him off on his cloud and the Robo knight was there next to me. I quickly got away from him before he decides to grab and burn me. But knew Ninjor was leaving him there with me to protect me from any more baddies.

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    6. Ninjor chases me on his cloud

      by , 01-14-2018 at 06:30 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Alright I don't remember too much detail in this dream but I'm at the Lakeshore Apartments and it is day time. I'm out in the back near some woods and I can see an over cast shadow of leaves and branches. I'm Lucid and for some reason I think about Ninjor again. He was spotted farther up near the park that is shared with the rest of the community. There are kids there in which Ninjor loves to play with and I he is playfully flying around them of his cloud and talking to them. The kids love him and then Ninjor spots me looking at him from near the woods. He flies over to me still on the cloud and as he dose that I ran into the nearby woods. Ninjor flew near them but didn't go into them, lost sight of me and went into the front part of the apartments nd out into the parking lot, looking for me. I realized I needed to get out of the woods before something happens to me. I do that and I see Ninjor who has flown off somewhere.

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    7. Heavy Arms likes me

      by , 01-11-2018 at 02:33 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream with some decepticons. I'm with Megatron and Starscream and we are running on a platform and at the end there is a huge drop off to the land below. I stop from being afraid to jump and Megatron who was behind me looks at me and says something to me then jumps off along with starscream. I look down and seen that they landed safely and was looking up, waiting for me. I jumped and as scared as I was I landed safely with them and we are walking with a crowd of people. Some kind of event was going on and I was standing among the crowd and next to me was Heavy arms! He looked like the model kit I had at home. It was daytime and the sky was a bright blue color and I walked to where ever, with the heavy arms looking at me.

      The dream shifted and I'm now in a room that looks like it was a dimly lit classroom/living room. I walked in to receive some kind of an award. It was a tan colored diploma looking thing with cursive writing on it. I took it and sat down. Heavy arms was there and I didn't know it and right before I sat down he reached out his hand under me, causing me to sit on it and he gripped me ass and squeezed it. I looked to see with my own eyes and it was the Heavy arms, up close and personal.
    8. Ninjor in a fight trying to find Auric

      by , 01-11-2018 at 02:18 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid but forgot some of the details but It is night time and I'm walking around outside. There are houses on each side of the street and I walked around a corner and Fount Ninjor but he was currently engaged in a fight with two people on each side of him. He finishes them off and spots me and comes up to me. I asked him about the previous dream where he talked to me about dinner but he seemed confused and a ride comes for him. It was his reinforcements and Ninjor could not stay here with me without the baddies spotting him or me.So he gets into a grey Jeep looking truck. I can see the details of his arms and the back of his head as he drove off with his Sentai friends. Disappointed I made sure to take my focus off of him and thought about my next small characer dream focus. Auric. Though it was not a good idea to try to mess around with him too much I began looking for signs of him. I find a big house with sloped roofs and went into it. It was spacious, lit and had a staircase, going up to the next level. On top of a TV set that was on a glass stand was Auric but one thing wrong about this one, was that he was the toy of Auric. He was faced towards me at an angle with it's cloak opened up "damn it!" I started to walk away but then the owner of the home came from upstairs and spotted me in his home. He was a black man and when he saw me his eyes widen in surprise and anger. He snapped at me and started yelling at me for being in his home. He ran upon me, threateningly and loomed over me now yelling in my face. I looked up at him, preparing to banish him into nothing and I explained to him that this is a dream and I am the host of this dream. If you force me to wake up after you are aware of this being MY dream. Then you'll get destroyed and forgotten. He stopped yelling at me but I can clearly see that he was still very upset. It would not be wise to attack a dream lord now would it? The DC backed down and angrily agreed to leave me be. After that I went back outside and no longer had a reason to be in this dream since it was not cooperating and woke my self up and got ready for the next dream.
    9. Ninjor shows up again!

      by , 12-21-2017 at 06:31 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid at Burton and I'm in the livingroom. The light is on and I'm leaning next to a window. As I do that I noticed that there are people outside and fell the need to go out and meet them so I do that and I then realized that it is night and it is all dark out cept for some bluish street lights. The people were in the street, goofing around with each other and was kicking something around. When they took notice of me they avoided me getting too close to them as I was the stranger to them. I stood on the sidewalk, facing my house that was across the street and then I notice something in the back yard. It was a dark figure, standing in a yard ajacent to mine behind a fence. He was cloaked and wore a hood over its head and looked up at me when I decided to get a better look at him by shining my Wii U Screen light towards him. I caught vague details of his face other then dark eyes and I thing a grey mouth. I realized my mistake of shining a light in his face and he starts to come towards me. As it got closer to me I began to pick up better detailing of him and found out that he was Ninjor from the previous dream. I ran into the house as he tried to intercept me and I closed the door. The light in the living room was still on and I then heard a knock and the familiar wavy voice. "Helloooo!" He entered the house and then I ran to the basement. Ninjor chased me there and then I seen him looking at me from on top the flight of steps and then I asked him about the game Power Rangers Legacy Wars and he seemed confused. "What?" Before I knew it I would up in SP then returned to the dream. This time I was in another place, hiding from Ninjor. I was now in my mom's room that is at Raymond. It is very dark in the room and hard to see. Ninjor opens the door and he asks why do I keep running from him. I say because you tried to get me because I was talking shit about you on that game I play. I again asked him about the power rangers game and he had no clue what legacy wars was. This was Not the Ninjor in the game but a completely different one. I asked him what would you like to do? He thinks for a second then an idea comes to him mind and he says as I was thinking about him being a cook. "Lets eat dinner together!" Before I can react I wake up to an aggressive Sleep paralysis and had to get up.
    10. Various Dreams, Getting chased by Ninjor and Lucidity! ^_^

      by , 12-08-2017 at 10:15 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I wake in the middle of the night and there is a closet near my bed that I always check to make sure that it is closed. Last Night I was so tired that I didn't bother doing so, So when I wake up in the middle of the Night it was open and all dark inside except for my clothes hanging inside and minor things and such. This is when the SP and false awakening Start. I get slightly afraid of it but not enough to bother closing it and I go back to sleep. Please take note that I'm laying sideways at the foot of my bed with the closet at my feet and the window at my head. Anyhow, I fall asleep and a few minutes later without even realizing it, I find myself sitting on the brown carpeted floor in front of my closet, playing with something. I wake back up with that image in my head and thought, so you want to try to give me a nightmare do we? Even with slight fear I ignored it, occasionally looking at the closet and went back to sleep. I feel myself drift in and out of SP with my feeling the tickling sensation and jerking here and there. I wake up for about 20 minutes to get rid of the aggressive SP and then drifted back to sleep.

      I find myself back at Raymond which IRL is torn down.

      In the dream I start off in my mom's room that was empty but junky. There was a light on and I can see that things were missing. The first thing I noticed was the mirror dresser. The TV that is usually sitting on top of it in the corner was gone along with various other things that were once there like lotions, jewelry, hair stuff etc. The only thing that was on top left was a dusty outline where the TV once was and other useless things, such as wires, strings and more dust back where the mirrors where at. Speaking of the mirrors, the two tall mirrors that were connected to the back of the dresser was also missing, it was just the tracks the the mirror slid down into. I figured that since we no longer lived here and now in the process of moving things out that some one in the family came by to help out with the rest of the moving process or some people busted in here and stole the things out of here. Next to the dresser on the floor were two radios. One was an old 1990s looking realistic (brand name) table radio.
      Attachment 9820

      It was light brown in color and had a knob turner. it was obviously broken as I can see the the cord was missing and there were frayed wires on the back of the radio where the cord once was. Next to it was a more modern looking radio. It was black and silvery grey in color, much like mine that I have IRL with the stylized boomboxes and what not. The boombox was on and was playing some kind of music, possible me hearing the jazz music that I always have playing softly in the background from the waking world. For some strange reason the people that come in here would always leave this radio one and never bothered it so it has been on for God knows how long. Anyhow there was no bed in this room, it too have been taken out by someone. There was stuff like hangers, paper and some pieces of the beds frame that supported the mattress. It was dark out and then I suddenly realized that I needed to get out of here in case who ever it is staying here returns, since it looked like it was still inhabited from it being power here. I hastily made my way through a lit hallway and down the steps. That dream ended with me rounding a corner on the landing and to the next flight of steps that led down into the living room.

      Next segment.

      I'm lucid from an SP that I felt after the closet opening and start off semi lucid. I'm outside doing the old way of calling robots into my dream. It looked like it was dusk out and I was having issues remembering who the recent zords I was with IRL. I manage to think oh wait a sec, I can just try to dream about characters who are small like Optimus Primal, SD Gundam or Auric. I ended up thinking about Ninjor but wanted to avoid him since we are at Odds with each other. Playing Power Rangers Legacy he has gotten in the way of some of my matches and I ended up talking shit to him and taking out both him and what I thinks to be his girl, Odonna. So I avoided him but unfortunately he ended up appearing and he saw me. "Ninjor! He shouted in his wavy voice and he charged at me. I ran down a hall and into a room and looked to see if I can jump out of a window. I go into what looks like an unlit office room and over to a window. Birdseye landscape. Even though I know it is a dream it was just too high for me.Nope. I turned to run back out, but Ninjor blocked of the door way. "Hahaa!" He laughed mockingly. "I've got you now!" He charged into the room and I ran back behind a table and up against the back wall opposite from the windows. I spotted another way out and Ninjor saw it too and tried to block that off but failed, just missing me by a hair with his grasp. I'm going up flights of stairs and every time I look back just as I'm rounding corners I can see a glimpse of his blue color coming up right behind me. As we are running high up the scene slowly changes and I began to see lava appearing. I entered a room and most of the floor is glowing hot and I run out on a thin strip of safety. Ninjor Sees this and was actually trying to get me out of there and somehow he slips and falls into the lava tiles. And I'm disappointed in my dream ending with my robotic DC getting killed. I see his now limp body sank into the lava and vanishes under the yellow hot surface. Oh yeah? Well then I can go with him. I jump down into the lava expecting the worse. It was not hot and I can now see Ninjor Rising up out of the lava but he was laying down. Something was rising him up and as soon as it got done Ninjor shot up and looked at me. Panicked I ran to the door entering the room and looked back expecting him to come after me but he didn't. He seemed a bit off. He was looking around and not saying anything. I decide to see what was up with my chaser but being careful to not let him get me. The black visors which was his eyes has what looks to be slight rust on the edges. The lava had temporarily blinded Ninjor and he was seemingly becoming more upset.

      Next segment

      Sexual dream

      These are dreams I usually use to become aroused and get that feel good sensation in. Usually it results in me waking up,I would have it for only a few seconds before it would fade away. IRL I thought what if I achieve this without instantly waking up from the feeling? This is what I got.

      I usually keep these dreams private but since it is part of this long dream I will include it here. In this dream I start off in a large house. I'm talking with people then at some point and time I get lucid and became aware. No one is home at this time and I walking around in this house, trying to find away outside, as I'm doing so the arousal came into thought. So I start looking around for something gross to happen to me. I walked into a bathroom that is the size of a dinning room and on top of something I found a used douche. I knew it was used because the water inside of it was mostly gone and the nozzle was opened and out. Perfect. As soon as I picked it up the dream shifted and found myself in another bathroom that was much smaller then the other one I was just in. I'm now standing infront of an unseen mirror and behind me was a tub with curtains around it. I didn't pay it no mind and started to stick myself with the douche but as soon as that happened, I suddenly fell backwards into the tub that was full of water. I fuss abit at the dream as to why it did that while I was getting ready to receive the arousal and I get the feeling that it knew what it was doing. So now I'm, in a tub of water and continue on, poking my self and achieving my dream feeling. Arousal shot up into my body and and that good feeling exploded into me. After about 4 or 5 seconds it disappears and I take out the douche but then feel myself began to wake up. Shit! Suddenly the water swishes around and I'm sucked underneath it and is still able to breath freely. I felt the water the smelled like peroxide rush over the top of me and the waking sensation disappeared. I was now one with the water and the dream knew it. So it teleported me taking some lucidity with it to the outside of the tub where I was now standing up with people. Somehow this dream managed to keep me inside after the successful sensation. I'm talking with people and we are there fishing around with our hands in a huge, metal thing that is full of cloudy blue water. I also have my hands inside and is wondering how am I'm not scared of this water even after I'm aware that I'm dreaming? I look into the water and I can see bits and pieces of what looks to be cooked crab meat inside. I quickly took my hands out of there and then I think I woke up but was in SP. Dream was not ready to release me yet ^_^

      Anyhow I reenter the dream and now I'm back at the house I started off in when I was at the start of this segment. I walk around a bit and looked out the window and seen that we were above clouds and I can only see the tips of what looks to be evergreen trees. Further off in the distance there was fog and I seen the Thunder Megazord. He was colossal and walking around but I was too far away to get his attention. He turned and disappeared into the fog.

      Ninjor reappeared with his sight back and this time he charged and caught me, causing me to wake up, for real.

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    11. Big Zam

      by , 08-25-2017 at 08:58 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid from an SP that occurred during the night. It was an odd start off but for some reason I was thinking about the Big Zam from Gundam. I'm over at Burton Ave and the light is on in the livingroom. I walk in and I seen Dozle Zabi, the pilot of Big Zam there. He was asleep on a long couch that was up against a dormant fireplace.

      He was in a sitting position with his head tilted back and his mouth a hung and I think he was also snoring. I remember seeing him in a gundam series Gundam Origins where Garma Zabi got injured and Dozle ran up behind him him, crying and grabbed Garma into his arms as he collapsed.

      I was thinking about the way Dozle Sounded while crying and avoided him. As soon as I went to the door outside, he wakes up. I seen him look around for a second then he saw me and gets up.

      I ran outside which was dark and hard to see until I ran near some light filled Japan city buildings. I saw him behind me and though oh no I don't want him to grab me like he id Garma and grate me with his rough hair bristles on his face. I tried to run fast but it was not happening as I was in slow motion next to a fence and Dozle ran up behind me and caught me into his large arms and lifted me up. "I got you! Ahh hahahaha!" I elbowed him in the gut and escaped into another scene.

      Some time had passed and it is daytime. I'm in a populated city with stores,traffic, people and buildings and the Big Zam is there. Dozle was in it and he was way off in the distance,trashing some Federation friendly's store and laughing as he kicked the mess out of the shop, trashing it in a smoking pile. Then I see three more Zams appear and this time they were on the opposite side of the city, trashing stuff and closing in on where I was at. They have managed to mass produce the Big Zam! I knew that I had the get out of there but three more appear right in front of me, trapping me along with Fed sympathetic civilians. The Zam that trashed the shop came up behind me and saw me. He lifted up it's foot to smash me with but I wasn't gonna go that easily. I used my Lucidity and let the dream know that if you smash me, then I'll wake up and this will be all over in an instant but there was no need for that. That was Dozle in that Zam and he decided not to smash me and walked over the top of me. This place was still dangerous, who was in the other Zams? I ran to where the shops got trashed at and Donzle saw me heading that way. "No don't!" He turned around in the Big Zam and started chasing me.

      As I was running a Red and Orange Gundam appeared, coming down some stairs from a destroyed building he was in. He grabbed me as I was running past him and I realized that it was the Heavy Arms! He pushed me behind him then when Dozle showed up and looked down at him from his mobile suit, Heavy Arms Opened up all of his doors and caught Dozle in the side of his Suit, knocking it off balance and causing it to fall sideways. As the Zam fell it changed size until it was toy size and fell sideways into my arms.
      It was acually a different shape and color as well, it was now black in color and square, looking like the side of a radio. I looked into the dark cockpit and saw Dozle inside. Heavy Arms Saw me with it and knocked it out of my hands and onto a table. It landed with a plastic thud then Heavy Arms suddenly took off, needing to deal with the bigger threat of the Giant Big Zams.

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    12. Cheap items,Heavyarms war broken, the hellbringer

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:42 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream at school. Something is going on and I'm with some people who are selling things. I look to see what it is and it is a lot of models of the G1 Optimus Prime Masterpiece, that is strewn out on to a table. I look at them a see the details of his chest, arms and head. I realized that I'm at a store which was dimly lit with florescent lights, most of them were off or burned out while the others were on but far away from where me and the shadow DC was at. He was selling them for a very cheap price and seen a shelf with more supposively expansive this there but were also a very cheap price. The person handed me one and said that I can keep this one for free, but the next one you'll have to pay 5 dollars for. I happily took in the Masterpiece and now I would have two of them at home instead of one! After that I took the figure and put it into my bag and also seen other things that I liked but didn't want to get too many things and decided to wait another day. I left from there and then as I was walking to another room I seen a TV on. It was on the TV guide and someone was going through the list of channels and seen that there on one of the sales channels in the list seen it was listed as Optimus Prime something. The item there was the same thing but was being sold at a ridiculous price of like 300-400 bucks. Oh how lucky I am to have gotten this for free.

      After that I end up in a different room. This room was well lit and had a projector there. There were desks there but they were empty with no students in them. Then I see a Zaku from Gundam and thought what on Earth are the Zeon Pilots doing here? He walked across the doorways but at the last minute turned its head and caught glimpse of me. He poked his head back into the door way with the red, glowing eye looking at me. It starts walking towards me and I avoided it and ended up outside where I find the Heavy arms! He was in a heated battle and his other people were there, Death scythe and Sandrock. Heavy arms was on a rocky cliff shooting his gattling gun up into the air and at anything that came near him. Duo who is in the Death scythe ran up to Heavy arms and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him. Almost immediately Heavy arms swung around and almost back handed him in the head with his cannon. The death scythe got thrown to the ground next to Heavy arms and heard him say. "He's out of control." Heavy arms had been fighting for quite sometime and was in the heat of battle. This has clouded his judgment of who is friend or foe, his mind was destroyed by war. Heavy Arms looked over at Death scythe realized what he has done. He closed the doors on his chest that is smoking from being over heated and then he kinda slumped down. He realized the mistake of what he was doing and caught on before he ends up doing more harm to his allies then good. He walked over to the Death scythe and assisted him.

      After that the dream shifted and I ended up in spectator mode. Someone had been shot by what looks to be a massive 3 to 4 feet long ballistic arrow in his chest and falling backwards. As he fell backwards two doors opened up from the ground and he fell into them. It showed his body falling down into a fiery pit that looking like the one on Indiana Jones where the man had his heart ripped out as he was burned alive. His body ignited and disintegrated before it even got to the bottom.

      After that scene a large man about 7 or 8 feet high appeared. He walked from the shadows with a smile on his beast-like face. In his hand he held a huge wood and metal bow that span 4 feet across and already he was loading up the next arrow. Anyone hit by those arrows will not only suffer the impact of a thick 1 inch metal rod piercing through where body but it was summon the gates of hell to swallow you up and while you are alive will plummet into total and utter suffrage. He looked down into the arena and seen the two doors closing and disappearing back into the ground. I then hear someone else challenge him. "Why don't you take me on without the weapon of yours!" The huge thing snorted at the offer and jumped down into the arena where a man stood. As he jumped down he drops his bow that lands with a thunderous sound and then he says something to the man but I don't know what it is.

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    13. Strange pancakes

      by , 07-12-2017 at 05:23 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm sitting at a computer at a desk at home and I had dropped skittles on the floor. I back up my chair to pick it up and I hear a crunch and saw that I accidentally rolled over one of them with the chair rollers. I laughed then picked up the skittles and ended up smashing another. I looked and seen a smashed purple skittle. I got out of the chair and on to my knees and pushed the chair off of it. I see the flattened candy lift up off of the floor as I got the roller off of it, then suddenly I find myself seeing first 3 edges of pancakes under the wheel then five layers of pancakes as I picked up the now cake skittle from the wheels. I was very amazed by this and held up the new items. They were huge lavender colored pancakes that was 2 and a half feet long, with the parts I was holding narrower then the bottom, giving them a strange pear shape. I laid them down on a table and can even seen the browning marks on them! These would taste great when I reheat them in melted butter. The Lavender color was from the skittle so I guess what ever color skittle you smashed is what color pancake you'd get. If I smashed a green skittle I would get an Apple colored pancake.
    14. Caught by Heavyarms!

      by , 07-12-2017 at 05:09 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I take a Nap and I ended up in an instant dream. It was day time and I was doing things, to sure what they were but at some point and time I got bored and wated to do something fun. This is where I got instantly Lucid and thought Let's find the Heavy Arms. So I look around and shortly spotted him in a back yard. I down over to him but ended up slipping down into what looks to be an empty hold where a small spa was at. HeavyArms rounded a building and this is where things get all weird. It was like I was playing a very lagging game and the dream would pause for a second then move again, pause again then move. I caught onto this, stating that this was getting stupid. Then Heavy arms spotted me and he climbs down into the hole I was in and had his arms open like he was gonna hug me. In fact that is surely what happened. He wrapped me up into his huge robotic arms, picked me up and started rubbing his chest on my face. I thought about him opening up his chest and touching me with his machine guns but that didn't happen because I ended up accidentally waking myself up.
    15. SP Dream and Volcanic dream

      by , 07-12-2017 at 04:56 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm having problems sleeping and ended up in SP. I was in a dream that lasted maybe 3 minutes. There was music playing and I was at my sister Deon's house on crestview. I'm standing in front of my young nephews room and the door is open and inside is dark.

      Wake up in SP and then reenter into a very vivid dream. I'm at my newest place Duane Drive and I have just taken my new Calea pills that I was trying out for Lucid recalling. They are in my mouth and Now I need water. IRL the water for some reason was yellowish brown in color and you'll see why that is relevant. I go into the kitchen and next to the sink there is a red dish rack loaded with dishes and on it was a plastic cup that had a swig of water in it. I pick it up to drink it and it smelled like liqueur, yuck! I sat that down and then took another cup down and started to fill it was water but the water came out a brownish green color and was warm to the feel with I know I had it on the cold side. I wake so a second and reenter the same dream and some time had pass. I no longer had the pills in my mouth but still wanted to check the water to see if it has cleared up. So I grabbed a plastic cup, go to the bathroom sink ad fill it up there. The was was now a cloudy white color with a hint of blue and I waited to see what happens. The cup ended up melting and the water spilled out into the sink and I help what was left of the cups rim in my finger. It's Acid! I laid the rubberband rim on the sink and ran into the livingroom, woke my mom up and warned her about the Acidic water. "mom, the water has turned into acid." She was laying on her pellet on the floor with the TV on. "Get up!" Acidic water can only mean one thing. I ran outside and my fears were right. There was a volcano right there and black lava was slowly making it's way here with flames coming from under it and what ever it touched. We don't have time to stick around. "We need to get out of here, and now!" I thought about my toys. They'll all get melted! I didn't want that and ran into the back to get what ever I can also passing up a game console on the dining room table. As that was happening I got Lucid. Thank God! Now I can get the hell out of here and quickly woke my self up.
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