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    1. Broken toilet

      by , 03-24-2019 at 04:58 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start the dream in the process of starting my business I sat down on the toilet and nearly fell into the bowl. I get up and saw that the seat was the wrong size and had too much of the gap open. I lifted up the seat and flushed it. I saw a blue bad go up into the hole and got stuck. I reach in there and pulled it out and looked and saw nothing else there. So I flushed it again and this time the water started coming up and I can see that there were more bags stuck up inside the opening. "Who put this stuff in the toilet?" I was not about to stick my hand that far in there so I looked around for a hanger and unraveled it so that I get a hook. I took it, stuck it into the hole and started pulling out bags. Some were blue ,some were white and some looked to be cloths. At some point the hook got covered in poo and toilet paper and had to watch that I didn't get any one me. Then dropped the hook and it ended up falling behind the toilet. I stooped down and pick up the toilet and started carrying it but it was full of water and some started to spill. I sat it down and when I did that, the water line got stretched out too far and it broke, draining out the water in the toilet. I opened to lid and saw that it was now empty and clear of bags. I put it back into the corner and saw the strange sized toilet seat that was too long. I closed to lid and stooped down behind the toilet. The cord that looked electrical was disconnected and needed to be re attached to the back of the toilet.I removed to protective covering but ended up dropping it and shattering it on the floor. I brushed to peices back, grabbed to cord and saw the opening in the wall. It looked like it had water lime on it and was where I need to plug it in at.
    2. Dragonzord

      by , 12-01-2018 at 06:08 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I had a night filled with SP maybe got paralyzed 2 or 3 times. Anyhow I first SP Lucid was hen I was laying down in bed and I felt the SP coming on. It made my head snap involuntarily side to side like I was having a bad dream then finally it washed over me. I felt the weight come over me with some slight tickling then I would start testing If i'm asleep. I would try to move but can't and if I can't that means I'm too awake. So I'd close my eyes for a few seconds then try again and this time I was able to get up. My mom was in the bed but was was the toy of preda zord. He was messing with me with his gator on his chest and then he gets a hold of my finger and swallows it in his mouth. I feel something inside burn me and I quickly yank my finger out of his chest. There is a small burned mark on the tip off my finger and I ended up slipping back into SP.

      I slip into a none lucid dream about my dad. It was dawn with the room being filled with natural blue light. I'm at Raymond and I am laying down in my moms room. I'm at the top of the bed inbetween the head bored and the mattress I can feel my legs bending down into the gap so only my top torso was on the bed. My dad comes in and is asking for me. My sister is laying on the bed and is turning towards me but I wake up glad to have been where I was.

      The dream changes and I'm now outside with it bright and sunny. I have made my dad upset about something and he has turned into the toy of vintage Dragon zord and is chasing me and some other person. He was small in size but knew we had to stay away from him of you would end up caught by what ever punishments he had in stored for us. The area we were at was flooded with light brown rushing water and we had to swim through it to get further up the road. Dragon zord followed us into the water and I thought he got swept away because of his size and him going under. I laughed at him until I seen a green fin headed towards us, he's swimming under the water. We both bolted to the right embankment and crawled out. the person I was with ended up turning into a small object and then I see Dragon zord come out of the water man sized. He started running after us and in the scramble to escape ended up dropping the person I had. He landed directly in front of the Dragon zord and quickly I grabbed him before he gets stepped on and caught by him and as I did that Dragon snatched at me, almost getting hold on me. I ran next to some brick buildings and down a dirt alleyway as Dragon zord followed me, wagging his drill tipped tail in the wake.

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    3. Scuba diving and kid zord

      by , 10-26-2018 at 07:26 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I dunno how long I was in this dream but it felt like I was in it for a very long time. Anyhow I start off in an ocean and I was with someone. I was at the seabed, swimming around and looking at things. I went to the surface with the DC and he decided that he wanted to setup camp in the ocean. We inside a frame of a cube and was closed in with tinted windows. I was inside and realized that the dark water was coming in from the bottom and rising. Trying to scare me are we dream? I thought about me sinking to the bottom of this massive sea and was back at the bottom in no time. I seen the sandy bed coming and landed in it, several hundred phantoms below sea level. I looked up and can see ray of light coming in from way up above me.

      After that dream I'm now in a completely different dream. I'm at my recent home duane drive but it is all strange and big. I'm supposivly working on a 3d model of megazord and I'm looking at his arched eyes. I stretched them vertically to give them more arching shapes. I see an archway in my house that are shaped like the upper parts of Megazords brows and they stretch upwards. After that I see a little kid, me running around looking like the original Thunder Megazord. I ran around a table and out of sight.
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    4. pinball machine

      by , 10-25-2018 at 02:50 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start this dream in an extremely dark place and someone is playing a pinball game. He's not doing so good and lets me finish his game. Now I'm playing and it is very hard to see as there were no lights on it that worked, just a completely dark machine. I ball went over to the left side and I thought it was a goner but it ended up over at the ball launcher. I pulled the spring lever and let it go. it hits the ball and sends it up but on the way up where it was almost out of the tube, I hear another sound like the ball smacked up against a marble ball. The ball I sent out went back into the launcher tube and the second ball it hit was sent out onto the main gaming board. I left the first ball resting on the launcher as I didn't want to deal with two balls being out there at the same time as the second ball bounced around and made sounds. To help me see better in the nearly black place I angled the machine towards a row of tall open windows among the wall that had moonlight coming through it. Something, a bumper or spinner sent the ball shooting at the middle. I quickly grabbed the flipper button and the left flipper quickly moved over the gap, blocking the ball from going any further but also jamming the flippers and causing a tilt. I launched the second ball and there was a bonus car thingy on the main board. If you manage to hit it and get the ball inside, the ball will ride the car in a bonus area where you get a lot of points at. Upon launching it something hits the ball and it bounces of the top and went over to the left where a bumper shot the ball up into the car.

      The Orange colored car goes flying out of the machine and it lands next to me. I tried to see if I can move the car back in but since my controller was fix to play the pinball I couldn't move it well. I mashed on the buttons, trying to get it back into the game but it was only moving a little bit. By this time there was some light coming in from all around as a sage colored light behind some kind of fog. Are we outside now? As it slowed down something hit the car from behind, towards the machine and I saw it was another car! It kept hitting it but took damage as it did so and ended up blowing up. After that the car respawns next to me and I saw that this time it had claws on the front of it like the ones one the sub of the Boukenger pink zord. It came around the front and was coming up to me and then I saw that I was laying down as a dark colored Megazord stood over my face, then it knocked itself over onto my face and felt the plastic hit me. Even though it didn't hurt I can hear myself talking to him, saying. "Ow, that hurt. You can't just do that like that because your body is hard!"
    5. I became a giant!

      by , 10-23-2018 at 02:08 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I remember a large part of this dream and that was the last two bits and scenes. There was more but can't remember it well.

      I'm watching power rangers and I ended up inside the film. It was daytime but things were odd and discolored like an old 80s VHS tape would be. Instead of the sky being a nice crisp color, it was flickering and that discolored green color you'd see in old films, the dark areas were all grainy with those bits of red and blue colors flickering around and it was very blurry sometimes like old movies would be. It was daytime and the colors were bright and exaggerated. I was out in the backyard wondering what was going on about something random, it may have been something about the earlier part of the dream but anyhow I was there in the yard, standing in front of the steps that lead into the house. I saw the the odd colored hedges that were a yellowy green color and the grass was the same as well. There was a monster there and he was some kind of food type guy who looked like the Dora Goblin from Zyuranger. He was next to the hedge and had a tiny slider looking burger in his hand. He threw it at me and I dodged it, expecting it to explode but instead it hit the dirt patch near the corner of the house where the flowerbed used to be at. The burger broke apart into its respective layers of meat, cheese a bun. He threw another one and it bounced off the side panels and dusted itself on the ground. Threw another, hit the glass pane to the stove area, leaving a smear of probably mustard and ketchup.I looked closer at it Nope it was the burger smearing the dust off the window, leaving behind a transparent smudge. The are not exploding? These attacks are harmless he's not evil at all. I picked up one of the sandwiches from on the ground and got the on covered in dust. it was all grayish in color, desaturated and freezer burned looking and I threw it back down.

      I started talking to him about how humans live and the buildings that you see here are our homes. I was once in the gravle driveway behind the fence gates, pointing up at the next door neighbors house that was a grey color. By this time the details of the dream were much clearer and better. "ya know I would love to have some more of those tasty sandwiches!"

      We are now back in the house and, made it to the front porch but was cut off when the bad guys show up. "They are gonna make you grow!" I didn't want that because then the Megazords would kill him. I got in front of him as a purple scorpina appeared. The monster who is now a boy started walking towards her but I grabbed him and seen that he was pulling and pushing at me, wanting to go with her. I was not having it and pulled him back away from her. Scorpina didn't care who got Big and ended up zapping both of us. I knew what was gonna happen next, the boy ran outside, bursting through the front door as he became a giant. I had red electric all on my body on my hands, legs and arms and then saw the black and gold megazord toy there with me, since I was human the effect for me would take slightly longer, I did not want to stay inside and destroy my home. "I need to get out now!" I ran out of the door, banging my head up against the top part of the opening as I did so its already happening!

      I made it out just in time and I finally see myself unable to control it any longer grew huge. I see my legs and then another set of blue and yellow legs. I look over to my right and down the street was the Dino Megazord (Daizyujin). He was looking at me and his face was strange looking and small but still had the details like his yellow eyes and red horned ears that stuck out each sides of his head.

      I don't know where the monster went but I ended up running past the zord who tried to reach out and get me and now he is behind me, chasing me.

      After some time of running I see the zord is now in a car behind me and he pulls up to me and gets out. We are next to the corner store and I realized that I have shrunk but so has Megazord. " We are small again!" I went to the car and realized that this was no normal car and looked inside through the window that was rolled down. Inside was the weird thingy with the buttons on it, it was the time machine! The Delorian! I turned and looked back up at Megazord and seen that he was now a human and was bent over, doing something.
    6. Accordion

      by , 10-22-2018 at 12:54 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at Raymond street in the diningroom, sitting on the ledge in front of the windows where the plants are usually at. My dad was there and he had an accordion, playing it. I don't know what the song was but it sounded cool. I turned towards him and seen him standing up from behind the china cabinet and walking through the double sliding doors from here I can see the detail of the instrument. It was a small one with the folds in the middle and the keyboards and buttons in his hand. He came into the lit room I was in. He stood in front of me and was still playing it. After he got done with it He gives it to me to play and the dream shifted. It is daytime and I'm now at 191 Burton with it, standing in front of the stairs with the door in front of me. I try to play it. It was wrapped around my body with the straps to help me hold it up and ready for my try. I pressed the little round buttons with the keyboard part and started playing it. It didn't sound anything like the way it should and instead a strange high pitched sound came with each squeeze and pull and was pressing the wrong notes. I have zero experience with this type of instrument so I wasn't expecting it to come out well.

      After that I wake up into an HI

      It is night time and I'm fighting things. I took the accordion I had and swung it at what ever it was I was fighting and it made a loud unnotely sound. Fearing I broke it I took it and ran off away from the people instead of trying to fight them in nearly pitch dark conditions.
    7. Rape scene and broken carpet cleaner

      by , 10-20-2018 at 04:50 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm watching a movie and at is at a rape scene. The background was black. There is a woman getting forced to do sexual things with some man. It showed him hunched over the top of her with his naked ass pointed towards me, then it showed them standing up with his dick inside her cat then her sucking him off. When they got finished she was looking at his cock as it hung from inbetween his legs. it was a small pink color, slumped down not looking satisfied.

      After that I was up and then go into a new five minute dream

      I'm in a bathroom and was about to use the toilet but then I see mass amounts of water in the bathtub. There is a vacuum/ rug cleaner there and it was turn over on it's side with water coming out from the canister inside. It looked like it was cracked or damaged. I get up and ask mom about it and she tells me that she is draining out all of that water so that it don't sit inside and get stagnant. I was slightly afraid of the amount of water in the tub and it seems to be filling up and I pulled up my pants and got out of there.
    8. Auric almost picks me up

      by , 10-20-2018 at 04:34 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm in a strange place that is very dusty and quiet. Dust roiled up as I walked around and then I seen a fireplace near me. I went over to it and inside was Auric! "There you are!" I felt myself being lifted up and realized that I was in his hand and quickly jumped out of there before he can get me. I heard him say something and then he squeezes himself out and I saw he had his sword out. I ran but I saw him put his hand up "Wait!" I saw him start to fight people and monsters as he made his way towards me.
    9. Butter Pig Brundy and distorted face on TV

      by , 10-13-2018 at 06:10 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm in a strange drea and there are nonsensical events going on. This event was on TV and it was about two mini fighters going at each other in a paper bag. I end up with the paperbag and I can hear the commentary talking inside and the people are at the bottom of this brown paper bag ready to go at it. I lose interest in that and left from the lit livingroom and now is in a dark place. A live wrestling even is happening in this room and it feature wrestlers that you probably never heard of because it is a tiny and hidden business. Anyhow a wrestler is announced as Butter pig Brundy and his music starts to play. It is an upbeat comical melody and the tron shows a pink pig that looks happy with a partially opened stick of butter above him. The enterence is strange and looks like home made drapes. He'll probably come from behind those. I waited and nothing happened and realized that the drapes I was seeing are the blinds in my room because I woke with my eye open expecting him to show up from behind them.

      Wakes up fully and go back to sleep.

      It was now daytime and I'm in my room, watching TV.I have three TVs in my room and two of them are on. The middle one and the on to the right of it, sitting on a table. I only saw what was on the middle one that featured some kind of ad. I didn't pay it any mind, was just sitting there at the foot of the bed gazing around until I saw the person that was talking on the screen. His image was distorted and seemed like it was pulled away from the edges of the screen since all around him was white. The TV was broken and now is not displaying the image right. He face is all crumpled up and distorts as he moves around and talk about stuff. The most prominent thingI saw, was his mouth. It looked like it was bestial because it had pointed teeth.
    10. Games and soundwave

      by , 09-07-2018 at 09:52 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start this dream off in a rather strange place. It looks to be my sister deon's place but it is all big and not right. I'm in a dark area but I can see orange light coming in from another room. There were pillars or tall dark things around like they were holding up something and I was at on of them. I was using a hand help phone and there were people there. They were my friends who I play games with. They wanted me to play with them so I joined up. I spawn in with a group of 6 people and each had their own personally made avatars. They looked like Final fantasy characters. One was a fairy with white wings who wore a sparkly pink dress and she was hovering next to a short green Orc. I was little old me and didn't see the rest of the players. Before we knew it we were plunged into a dark room and was filled with things that wanted us dead. We ended up having to scatter as a rotor blade swung down from above, nearly hitting the orc. I ducked just as an axe swung at me from the left then red hot laser shoot up from the ground. We managed to escape that room just before the doors closed. Now we are in some kind of arena where people were watching and cheering at us. The place was lively and had sand on the ground. Some gates opened up and two vicious 6 feet tall dogs came barreling out like hungry beasts, snarling and spit flinging into the air from its mouth. The fairy screams and fly up high as the Orc charged at it with it's hammer. The leader of the group who looked like cloud tried to call him back but he was two reckless and the beast swung its paw at him, swatting him away like a tiny fly into the stadiums. He went flying through the wall that collapsed onto him. "Damn it!" The merciless beast charged forwards and as it did so I can see someone on top of it. It was a blue colored robot who had an axe in his hand and tried to decapitate me but I ducked and he missed wildly. Cloud order the fairy to use her magic to teleport us out of her but she detested that it was a one time use spell and was not ready to use it yet. Cloud waited until the beast charged him then right as it got to him, he slid under the beast, cutting its legs with his giant sword. The beast cried out in agony and collapsed, throwing the rider off and he went tumbling across the arena and out of sight. We tried to see if we can find him but was couldn't and we left that place.

      As we were heading to the next area cloud was looking angrily at fairy who flew over to me to avoid him. She said something to me but I forgot what it was.

      Now the dream shifts and I'm back at my sister's weird house and I see cloud over in another room, talking to fairy about her actions and are to listen to orders. After that the orc came up to them and told them to both cut it out and that we need to get out of this dangerous place. So we make it into another place and there are platforms here. There is a key on the otherside and the key will help us escape out of here and get a power up and a rez potion. The fairy tried to fly across but turrets ascended from above and she dodged just in time just as a red hot bolt zipped past her, singing one of her wings. She flew into cloud, who put her up on his shoulder. "hold on tight." He dashed forwards, yelling for the rest of us to come on and hurry. Fast moving platforms, turrets and no way to see God knows what else that awaits us? "oh that is real smart to rush ahead like that.! I shouted. Cloud points behind me and I see crisscross lasers coming and fast! I bolted ahead just at the laser caught the heel of my shoe. I was careful not to knock anyone off into the bottomless hole below us and brought up the rare of the group. Then I seen that the platforms where moving closer and closer together and realized that there were walls here that were closing in and we were almost there. Cloud and fiery made it and, the orc and the newly revealed avatar Fox made it out and I did too, just barely getting my foot through the walls as they slammed shut. "is every one ok?" Everyone nodded. As I walked ahead with cloud and fairy the Orc and fox sat down to rest up abit. Suddenly a wall rose up from the ground, cutting them off from us. "Shit!" Cloud ran and tried to put his sword in between the wall and the ceiling but it was too late. it slammed shut, separated us from the other two. I can hear them on the other side yelling and pounding on the wall, trying to get back with us. Cloud turned to fairy. "Drop the portal. Now!" She used her want to open a vortex on the wall. As she was doing that, a blue and white gun rose up and shot her as she was doing that, and she ended up on the other side of the wall with Orc and Fox. I hear a metallic laugh coming from behind us. I turned around and seen a hologram pop up. A blue transformer appeared on it with a white door on it chest. The image was all fuzzy and glitchy. Cloud shot at it before he can say anything, burning out the device and sending it careening across the room.

      "Soundwave..." Cloud said softly. As we were messing around, the room began to slowly formed and change. Now we are in some kind of control room and I am only with cloud. "what happened? He asked. "I don't know, the place just transformed." I said. I began to feel uneasy since we are no down to three people but felt secure around Cloud. There was a tall old school looking panal that was connected to the ceiling and it was facing away from us. As I studied it I saw two figures materialize in front of it. They were facing towards me but the panel blocked them from seeing me. One was white and the other was blue. it was soundwave! The one tried to decapitate me at the arena. It's him! I aimed and shot the panel they were at and it exploded, send soundwave crashing into the white one who I now see as Megatron. Megatron charge at Cloud who was ready for him and monkey flipped him into a pile of boxes. I started to go help but the was cut off when sound wave lunged at me, pinning me to the ground. He was massive. " I have had enough of you." he said in a monotonic metallic voice that seemed to sing. He wrapped his arms around me and started to squeeze me and as he did that, I felt his body getting all hot. I was kicking and yelling over at cloud but he was too occupied with Megatron. I felt sometime on my stomach and saw that it was his buttons. "Yuck!" I kicked him in them and I heard him make a sound. I saw a sudden white flash in my right eye ans then pain. He must have head butted me or something because next thing I know; I'm on the ground with him upon me, struggling to get free. Soundwave laughed at me not being able to get free and shoved my fave up against his glass chest.

      I had a horrid image of my skin getting stuck to his hot chest when I pull away and for some reason I thought that'd it'd be a good idea to tell him this. "Don't get hot!" Some strange rap music that I am familiar with began to play.

      I knew it was all over.

      Next thing I know I'm back at my Sisters house again and the group was too. I saw cloud with Orc and fairy laughing about something and went intoanother game. I tried to join up with them but was having problems.
      I got kicked out due to an error which I was glad about since it got me away fro Soundwave burning me but pissed at the same time since they were waiting on me. I texted them, saying I couldn't get in since it was passworded. They sent me the pass but it was hard to type on the phone. I told them to go ahead without me and I'll join up later. I continued to have issues until my sister actually came and I gave her the phone so that she can put the pass in since I know dreams will not let you type so easily, lol.

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    11. broken plug

      by , 08-31-2018 at 11:23 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I was next to my computer, messing around with plugs. It is night time and I have a small uncovered lamp on next to me. I have an outlet strip in my hand and I took a white plug and plugged it in the wrong way. I plugged it in one slot off and only on prung went in and the other slid down the side of the outlet. There was a loud pop and flash and I threw the strip down. The plug began to spark and knew that I had to take it out but didn't want to touch it and end up getting shocked.
    12. Dreams about zombies and SD Gundams

      by , 08-03-2018 at 04:10 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream in some kind of scenario. I'm in the attic at Kenny's first home with my Sister Dion. It is night time and the room is dark but open and large. Some people are with me and are telling me that this place is haunted and so are some of the items inside. So we are walking around in this ever expanding place and at some point and time so one bumps into something and gets spooked by it. I look back and seen something tipped over in front of her. I asked what the hell are you doing and she says it fell in front of her, causing her to run into it. We pick it up and put it back where it was and we continue to walk through the room. Some time had pass and now things have escalated. Now figures were appearing and one came and frecked out the people I was with and they ran off, leaving me alone to deal ith it. It turns out to be some kind of zombie and he yells and chases me. I run but was not afraid of it. For some unknown reason, it may have been due to a tiny bit of lucidity, thought that it would be a good idea to try and possess a zombie. I turned to him and let him come up to me, wrapping me in its arms and I pressed the side of my head up to his chest. It worked. I'm now a zombie but the owner of the body appeared and yanked me out of its body and threw me across the room and into another place with zombies.

      They knew what I was trying to do and one zombie laid on the ground with its arms down by its side and then he looked at me. I knew what to do. I went over to him and laid down over him and my body went into his and now I have become the zombie. I stand up and look at myself. My clothes were all torn up and rotted. My skin was dark and discolored and I felt weird. The environment changed and it is now daytime and I seen windows behind me. There was a spiral staircase infront of me and someone came down it and I saw that it was and SD Gundam GM. He saw me as a zombie and pointed his finger at me. Becoming a zombie was a mistake and now had to find away to convince them that I was human. I threw my hands up in surrender but knew that it was not gonna work. he pulled out his blaster and I took off running. I bolted acroos the room where he followed then outside through the windows. I'm running down a street and some kind of music was playing. Behind me was now Captain Gundam and I can see his huge cute eyes looking angrily at me. I tried to talk but it was no use just moans and growls came out. Another SD Gundam spotted me who had a Megazord feel to him. He was red in color and was a cop, trying to hook me in its cuffs. It made sounds as it was fired at me and returned to him if they missed. I'm not about to let that happen and almost for got about Captain and tripped over him. He caught me but I managed to somehow escape and as time went on of me getting chased by them, the music increased in volume. It was nice pleasant music that was a perfect score for this dream. I realized that the music was from Captain Gundam and started humming and singing it. Zombie can't run that fast and even if they could they can only do it at night or for a short period of time. I was tired and knew that I was about to get hurt. They came up behind me, bumping into me and realized they didn't want to hut me any more. Captain walked in front of me and I was gonna turn and leave but the red cop one was behind me. They wanted me to follow them. So I and we end up somewhere in a small yard and I sitting with the tow of them. Captain was sitting on the steps and the red cop was next to me and another third SD Winged Gundam was also nearby.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Flood, moons and strange things

      by , 01-24-2018 at 07:20 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at the apartments and is in the kitchen. the light is on and I'm sitting on the ground messing around with some kind of volcano item. Then I'm in the backyard at Raymond where some kind of flood has happened and there is water all around. I'm floating around on something and it is day time. I become aware of the water situation and looks around. There is light brown colored water all around and it is wavy and bobbing me around. I open my mouth and start to swim somewhere since there was nothing I can do at this moment. I turned around and layed on my back.

      Sometime passes.

      I open my eyes after drifting off to sleep and I'm looking at the sky. I see a very blue moon with thin cloud slightly obscuring it. The sky is completely black and I see a second moon. It was right next to the first moon and when I moved my hand the moon distorted a little. Then I realized that this was the reflected surface of the water I was in. I had completely drifted off to sleep for an unknown amount of hours and it was now night time.
      NO sooner I realized that some people who was nearby spotted me and others in the water. I was pulled from behind on to the shore along with that volcano thing that was stuck onto my foot. I looked at it and my foot was in the opening. I pulled my foot out of there and I think broke it in the process.
    14. Friendly dog

      by , 01-18-2018 at 02:53 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm at the lakeshore apartments and I'm at the lake with people and I see some people is in the water, swimming in it. I started to go into it as well but noticed that it was dusk and about to be night soon so I avoided the water. I walk around in the back for a bit and as I was walking from the park and farther up the apartments towards the library and black and white husky like dog came up to me. He had random patches of black and white colors in his fur like a cow would except the dogs more hidden by the silver overcoat like a grizzly. He was huge with dark colored eyes and sharp, pointed ears that were perked up. Waging his tail he came up to me and placed a friendly paw on my foot. I pet him and then I seen some people who were indoors, looking at me through some sliding doors that had no urtains on them. Inside their home was dark. When I turned to look for the dog he was gone. I went back to the lake and around a group of buildings that were near the lake and about 50 yards away I seen him in front of someones home and he was laying there. Here there was much more light from the sun and was all orangey bright. I figured that he had returned to his owners and turned to go home. It's night completely and as I'm heading back the husky runs up to me again and walks along side me. He remains outside as I go inside and watch him from in my well lit kitchen. I starts to dig a small hole where was gonna lay down at ad then suddenly he jumps into a nearby well. I run back outside to see if I can get him out. It was a big well with red bricks lining the outside and was too dark to see inside so I bolted back inside the house, trying to figure out how will I be able to save and get him out. I thought about rope but I know no one who has that. My mom came into the kitchen totally oblivious about what just happened. I turned to go back outside only to see the dog running up to the glass door all happy and his tongue out. How the heck did he get out of such a deep well? I didn't care too much as I was glad he was okay. I thought about keeping him but seen a collar around his neck indicating that he belonged to someone.

      HI- It is daytime and I realized that the Husky has fallen back into the well. I go outside and see that it was not as deep as I though. I can clearly see the bottom but knew that it was still to high for a dog to get out of there and was still wondering how he got out in the first place. Just as I think that he is not there I hear him. He is whimpering and seemed to be caught up on something. Screw it! I jump down, being careful not to land the wrong way and break my leg. I found him who came running up to me and licking me. I don't care what happens to me I'll find away out and lifted to dog up to the edge but it was still too high. I found a brick, grabbing it and placed it up against the well wall and still it was just too high. So I mustered up my strength and threw him up to the ledge. He grabbed up but was slipping back. I got under him and pushed him up but the brick I was on broke and I fell. Just as the dog lost grip two blue hands quickly grabbed on to him and pulled him up. I looked up to see who it was and was surprised to see that it was Ninjor! The dog was happy to see him and was jumping up on him and then Ninjor came for me. He saw me on the ground and jumped into the well, his huge feet splashing nasty water all over me. Why didn't he just pull me out like he did the dog! I was a bit angry at this decision. He picked me up before I can react and lept out of the well with me in his arms. "Are you ok?" He asked. I nodded. "Yes. But how'd you know we were here?" He chuckles as he stood me up but allowing one arms to hang around his neck. "I heard someones dog crying who was very close by. When I followed the sound it lead me here. So here I am." He hummed in a humorous way. "I'll get you cleaned up and take care of that broken leg." I smiled, unhooked my arm from around him and stood on my own feet and he looks at me confused. "My leg not broken in the first place I had just fallen back from trying to get whose ever dog this is out." Now I understood why he lept in after me. He mistook me as having a broken leg and probably thought that we had been there for several days. "Oh...Well.." Ninjor looked embarrassed "Let's get out of here. But first." Ninjor turned to that well and with his magic had summoned a dark colored metal steel, round lid and sealed off the well, making sure nothing like this will ever happen again. Then after that we three walked off to where ever. lol
    15. Star Wars, hostile player

      by , 01-18-2018 at 01:53 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start of waknig up on Yavin, where they have a rebel base set up in the temple. It is hard to see anything and it is dawn out where it is just starting to light up but the sun is not up yet. Something has happened and I'm a pilot who has just returned from a mission as an ally of the rebellion but not part of them. I'm crying about what has happened to Alderaan and someone is comforting me and hugging me. I then state that I wish to join the rebellion and make the Empire pay for what it has done to my planet and they allow me to join them.

      I wake up then go back to sleep.

      Now I'm in a completely different place. I'm now at Raymond and I was sleeping on the olive green coach that was up again the inner wall of the porch. Something shakes the house and wakes me up. There is a player flying around in my home and the defense turrets are shooting him. He is in a satellite like vehicle and seems to be very strong. He powers through the bullets but then quickly retreats, flying through the house and out the back door. I ran outside to the back only to see him rocket up into space. I was night time and I ran back inside before he decides to shoot a laser down at me. My mom was upstairs already hiding and told me that he is probably gonna come back. I ran back downstairs and looking out into the front where there was still a bit of daylight left despite the back being completely night and saw a tiny floating thing in the sky. it was dark in color, rectangular in shape and had flashing lights on the tips of the wing. It was him but he didn't come back down.
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