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    Chips and apples

    by , 03-05-2024 at 01:40 AM (111 Views)
    I'm at the apartments and I'm wlking down towards them as I do so I see little kids playing in the yard one has a bag of

    chips and is running with itblogs/gundam178/attachments/10836-chips-apples-a_candid_snapshot_of_a_person_walking_towards_a_.jpg. He somehow dorps the bag but not the chipblogs/gundam178/attachments/10838-chips-apples-the_kid_somehow_drops_the_bag_but_not_the_chip_.jpg. It was orange in color and I began to taste it

    Just frome looking at it! It tasted like sour cream chedder. then I'm near the park and I'm walking through foot high apple

    slices.blogs/gundam178/attachments/10837-chips-apples-hen_im_near_the_park_and_im_walking_through_fo.jpg There are green apples and are wet to the touch. My feet are buried in them and I'm wonerin how this managed to

    happenblogs/gundam178/attachments/10840-chips-apples-i_pick_an_apple_up_and_take_a_bite_tasted_like_.jpg. I pick one up and take a bite. Tasted like juicy natural apples with no over aggzagerarted flavor. The meat of the

    apple looked natural, white and somewhat transparent.blogs/gundam178/attachments/10839-chips-apples-a_very_thin_slice_of_apple_that_is_being_held_i.jpg

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