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    1. The Predazord

      by , 03-24-2019 at 04:40 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Upon entering this dream I am Lucid. I am closing my eyes and focusing on a sex dream and a random partner. I suddenly feel something pick me up off of the ground and also an aggressive tickling sensations under each of my arms as though someone was tickling me there. I open my eyes and I see that it is the Predazord from Power rangers wild force! I see him looking at me with his yellow eyes and thought that the dream was gonna end with me getting wasted by him. But it didn't. He sat me down in front of him, releasing my arms from his mouth hands and the bad sensation disappeared. He said something to me and he smiled at me, lifting up the alligator head on his chest. We are out in the parking lot at the apartments and he sits next to me. After sometime of talking I feel him nudge me with his alligator head and then starts to rub under my legs with it and hoists my legs up to stick me with it but I decided not to go through with it and backed away. He quickly grabbed my in his arms and I can see that his chest was up and I saw all the teeth sticking out the side of that gator mouth. I don't think so!
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    2. Scuba diving and kid zord

      by , 10-26-2018 at 07:26 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I dunno how long I was in this dream but it felt like I was in it for a very long time. Anyhow I start off in an ocean and I was with someone. I was at the seabed, swimming around and looking at things. I went to the surface with the DC and he decided that he wanted to setup camp in the ocean. We inside a frame of a cube and was closed in with tinted windows. I was inside and realized that the dark water was coming in from the bottom and rising. Trying to scare me are we dream? I thought about me sinking to the bottom of this massive sea and was back at the bottom in no time. I seen the sandy bed coming and landed in it, several hundred phantoms below sea level. I looked up and can see ray of light coming in from way up above me.

      After that dream I'm now in a completely different dream. I'm at my recent home duane drive but it is all strange and big. I'm supposivly working on a 3d model of megazord and I'm looking at his arched eyes. I stretched them vertically to give them more arching shapes. I see an archway in my house that are shaped like the upper parts of Megazords brows and they stretch upwards. After that I see a little kid, me running around looking like the original Thunder Megazord. I ran around a table and out of sight.
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    3. Games and soundwave

      by , 09-07-2018 at 09:52 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start this dream off in a rather strange place. It looks to be my sister deon's place but it is all big and not right. I'm in a dark area but I can see orange light coming in from another room. There were pillars or tall dark things around like they were holding up something and I was at on of them. I was using a hand help phone and there were people there. They were my friends who I play games with. They wanted me to play with them so I joined up. I spawn in with a group of 6 people and each had their own personally made avatars. They looked like Final fantasy characters. One was a fairy with white wings who wore a sparkly pink dress and she was hovering next to a short green Orc. I was little old me and didn't see the rest of the players. Before we knew it we were plunged into a dark room and was filled with things that wanted us dead. We ended up having to scatter as a rotor blade swung down from above, nearly hitting the orc. I ducked just as an axe swung at me from the left then red hot laser shoot up from the ground. We managed to escape that room just before the doors closed. Now we are in some kind of arena where people were watching and cheering at us. The place was lively and had sand on the ground. Some gates opened up and two vicious 6 feet tall dogs came barreling out like hungry beasts, snarling and spit flinging into the air from its mouth. The fairy screams and fly up high as the Orc charged at it with it's hammer. The leader of the group who looked like cloud tried to call him back but he was two reckless and the beast swung its paw at him, swatting him away like a tiny fly into the stadiums. He went flying through the wall that collapsed onto him. "Damn it!" The merciless beast charged forwards and as it did so I can see someone on top of it. It was a blue colored robot who had an axe in his hand and tried to decapitate me but I ducked and he missed wildly. Cloud order the fairy to use her magic to teleport us out of her but she detested that it was a one time use spell and was not ready to use it yet. Cloud waited until the beast charged him then right as it got to him, he slid under the beast, cutting its legs with his giant sword. The beast cried out in agony and collapsed, throwing the rider off and he went tumbling across the arena and out of sight. We tried to see if we can find him but was couldn't and we left that place.

      As we were heading to the next area cloud was looking angrily at fairy who flew over to me to avoid him. She said something to me but I forgot what it was.

      Now the dream shifts and I'm back at my sister's weird house and I see cloud over in another room, talking to fairy about her actions and are to listen to orders. After that the orc came up to them and told them to both cut it out and that we need to get out of this dangerous place. So we make it into another place and there are platforms here. There is a key on the otherside and the key will help us escape out of here and get a power up and a rez potion. The fairy tried to fly across but turrets ascended from above and she dodged just in time just as a red hot bolt zipped past her, singing one of her wings. She flew into cloud, who put her up on his shoulder. "hold on tight." He dashed forwards, yelling for the rest of us to come on and hurry. Fast moving platforms, turrets and no way to see God knows what else that awaits us? "oh that is real smart to rush ahead like that.! I shouted. Cloud points behind me and I see crisscross lasers coming and fast! I bolted ahead just at the laser caught the heel of my shoe. I was careful not to knock anyone off into the bottomless hole below us and brought up the rare of the group. Then I seen that the platforms where moving closer and closer together and realized that there were walls here that were closing in and we were almost there. Cloud and fiery made it and, the orc and the newly revealed avatar Fox made it out and I did too, just barely getting my foot through the walls as they slammed shut. "is every one ok?" Everyone nodded. As I walked ahead with cloud and fairy the Orc and fox sat down to rest up abit. Suddenly a wall rose up from the ground, cutting them off from us. "Shit!" Cloud ran and tried to put his sword in between the wall and the ceiling but it was too late. it slammed shut, separated us from the other two. I can hear them on the other side yelling and pounding on the wall, trying to get back with us. Cloud turned to fairy. "Drop the portal. Now!" She used her want to open a vortex on the wall. As she was doing that, a blue and white gun rose up and shot her as she was doing that, and she ended up on the other side of the wall with Orc and Fox. I hear a metallic laugh coming from behind us. I turned around and seen a hologram pop up. A blue transformer appeared on it with a white door on it chest. The image was all fuzzy and glitchy. Cloud shot at it before he can say anything, burning out the device and sending it careening across the room.

      "Soundwave..." Cloud said softly. As we were messing around, the room began to slowly formed and change. Now we are in some kind of control room and I am only with cloud. "what happened? He asked. "I don't know, the place just transformed." I said. I began to feel uneasy since we are no down to three people but felt secure around Cloud. There was a tall old school looking panal that was connected to the ceiling and it was facing away from us. As I studied it I saw two figures materialize in front of it. They were facing towards me but the panel blocked them from seeing me. One was white and the other was blue. it was soundwave! The one tried to decapitate me at the arena. It's him! I aimed and shot the panel they were at and it exploded, send soundwave crashing into the white one who I now see as Megatron. Megatron charge at Cloud who was ready for him and monkey flipped him into a pile of boxes. I started to go help but the was cut off when sound wave lunged at me, pinning me to the ground. He was massive. " I have had enough of you." he said in a monotonic metallic voice that seemed to sing. He wrapped his arms around me and started to squeeze me and as he did that, I felt his body getting all hot. I was kicking and yelling over at cloud but he was too occupied with Megatron. I felt sometime on my stomach and saw that it was his buttons. "Yuck!" I kicked him in them and I heard him make a sound. I saw a sudden white flash in my right eye ans then pain. He must have head butted me or something because next thing I know; I'm on the ground with him upon me, struggling to get free. Soundwave laughed at me not being able to get free and shoved my fave up against his glass chest.

      I had a horrid image of my skin getting stuck to his hot chest when I pull away and for some reason I thought that'd it'd be a good idea to tell him this. "Don't get hot!" Some strange rap music that I am familiar with began to play.

      I knew it was all over.

      Next thing I know I'm back at my Sisters house again and the group was too. I saw cloud with Orc and fairy laughing about something and went intoanother game. I tried to join up with them but was having problems.
      I got kicked out due to an error which I was glad about since it got me away fro Soundwave burning me but pissed at the same time since they were waiting on me. I texted them, saying I couldn't get in since it was passworded. They sent me the pass but it was hard to type on the phone. I told them to go ahead without me and I'll join up later. I continued to have issues until my sister actually came and I gave her the phone so that she can put the pass in since I know dreams will not let you type so easily, lol.

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    4. rare good dream Chased by white truck

      by , 07-30-2018 at 05:03 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I'm over at the lakeshore apartments doing things when I see a man lingering around me. He is Caucasian with dark colored hair and hazel colored eyes.He looked a cross between A.J. Styles and dean abrose (wrestlers) I was in the living room but came out and went into a room that had bins in it. I opened one and saw that there was sandwich meat inside of them. It looked like it was bologna or turkey and started to get some but decided not to. As I was looking around in there I heard a loud engine sound from behind me. I turn around only to see a person in a huge, white forklift like vehicle. It was shiny, clean and just the way I liked it. He rolled up on me slowly and being careful not to harm me. I knew about it and seen that he was gonna end up trapping me. I ducked underneath the forks and he swung around and chased me and I was running across the livingroom. I got semi lucid and ran back to where I saw the food thinking about how good food tastes in dreams. I reached and tore me off a piece of what looks like bologna and rand out the front slidingdoors. It was night time and I was high up on a balcony. I knew that I was gonna end up trapped if I stayed here. So I went back in just as truck rolled up. I tried the back door and went down zig zaging stairs and as I did that, it became daytime. I'm now in the front parking lot and I see the truck show up. He was much faster then what he was indoors and realized that this was his turf now. I ran across the lot and he let me get ahead of him then charges at me, raising the forks up like it was gonna grab me with them. I took off up lake street. He went over to the adjacent road next to it. He was gonna cut me off so I turned back and went farther down lakeshore and saw the truck with him looking at me, realizing that I was one the next street and didn't have time to turn into it. Haha! I laughed at him as he pointed at me and made a U turn. The street I was on was now long and narrow and he was coming up behind me. I thought that he was gonna hit me but he didn't. Instead he pulled up along side me and told me to get in. He opens the back door and I think wait a sec. I look at him and sees that he is the man I had saw earlier in the dream and he smiled at me. I tried to get in but realized that I was too tall and me head is having issues getting below the roof and is in between to door. he says "oh boy..". The truck is now a white car and I finally managed to get my head in and is now in the front seat. He says something to me but I don't know what it is and we drive back to the apartments. It was now night time again and I get out and look up into the sky. It is partially cloudy with the clouds being a nice purple color and the sky being a lighter purple. I smiled at the dream and told it that you will be one of those rare dream where I actually appreciate what it has done. As I'm looking into the sky I accidentally bump into something. I look and seen a group of people has spawned in with two cars side by side. One was black and the other was a two toner. I had bumped into his car that was a nice two tone purple and blue color and he was looking at me angrily. I said sorry to him and he pulls his head back into the car as two other guys sat on the back on it. Shortly after this I walk around a bit then wake up.

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    5. Chased by Ninjor again!

      by , 01-24-2018 at 07:28 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I go into SP and get Lucid. My New RC is after SP that I check to see if I'm about to move and if I am, knowing that I just fell asleep then I consider it a dream. I get up and check my feeling. they are strange and confirms it. I walk through the hallway,dining room, kitchen and out the backdoor. The Neighborhood was strange this round. I had a slight feel that I was in that alley way that was across the street from me at Raymond. Anyhow someone found out about me being outside this time of night and the someone was Ninjor! I also seen Robo knight who was back in some woods, looking at something. Ninjor points at me and starts running after me. He is much faster then me and so I would have to syke him out by changing directions suddenly. I did that to him and because we were on grass and he was heavier then me, he ends up slipping and falling in the grass and I got away from him, laughing.
    6. Psycho Red Ranger, Roboknight and a surprise shows up

      by , 01-14-2018 at 06:54 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      This started as a strange SP that I had. I get Lucid after checking to see if I was able to move after knowing full well that I was in SP. I was able to. I did a quick reality check just to make sure by checking how I felt here. I was feeling odd and floaty and knew that I made it into the dream. I get up out of my dark room and walk through the short hallway and out into the dinning room. I checked the living room and no one was there, the coach my mom sleeps on was empty and all I saw was a white and red vertically striped sheet. I went on through the kitchen, down the basement and saw that my dog was there. He came up from the basement and was glad to see me. I smiled at him and headed on out the door to outside that was night and very dark out. After a while I think about Ninjor and use a recent technique that I have unlocked and start thinking about him liking me and having a crush on me. He was there but he was in a fight with the psycho Red ranger and as I was watching them fight I am almost blindsided by Robo knight who is a mechanical ranger from Hyper force. I jumped out of the way just in time as he blurred by me in an attempt to grab me. I though about that burning mechanical smell that I get when I look at him and avoided him. Ninjor saw what was going on, kicked Psycho Red off of him and chased after Robo Knight, leaving me with that Psycho Red. Ninjor realized what happened and so did Robo knight who is a good guy and started heading back. Psycho Red spotted me and start coming after me. I ran and then I realized that we are standing one a huge robots arm. My eye opened while I was sleep and what that was, was Megazord shoulder close to my vision. I made my way down and the Psycho ranger followed but Ninjor headed him off on his cloud and the Robo knight was there next to me. I quickly got away from him before he decides to grab and burn me. But knew Ninjor was leaving him there with me to protect me from any more baddies.

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    7. Ninjor chases me on his cloud

      by , 01-14-2018 at 06:30 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      Alright I don't remember too much detail in this dream but I'm at the Lakeshore Apartments and it is day time. I'm out in the back near some woods and I can see an over cast shadow of leaves and branches. I'm Lucid and for some reason I think about Ninjor again. He was spotted farther up near the park that is shared with the rest of the community. There are kids there in which Ninjor loves to play with and I he is playfully flying around them of his cloud and talking to them. The kids love him and then Ninjor spots me looking at him from near the woods. He flies over to me still on the cloud and as he dose that I ran into the nearby woods. Ninjor flew near them but didn't go into them, lost sight of me and went into the front part of the apartments nd out into the parking lot, looking for me. I realized I needed to get out of the woods before something happens to me. I do that and I see Ninjor who has flown off somewhere.

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    8. Ninjor in a fight trying to find Auric

      by , 01-11-2018 at 02:18 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid but forgot some of the details but It is night time and I'm walking around outside. There are houses on each side of the street and I walked around a corner and Fount Ninjor but he was currently engaged in a fight with two people on each side of him. He finishes them off and spots me and comes up to me. I asked him about the previous dream where he talked to me about dinner but he seemed confused and a ride comes for him. It was his reinforcements and Ninjor could not stay here with me without the baddies spotting him or me.So he gets into a grey Jeep looking truck. I can see the details of his arms and the back of his head as he drove off with his Sentai friends. Disappointed I made sure to take my focus off of him and thought about my next small characer dream focus. Auric. Though it was not a good idea to try to mess around with him too much I began looking for signs of him. I find a big house with sloped roofs and went into it. It was spacious, lit and had a staircase, going up to the next level. On top of a TV set that was on a glass stand was Auric but one thing wrong about this one, was that he was the toy of Auric. He was faced towards me at an angle with it's cloak opened up "damn it!" I started to walk away but then the owner of the home came from upstairs and spotted me in his home. He was a black man and when he saw me his eyes widen in surprise and anger. He snapped at me and started yelling at me for being in his home. He ran upon me, threateningly and loomed over me now yelling in my face. I looked up at him, preparing to banish him into nothing and I explained to him that this is a dream and I am the host of this dream. If you force me to wake up after you are aware of this being MY dream. Then you'll get destroyed and forgotten. He stopped yelling at me but I can clearly see that he was still very upset. It would not be wise to attack a dream lord now would it? The DC backed down and angrily agreed to leave me be. After that I went back outside and no longer had a reason to be in this dream since it was not cooperating and woke my self up and got ready for the next dream.
    9. Ninjor shows up again!

      by , 12-21-2017 at 06:31 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off Lucid at Burton and I'm in the livingroom. The light is on and I'm leaning next to a window. As I do that I noticed that there are people outside and fell the need to go out and meet them so I do that and I then realized that it is night and it is all dark out cept for some bluish street lights. The people were in the street, goofing around with each other and was kicking something around. When they took notice of me they avoided me getting too close to them as I was the stranger to them. I stood on the sidewalk, facing my house that was across the street and then I notice something in the back yard. It was a dark figure, standing in a yard ajacent to mine behind a fence. He was cloaked and wore a hood over its head and looked up at me when I decided to get a better look at him by shining my Wii U Screen light towards him. I caught vague details of his face other then dark eyes and I thing a grey mouth. I realized my mistake of shining a light in his face and he starts to come towards me. As it got closer to me I began to pick up better detailing of him and found out that he was Ninjor from the previous dream. I ran into the house as he tried to intercept me and I closed the door. The light in the living room was still on and I then heard a knock and the familiar wavy voice. "Helloooo!" He entered the house and then I ran to the basement. Ninjor chased me there and then I seen him looking at me from on top the flight of steps and then I asked him about the game Power Rangers Legacy Wars and he seemed confused. "What?" Before I knew it I would up in SP then returned to the dream. This time I was in another place, hiding from Ninjor. I was now in my mom's room that is at Raymond. It is very dark in the room and hard to see. Ninjor opens the door and he asks why do I keep running from him. I say because you tried to get me because I was talking shit about you on that game I play. I again asked him about the power rangers game and he had no clue what legacy wars was. This was Not the Ninjor in the game but a completely different one. I asked him what would you like to do? He thinks for a second then an idea comes to him mind and he says as I was thinking about him being a cook. "Lets eat dinner together!" Before I can react I wake up to an aggressive Sleep paralysis and had to get up.
    10. Sweets and Tidalwave from Transformers

      by , 02-09-2017 at 06:52 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream in what appears to be upstairs somewhere. There were lights on and I was doing things until I got semi lucid. My mom was making cakes and stuff and I seen square pieces of cake all around. They were on the table on some on the floor. I got hold of one and started to eat it until I thought, what if it tastes like fecal matter. I ignored that thought and took a bite. It was sweet to the taste but not too much. I sat the rest of the cake down and then went downstairs. As I did that I see clear glass bowls filled with banana pudding. It had the Nilla wafers on the top almost looking like egg yoke and some yellow colored cream under them. There were many big bowls of them. What one earth is my mom doing was all I can think the say of this.

      Dream shifts or an FA. I'm watch transformers and a decepticon named Tidalwave tranferrs himself into some kind of Alt dimension. He is with a friend who was a dark colored robot, displaying greys and purples on him. Tidalwave seems happy as he began to explore this place that looks like it is outside somewhere with grass a sky and trees. He then starts to jump around joyfully running through the scene and I hear his deep voice laugh in enjoyment.
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    11. Grandma, Mr B, robocop, ironman

      by , 11-19-2016 at 01:11 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in an early dream about my Grandma. I am aware that she is dead and is wondering how she is here. She is in a bathroom and I see her face. It looks like her and then she comes out of the bathroom from what looks to be a shower and enters my room. She lays down on my bed and I have no problem allowing her to do so. After sometime my Grandma turns into Mr.B, an elderly man we took care of IRL who has now passed. He was a completely different story. He was arguing with me about something and I took my notepads, drawings that I was working on and got out of the bed that I was now back in. For some reason I was thinking about the time where we, me and my mom, had to change him and he would fight with us and try to grab his nasty diaper. Glad that didn't happen. But I did end up seeing him with an open, one in his hand.

      After that part of the dream I find myself in a new dream that had chained off of the one I just had. I'm still laying in bed and it is a whole new ball game. Instead of the lit room I was in with my Grandma, I'm now in a very dark room, laying on my back. There is a voice narrating something scary but have no clue what it is yet the place began to feel cryptic. I am like 1% lucid and think about one of my toys, Omega Supreme being on my back to activate an arousal dream. I felt something appear on my back but I knew that it was not him, it just felt way too light. I seen a scary dead tree branch appear above me and it rested on my shoulder.

      Now my lucidity has increased much more and for some reason I was thinking about Ironman and was in some kind of place with white lights and a school feel. I,m with a person and she is very strange acting. It seems like she is out of it a lot and I had seen her before. She can get very confused and get lost. So with my lucidity slowly increasing I needed to do something bad in order to get Ironman to come after me.

      I take her to a gym full or people and allowed her to walk around, away from me and get caught up in the crowd.

      It works.

      Ironman appears and I can see that he is child sized and I run from him. I go through some double doors, down a hallway, looked back and can see him standing there looking at me with his fists balled.

      After that the dream shifted and I find myself back in my bed and was now fully lucid.
      This is where things get real. I get the impression of Ironman and thought that I had a big costume of him in my closet that was also child sized.

      I got up and I'm at my recent place near work drive and it was in the middle of the night. Everyone was still asleep, good. I' ll go through the side door, which is on a landing, going into the basement. This was also shared by my neighbors and so I had to watch that they were not coming down here. I heard some foot steps still up, but no one came down. I went outside and there, from in a brick ally way seen Ironman. He was waiting on me and came after me as soon as he saw me. I seen his detail, he was in his red and yellow variant and had the round circle on his chest.

      He flew down towards me and I ran down a street. It is night time and there are headlight illuminating the place. Othe DCs appear around me and somehow I got far away from Ironman. It was no big deal, he called on his dream vehicle which was yellow and looked like it was the vehicle that the bountyhunter was in, in Star Wars Episode 2. as he came after me with it, it changed shapes and the front part of it was now shapeless and flat and by the time I looked at it again, it had turned into an icecream stall that had a light on in it and people in it. I asked did they want ice cream and they went in and got some and gave me some. It was good. Ironman busted through the stall with his new car, which was dark in color and sleek looking. He got out, pointed at me and motioned me to come here. I shook my head no and he charged. It is getting daytime and barriers were appearing and blocking paths to try and make me get trapped. They were dark colored walls and there was two people with me who always follow me. I told them to stay close to me if you don't want to get hurt and they nodded and agreed to do so. I leap out of the way just as he flew pass me and hid in the barricades. He then flew up on top of a building and for some reason thought about him being robocop and said that Cain is better then him and will always win. Ironman looked down at us and he jumped down to us I thought about the time when he shot the lasers from his hands and was nervous about him using them on us. I ran diagonally across the street and over to an opening in the walls and called the other two to come. They tried to follow me but they were cut off by blue fire and realized that he had a flame thrower and someone had gotten caught up in it and fire went onto the walls and spilled out into the road. I realized that where I was he can easily trap me here and quickly got out just as he tried to block me in. He swung around and some more DCs came and distracted him.

      I then seen some kind of a white box up against the wall in front of me that looked like a small washer. People was doing something to it and I made him mess up, hitting the dial thing out top and saying, yes to myself. I began to hear a beeping sound that got higher in pitch and got quicker and realized that it was a bomb and I dun fucked up. I ran as the people tried to disable it. Failure to do so resulted in a very bright flash and loud but fake sounding explosion and saw some kind of thing on the wall right behind it, representing the explosion. It looked like it was foil moving to make a very 2d and fake explosion and heard who ever got caught up in it yell out. I stood rather close to it, unharmed.

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    12. almost forgotten Storm Megazord dream

      by , 11-10-2016 at 06:33 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off at some kind of park like place and was riding on something. What ever it was it tipped over with me on it and now I'm hanging on to a small thing on a rope. I'm upside down and there was water below me. To make things harder I also had one of my Megazords in my hands and didn't want to end up dropping it into the water and losing it. I'm trying hard to get up as what ever it was I was on slowly gave away until I fell completely into the water. It is a pool and I'm swimming around in it and dropped my toy in it. At first it remained together but then it fell apart and the pieces sank down. I was just about to go under and get the pieces when suddenly I began to see at first dolphins swimming around me but then they turned into baby Killer whales (the black and white ones), blocking my view and crowding me. I suddenly became lucid and told the dream that I didn't not want these here and to get rid of them now.

      After that I find myself in another dream with my Lucidity lost. There is some kind of Music playing and sounded peaceful and verse less. The place was mostly dark and looked like it was in some kind of sewer place. The Storm Megazord was there and he had a monster cornered and because of the music I wanted him to get the monster. The zord charged at the unseen monster, grabbing it into its arms and then I woke up just as the Music playing from my Wii U ended.

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    13. A good Dream (Dinos, toys, dogs and fun things)

      by , 06-08-2016 at 01:08 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      This is a very long dream that part of was influenced by a dog I had found, eating out of a dumpster.

      I'm in an apartment which was kinda dim. It was lit by a TV and a bathroom that was down a hallway. I'm with some kids and they also have dogs there. Two of them looks like Cuddles (my sister's Poodle dog) one was black and the other was the tiny dog I found near a dumpster, he even had the colorful scarf collar on. They were running about in the room and a kid grabbed one and was playing with him. I went to the bathroom in the back. It was small and well lit with the type of lights that have a soft yellow color to them. I was looking in the mirror and as I did that, the place slowly started expanding and getting bigger.I get semi lucid and in there was one of my toys I don't know if I had brought it was me or it was already there. It was sitting on the edge of the sink, looking down at me and its arms were outstretched towards me. I decided to play around with it, by seeing if it followed where I went since I was aware of this being a dream.

      I looked at its feet and moved to the side of it, it didn't move but when I looked away and then back at it he was facing me. I went back over to where I came in at and again, it didn't move until I looked away and back at it. A strange smell came about that has nothing to do with the bathroom but it made me have a slight urge of needing to get out of there. I can now see the robot's tiny, yellow eyes looking at me and I realized who it was. The Mega Voyager. I left that place and ended up some place else.

      Now I'm in a strange looking livingroom that has what looked like Christmas light around and on the walls. Amongst me were Characterized Dino's who were talking to each other and a white man who looked to be a teenager with tan colored hair. Things here were fuzzy and hard to see and remember so I'll move on to the next part.

      The Dino's who I was with was still around but they were now giant's and they were looking down at me. They said so kind things to me and were my allies. The Dino's looked cool. One was pink with a purple/ dark under coat, she wore a princess crown and she was standing next to a Chubby green dino with a blue under coat, the other two Dinos I seen were unknown. They appeared to be in a different world then me because I can see the counter they were behind and was the reason why I couldn't see their whole body. They gave me a Necklace and once I got it I became more Lucid and began to think what zord should I summon. There was a door behind me and I went through it and ended up outside.

      I seen some kids outside running around some buildings and behind them I think were friendly Dinos. I recognized one of the kids and gave the necklace to him, The I realized that maybe she wanted me to keep that and would not be very happy about me giving it to some kid I seen earlier in the dream. Speaking of that I think at some point and time I had told one of the dinos that this was a dream, which is why they gave the necklace to me in the first place. The boy smiled then ran off around a corner with it and lost him.

      I went into another building and I'm now in a well lit room that had tons of Megazord toys on the table. I smile at this. I look at them and they began to move around. I continued to watch until a huge turquoise and yellow detailed one showed up, attempting not to be seen I ducked under the table and in that process snagged the table clothe and accidentally pulled it and knocked some of the robots on to the floor. Some kind of music played sounds like a game over in Super ghouls and ghosts. They all turned towards me and I lay down on something. They began to crawl up onto my face and lay down on top of it, pressing their hard bodies against me,another one covered the other part of my face then I seen another one come behind the one that was already on me. It looked like it was the Drive Max Megazord with eyes they looked like they were glowing from the light going through the back of his head, which was red, giving them a dim red glow. I felt something pressing against my very lower back almost my ass and it hurt. I heard myself scream out and I pushed myself down and moved what ever it was hurting me behind me. Once I had enough of them crushing me I pushed them off of me with ease and went back outside.

      The teenager I seen earlier was there and he spotted me. I looked at me angrily and said something mean like You have these powers, yet you don't use them. He was taking advantage of me being young with power but unaware on how to use it. I shook my head at him and shows me something that I have given him when he was looking up to me and throws it. It hits some kind of jade colored, beady ornament that broke and some of the beads fell on to the floor, along with a necklace. The teen runs of and I see that the item was Auric's Key on the necklace! I grabbed it and immediately is ready to call upon Auric So that I can have a once per dream wish.

      I run outside with it, held it up and starts to call upon Auric. At first nothing happens. I Yelled his name demandingly, holding the key higher up. Suddenly I see someone swoop down from the sky, thinking it was Auric I readied myself to receive his granting but once he landed I can clearly see that it was Ninjor! He was all blue with the red head color he has and his body was the correct shape. This is not what I wanted. I ran back towards the building I came out of earlier and as I did that, two Samari warriors one red and one blue ran over to Ninjor, blocking him off and questioning him about his presence here.

      I decided to try to find those Megazords that was on my face earlier and went back into the building. When I went back inside I needed to remember which room the toys were in and then realized that the scene was changing. NO! I turned around only to find myself in an office building. I opened a door that was there and inside were people playing on pinball machines when you hit the ball to score as many points as possible. Shit. The feeling here was different and there was also an office smell. lol

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    14. Robocop teaches a harsh lesson

      by , 06-03-2016 at 01:13 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream in the middle of watching robocop. He is driving with a woman who has done something bad. Robocop is talking to her and she is looking nervously at him and he says something about "Something about...Fulfillment." Robo suddenly leaps over the drivers seat and at the woman in the passenger seat and she Yells as Robo Cop is about to be on top of her. The image freezes and the woman's voice echoes away like it do in some movies where something bad happen and they scream but the scene changes but you can still hear them screaming that slowly fades away. Apparently something went wrong with robo Cop and is causing him to do things out of the ordinary. Once the show ended my mom tells me that "he put his wang in her." I think about how Robo was mostly metal and can imagine what she was feeling with him raping her. Once that was done I find myself at a different place and was outside at night at a mcDonald's parking lot. I'm outside and is coming from one building and I then see some bad guys running away from someone. I spot who it was and seen that it was Robo Cop. I gasped and ran, ducking through the crossfire and seeing bullets ricocheting and sparking off of his chest. He seen me and pointed at me but someone shot him in his head, jarring him into a glitchy mode for a second. Once he regained he returned fire and riddled them, I dodged the splat of blood that fell onto the concrete and I turned to run but someone grabbed hold of me, panicking I swung around and hit whoever it was. In the comotion I ended up getting pushed towards robo Cop and he is behind me. I'm on my knee and he take my head and bangs the back of it on his crouch area, then he pushed me up against a dumpster and presses my head against it with himself. A baddie/goodie saw what was going on and sniped his helmet and he angrily turns and starts after him, who runs off into McDonalds.

      Once all of that happened I wake up in a gentle Sleep paralysis and went back into another dream. I;m not in doors in a bathroom and Robo Cop was there with me. I'm aware of what he has done in the previous dream and was getting ready to fight him. I became aware of this being a dream and thought hmm. this'll be my first dream or second dream where I'm acually part of the action with a good DC is present. I'm gonna actually get to fight.
    15. Short dream (Robocop)

      by , 05-21-2016 at 11:15 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      In this dream I start off in a store ad I'm looking at things. I seen some gang looking group of black men standing up on a display counter. They were talking to each other and I think some kind of fight broke out and I got off from over there. Now I'm leaving the store and I go across the parking lot to Mc Donalds but before I get there I become Lucid and thought about Robo Cop. He appears in a group of people and seems to be already looking for me. I ended up getting to close to him and he turns his head and spots me. I run, pushing through some people I didn't know was there and Robo Cop started after me, making his way through the crowd and or towards me, I run and he as almost running as well, despite his size he was moving pretty fast and almost got me. I realized that he is the same one for the previous dream and avoided him.

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