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    I had some lucid dreams when I was about 10 years but didn't know the name of it. Now I want to master lucid dreaming. I play the guitar and the flute, do circus and go in school. I love the nature.
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    I was interested in reading other people's dream journals and learning how to improve my lucid dreaming. So I just searched "lucid dream forum" and found this website.


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    Big bombs and war

    by JakeMcDake on Yesterday at 07:56 AM

    Been away for a while now. I've had this troubling theme of war and big bombs.

    I'm by some kind of half circled arena and there is a kid in the middle. He is to show us his invention and there is a prize to the person who has the best invention. He shows us his rocket and it starts. It flies up in the sky and there is a big explosion, but it doesn't end there. There is another rocket coming from the explosion and one more time. After some explosions there is only a very small rocket left. This small rocket fires of the biggest explosion of them all. The kid won the competition and got a golden slipper.

    I'm by an army camp and they are training for war. There is a big airplane flying very close to the ground and it's releasing big bombs of different sizes and shapes. I think it's weird that it isn't only loaded with one kind of bomb.

    I'm by our summer place and I fly with some people. I'm not that good and it's really hard to fly. I don't even manage to fly off the ground. This was a scary dream but I don't remember what was scary.

    Notes: Me and my mom talked about war and it's negative effects.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Pain diving

    by JakeMcDake on 07-04-2020 at 10:25 AM

    My cousin David showed me some pain diving yesterday. It's a competition were people are supposed to jump from high places into water and do flips and trix.

    I'm by an inside pool but I'm only a spectator. I don't see anyone but I know David is jumping from a high height and I hear and know the water is splashing. My mom is there and she is sceptical as she says that this seems way to dangerous.

    Lucid, looking for the master no. 2 and feeding birds

    by JakeMcDake on 07-03-2020 at 09:20 AM

    I'm next to the corner to the main street next to my house. I realize it's a dream and remember my goal about finding an avatar bending master that can teach me how to always be able to do all kinds of bending in my dreams. I see a weird person in front of me and scream out. "You are the mastere, teach me!". I don't get a clear answer and I try to summon some fire. I succed but it's only a very small fire in my hand. I remember it was a very long lucid, or it was two different dreams. In this next part I was also lucid.

    I'm flying and suddenly I'm next to my house. I see that it's a nice looking sky and decide to just take a good seat and spectate this amazing view. I fly up on my roof and find a perfect position where I see the sun glowing really cool. It's all beautiful and suddenly three doves come flying. I decide to feed them. I fly next to them and they first fly away but when I take the seeds they fly into my hands. It's a good feeling as I feel the birds against my hands.

    Notes: I know there was so much more to the dreams but I don't remember. I love birds and they are one of my dream signs.
    lucid , memorable

    Lucid, looking for the master

    by JakeMcDake on 07-02-2020 at 08:36 AM

    I'm in a city and I get lucid. I remember my goal about bending different elements and try to summon a fire but nothing happens. I remember my goal about meeting the bending master and decide to meet with the master. I scream out loud. "Master! Master!", but no one comes. I fly over the waters to an island and meet a group of people. I ask them where I can find the master of bending. They tell me to go back the way I came from. I fly to where I came from and think about how the trip to where I came from is different from when I fly the same way back. My vision is getting darker and I recognize this feeling. I'm going to wake up in my bed. It's all black and I feel my bed against my skin. I do a RC and know it's still a dream. My vision is black for a while and I walk against the window to fly out. The floor on the streets are gone. It's just white void there. I fly over a house and experience some special experiences. It's like I fly upside down and I'm not the one in control. The void is beautiful and I just hang with the dream. I remember my goal about meeting with the master again and start to fly to where I was going before. The flying is going pretty slowly and I try to speed it up pretty often, but it doesn't work. I finally come to the right place and I see a castle. I meet up with Klaus there and he greets me and says. "Ahh, you have come here to forfill your goal!" with his typical way of talking when he is to tell a joke that he thinks is funny. I say yes and ask him where the master is. He points into the castle but it is divided into three parts so I have to ask which part I shall go into. He says the one to the right. I enter it and I suddenly only have my dad's white underwear on me. I think to myself that this is a castle and I need better clothes if I want to meet with the prince. Some people with fancy suits comes up. I punch one really hard in order to take his clothes. I am disappointed over myself because I used violence against my DC and decide to just walk into the next room with only my underwear on me. I walked pretty quickly because there were people who saw me when I hit the man. There is a biograph and the prince of Sweden is the one hosting it. There are brown blankets on each chair and I take one to cover myself with. The prince says something and he is the master I've been looking for. I decide to watch the movie before I talk to him. The movie starts. Someone in the movie says something about hands and shoulders (all my dreams are in swedish) and a woman in the audience repeats the sentence as if the sentence had wrong gramatics in it. I repeat the sentence in my head but decides that the sentence was right. After a while the move comes out of the screen and I see it right in front of me. There is a dirt pile and some insects fighting each other. I wonder when it is going to end so I can meet with the master. I interact with the dirt pile and move an insect. There is a dog and a child too. I feel as the dream fades...

    Updated 07-04-2020 at 10:02 AM by JakeMcDake

    lucid , false awakening


    by JakeMcDake on 07-01-2020 at 01:56 PM

    I remembered much more when I woke up but ended up doing other things. Now I just remember this.

    I'm with some people that are friendly. There is water and there is a leader telling us we have two different options. I chose the one that includes swimming so I jump into the water and start swimming.

    Notes: I remember the feeling of jumping into the water. I swam in the sea with my cousins some days ago, that's why I dreamt this.