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    I had some lucid dreams when I was about 10 years but didn't know the name of it. Now I want to master lucid dreaming. I play the guitar and the flute, do circus and go in school. I love the nature.
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    I was interested in reading other people's dream journals and learning how to improve my lucid dreaming. So I just searched "lucid dream forum" and found this website.


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    1. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by aussiemusician On thread : G'day
      Hello. well, G'day. Am from a country in the southern hemisphere known as Australia. Anyone heard of it? well, i was on another dream forum, but it crashed some time ago. so, i have joined...
      Liked On: 05-10-2021, 03:20 PM
    2. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by Malvasya On thread : Cognitive Science - Inspiration
      Dear Onironauts, I have always been fascinated by Lucid Dreams and I´m glad to join the community. I study Psychology and in two weeks I will hold a presentation about Lucid Dreams (main...
      Liked On: 05-06-2021, 01:31 PM
    3. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked blog post by DarkestDarkness On : cclxiv. Da Vinci's x-ray crystal, Helping mom by cleaning some dusty ruins
      5th May 2021 ~9:20 Fragment: A(D) messages me on Steam. Something about his birthday? Think he feels lonely but he doesn't mention it. Dream: Some dream where I'm walking with H along a...
      Liked On: 05-06-2021, 01:02 PM
    4. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked blog post by DarkestDarkness On : cclxii. Windshield view, Chocolate factory theme park
      30th April 2021 Fragment: Seeing from outside the windshield (in front) of a jeep that dad and L are in. Dad is driving? There's a kid at the middle of the back seats. In the dream, something...
      Liked On: 05-06-2021, 01:01 PM
    5. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by Koi On thread : Our lady Koi
      Hi everyone, I'm joining up cuz I like to lucid dream ect. and wanted to chat about it. Uhm I get lucid probably once a week at most right now. I look forward to meeting y'all. -Moi Koi
      Liked On: 04-29-2021, 07:36 AM
    6. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by DaffodilSum6788 On thread : Luckas' Introduction
      Hello, everybody! My name is Luckas, and it's been quite a while since I've made an account here, but today I've decided to actually start posting here. I started to have an interest in lucid...
      Liked On: 04-26-2021, 07:07 AM
    7. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by OddestAnimal On thread : Excited to explore the world of dreams!
      Hello I’m a 23 year old man who has been fascinated with my dreams since I was a boy. I had reoccurring nightmares as a kid and credit a lot of my vivid imagination to dreams and ideas I had as a...
      Liked On: 04-25-2021, 08:37 AM
    8. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked blog post by IndigoRose On : 4 April - Exploring a mysterious research facility
      comment lucid non-lucid VILD during a late WBTW. Visualizing something about an old woman who would teach me visualization. I think she is my dream guide because it was my subconscious filling...
      Liked On: 04-24-2021, 09:40 AM
    9. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by IndigoRose On thread : Greetings from IndigoRose
      Hi! I am happy to be here. I used to be a lucid dreamer as a kid and as a teenager. I experimented with dream control as a kid (I remember thinking if it is possible to change something in dreams...
      Liked On: 04-22-2021, 01:49 PM
    10. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by emmadragon On thread : long time lucid
      Hi there! call me flesh, or whatever name you think up! i taught myself to lucid dream from a very young age. i do so naturally now thought im a bit out of practice in the control area. i saw these...
      Liked On: 04-19-2021, 04:27 PM
    11. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked blog post by MoonageDaydream On : Lucid: Light Girl Fails to Find the Training Facility (Task 3 Fail)
      Nap 4/11/21 (Natural): I'm visiting the library with my dad on a long road trip. When I go in, I need to use specific machine (don't remember why), but my dad or some man is using that area...
      Liked On: 04-11-2021, 09:03 PM
    12. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked blog post by DarkestDarkness On : ccxlviii. Space crash and bounce
      10th April 2021 Fragment: I'm in space, in a ship. It feels like a mix of Elite, Rebel Galaxy and Starpoint Gemini. Space is mostly realistic though, black with stars, no fancy nebulae or...
      Liked On: 04-10-2021, 01:45 PM
    13. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by Melli On thread : Introduction of Melli
      Hello! The screen name I usually go by is Melli. I've been interested in lucid dreaming for a while, and had a bit of an experience recently with one. I'm an Iraqi-American; I'm of Iraqi...
      Liked On: 04-07-2021, 10:34 AM
    14. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked blog post by MoonageDaydream On : WILDs: Funny Dog, Meemaw's Advice, the Spring-fed River
      Had a few WILDs last night. 1. As I was falling asleep on my side (I usually sleep on my back), it felt like a cat was running over my body. I thought it was real but realized suddenly that I had...
      Liked On: 03-29-2021, 10:49 AM
    15. JakeMcDake
      JakeMcDake liked post by MoonageDaydream On thread : Share your dream from last night in one sentence
      A group of sloths were trying to get into my house, and I very assertively refused their entrance and shut the garage door. [Not allowing myself to be lazy?]
      Liked On: 03-23-2021, 10:34 PM
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    Face changer, crocodiles. Fast car. Visualizing dreams.

    by JakeMcDake on Yesterday at 04:20 PM
    I just woke up in the night and visualize a landscape. I'm in the landscape I visualized (I can't remember how sudden I got into the landscape) and talk to a girl in a chair. We are doing the homework together. Three guys start to pick on us and push the girl down to the ground. I'm not defending her at first but later on I hit one of them. They become angry and easily win over me. After a while they start to pretend to lose and jump back when I hit them as if I was really strong. They run away and I walk to the next room. There is a crocodile in a water pit and I look down on it. It starts to climb to me and I have a big wooden staff to defend myself with. I try to poke it away but my arms won't do as I tell them to. I try to run away but I can't. The crocodile eats me. After some time I walk to the next room. I sit on a chair and look at a person in front of me. I have the power to change his looks and move his eyes apart. He looks pretty weird now. He starts to look like a new person.

    I just woke up in the night and think about the last night were my visualization worked. I visualize a car from the driver perspective, seeing the feet of the driver pushing the gas. I'm in the dream and I'm sitting in the front seat next to the driver to the left. It's my cousin C. First off she's driving in 70 km/h but raises to over 140 km/h. It's going really fast and there is a bump which makes it so that I fly to the sky and fall down really fast (semi lucid here). The car crashes and I land next to the car. C and I run up a hill to the forest. There is another car driving and we jump into the front seat as her mother drives.

    Notes: The day before I thought about how a dream would not be able to adjust the speed to the speedometer but it felt really real in that dream. We slept in their house that night.

    Clown attack. Airship

    by JakeMcDake on 05-07-2021 at 03:39 PM
    I become semi lucid and fly from home. As I fly past the windows I imagine how a person might grab me as it had happened before at that location in a dream. As I reach the next street I do something mean against a clown. The clown brings backup and I am pinned to the ground. I try to wake up by logging out like in a VR-game but the clowns suddenly become friendly and let me go.

    I'm at an airship with Dennis. He is very prominent and talks a lot. There are some emotions in the dream and I have a lot of respect for him in the dream.

    Skiing, massage, sister's friend.

    by JakeMcDake on 05-06-2021 at 01:09 PM
    I'm on a snowy mountain with Isak. We are skiing and I do a 360 down a steep slope that seemed dangerous at first. I overdo the 360 and land on the side and lose my balance and have to stop.

    I'm by a house and there is a jacuzzi with some naked people walking into it. I am doing massage on their shoulders.

    Notes: I'm getting massage this week.

    I'm home and looking into the storehouse upstairs. My sister's room is there and she is hanging out with Helena and they talk by the bed.

    Something about a big list with different things I have to do.

    Notes: I have pretty much school right now.

    Crying out to the sky who takes me, telling random jokes to DC:s, town visit, scary old ladies.

    by JakeMcDake on 05-03-2021 at 06:44 AM
    I'm in the guest room downstairs with mom. I realize it is a dream and walk out. I look up at the sky and scream out "sky, take me with you!". Gravity is turned upside down for me and I accelerate towards the sky. There is a thick layer of clouds and gravity is centered by the layer. That makes it so that I first go upwards over the sky but slowly turn down to it again. When I hit the clouds on the way down I notice that the clouds have changed location and are right above the ground by my home. That makes it so that it is very foggy. I climb the gate and it is bigger than in reality. When I'm on top I fly away to town. I walk on the street and try to remember what I wanted to do in the dream. It's frustrating because I can't remember. I think about how I can ask my dream characters a joke. But since they are my unconsciousness they would know the answer if I told them a joke I knew the answer to. That's why I ask them a joke I don't know the answer to. "How did the cow and the wheat meat?", I ask a man. He seems confused and I tell him that I tell him the joke because he is a part of my mind. There are now three DC:s and they seem to accept that truth. I keep on walking and see a girl in my age. She is very prominent and start to talk with me. She is self independent and do as she likes. She is a bit shorter than me and we start to walk home to me. We talk a lot. When we come home we meet my cat Isa. The girl talks about a dog. After some time I leave home and fly away. As I fly over the gate gravity is changed again and I reach the clouds. I fall to the ground fast after I have touched the clouds. I remember that it was a long time since I opened a window to enter a new dream scene. I fly to a window that is transparent. I smash the window with my fist and succeed. I try to open the window but I'm not able to. A boy is inside and I ask him if he can take the key and open. He doesn't want to at first but as I struggle to come inside he says that he can fix it. He opens the window and I climb in. There is a big table and four old ladies enter. They ask me if I want to join them in dinner. I say okay and sit down by the table. They lay the table with tacos but they only have cucumber, tomatoes and corn which I find kind of dull. I start to eat and the flavor is mostly of cucumber. The lady next to me asks me if I can visit them again in a hostile tone. She reminds me a lot of my physics teacher now. I tell her that I can't because I'm only visiting this dream and won't be able to return. She pushes me harder and asks me if I don't want to visit them again. I stand up for myself and tell her that I don' want too. During the conversation she stood up from the chair and I had to back up as she came closer to me. I run for the window and try to fly out. She grabs me by the legs and holds me so that I hang from the window. She starts to swing me and tries to swing me back to their flat. As she is just to throw me in the dream becomes black.

    Notes: I really have to train how to retain my memories from reality in the dream. A recurrent theme through my dreams are evil old ladies, I wonder why.

    Updated 05-03-2021 at 06:46 AM by JakeMcDake


    Apologizing for criminal company.

    by JakeMcDake on 04-30-2021 at 07:32 AM
    I'm walking into a big store of some kind. The boss is in the front and one of his workers is holding in a pillow. He hits someone we walk by with the pillow and the person faints. We walk to the cashier, an old man with white hair, and the worker hits him with the pillow too. The cashier falls to the floor and his wife (?), an elderly woman with gray hair, comes running and takes care of him. The two evil persons leave and I'm left with the woman and unconscious man. I ask the woman if there is anything I can do in order to repay for what my boss did. At first it seems as she doesn't have any work to give me and I am relieved but she finds something I can do after a while. She gives me a scraping tool and show me the walls. They look pretty old and have a lot of dry white paint shattered over them. I take the scrape and try to remove the paint but it is stuck. I inspect the wall and notice that it is made out of 8 cm wide wood planks. The woman is inspecting me and gives me some piece of advide. Suddenly it goes a lot better and I'm able to remove a lot of paint fast. She is grateful.

    Notes: This was the same work I did on our other house the summer last year.

    Updated 05-01-2021 at 10:37 AM by JakeMcDake