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    1. Lucid, looking for the master no. 2 and feeding birds

      by , 07-03-2020 at 09:20 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm next to the corner to the main street next to my house. I realize it's a dream and remember my goal about finding an avatar bending master that can teach me how to always be able to do all kinds of bending in my dreams. I see a weird person in front of me and scream out. "You are the mastere, teach me!". I don't get a clear answer and I try to summon some fire. I succed but it's only a very small fire in my hand. I remember it was a very long lucid, or it was two different dreams. In this next part I was also lucid.

      I'm flying and suddenly I'm next to my house. I see that it's a nice looking sky and decide to just take a good seat and spectate this amazing view. I fly up on my roof and find a perfect position where I see the sun glowing really cool. It's all beautiful and suddenly three doves come flying. I decide to feed them. I fly next to them and they first fly away but when I take the seeds they fly into my hands. It's a good feeling as I feel the birds against my hands.

      Notes: I know there was so much more to the dreams but I don't remember. I love birds and they are one of my dream signs.
    2. Lucid, looking for the master

      by , 07-02-2020 at 08:36 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a city and I get lucid. I remember my goal about bending different elements and try to summon a fire but nothing happens. I remember my goal about meeting the bending master and decide to meet with the master. I scream out loud. "Master! Master!", but no one comes. I fly over the waters to an island and meet a group of people. I ask them where I can find the master of bending. They tell me to go back the way I came from. I fly to where I came from and think about how the trip to where I came from is different from when I fly the same way back. My vision is getting darker and I recognize this feeling. I'm going to wake up in my bed. It's all black and I feel my bed against my skin. I do a RC and know it's still a dream. My vision is black for a while and I walk against the window to fly out. The floor on the streets are gone. It's just white void there. I fly over a house and experience some special experiences. It's like I fly upside down and I'm not the one in control. The void is beautiful and I just hang with the dream. I remember my goal about meeting with the master again and start to fly to where I was going before. The flying is going pretty slowly and I try to speed it up pretty often, but it doesn't work. I finally come to the right place and I see a castle. I meet up with Klaus there and he greets me and says. "Ahh, you have come here to forfill your goal!" with his typical way of talking when he is to tell a joke that he thinks is funny. I say yes and ask him where the master is. He points into the castle but it is divided into three parts so I have to ask which part I shall go into. He says the one to the right. I enter it and I suddenly only have my dad's white underwear on me. I think to myself that this is a castle and I need better clothes if I want to meet with the prince. Some people with fancy suits comes up. I punch one really hard in order to take his clothes. I am disappointed over myself because I used violence against my DC and decide to just walk into the next room with only my underwear on me. I walked pretty quickly because there were people who saw me when I hit the man. There is a biograph and the prince of Sweden is the one hosting it. There are brown blankets on each chair and I take one to cover myself with. The prince says something and he is the master I've been looking for. I decide to watch the movie before I talk to him. The movie starts. Someone in the movie says something about hands and shoulders (all my dreams are in swedish) and a woman in the audience repeats the sentence as if the sentence had wrong gramatics in it. I repeat the sentence in my head but decides that the sentence was right. After a while the move comes out of the screen and I see it right in front of me. There is a dirt pile and some insects fighting each other. I wonder when it is going to end so I can meet with the master. I interact with the dirt pile and move an insect. There is a dog and a child too. I feel as the dream fades...

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    3. Headless monster and Harry Potter

      by , 06-30-2020 at 04:17 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in my house on the upper floor and chasing small monsters that are going to kill us. I have a laser pointer and using it to glow under beds in order to kill the small monsters. I communicate with the other persons in the room and looking if they find anything. I'm now on the lower floor and I'm hearing things upstairs, I know it's a monster. I know it's a dream but it's only semi lucid. I test out what weapons I can use against the monster upstairs. I shoot some blue energy balls and think it will do. I fly up the stairs to my sister's room. There are two people and a monster there! I think to myself that my superpowers won't work against the monster. I use my superpowers to shoot him with some blue energy balls but it has no effect. I use my other superpower and shoots yellow beams to cut his head off. It works and his head goes off. He still talks and reattaches his head. I use my yellow beams again and use my telekenisis to put the head on the cealing. I say something to the two people in the room about the head. There is going to be a council about how to punish this monster that can't die. I lose myself into the dream story. I walk outside the room by the toilet and there are a lot of Harry Potter characters there. I see Malory. There are three different groups there. All the Huffelpuff members, Slitherin members and Gryffindor members (rip Ravenclaw. They were excluded from my dream). I know I'm Harry Potter now and I'm a member of Gryffindor. I get to choose one more time which household I should join. I say I want to join Slytherin even tough Malfoy is my enemy. I regret my decision immediately. I hover over the ground with my back just hanging and my arms hanging too. I hover with my head held down and I'm really depressed.

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    4. Mind reading

      by , 06-26-2020 at 09:43 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      It's dark. Suddenly my brother's thoughts are coming to me. I know it's a dream but I don't have the power to act because it's all dark.

      Notes: I had more dreams but they ended up forgotten because I did some work and ate breakfast before I wrote in my DJ.
      Tags: mind reading
    5. Hurting myself and denying it's a dream

      by , 06-25-2020 at 08:38 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      Me and my sister have inherited a lot of money and building material. We walk outside our house and we see all these building material. It's actually just some big paper rolls with paper inside. I open a paper roll and take some things with me in. Two strangers on the street look suspiciously on me because they think I'm a thief and I'm stealing from the house's owner. I tell them that I live here and they become calm. I walk inside and we notice that all the money is gone. We just have the building material left. We decide to build something and sell it so we get our money back. I see a broken pogo stick and try to jump it. It doesn't work so I decide to fix it. I don't know how to do so I ask my dad. He shows me how to remove some parts and shows me that it was the spring that was old and had lost its elasticity. We remove the old spring and look in a box full of different kinds of springs. There are many different sizes and forms. I pick one I think would suit but dad says it's the wrong shape. He picks a very thick and short spring that I don't think will ever work. I take it and it doesn't work. Instead my dad takes it and makes a basket for basketball.

      I'm telling Madeleine that I'm sorry and that William really is the best outside a big house. (I cry when I say William's name)

      I think it's a dream and do a RC. Cool, it's a dream. I try to summon a fire in my hand but it doesn't work. I walk outside and run to finally jump and try to fly. When I jump I just fall on the asphalt and do a kind of sideways somersault to not hurt myself too much. It still hurts. I think that it isn't a dream anymore and think to myself that I'm going mad because I can't distinguish reality from the dreaming world. I also think that I'm going to hurt myself more badly next time when I try to jump from a building to fly maybe.

      I became lucid in another dream but only remember this. I'm stabilizing the dream and it feels more real than in most cases as I rub my hands together and on my cheeks. I fly and it's not going that well.

      Notes: It was so hot in my room and I kept on moving in my sleep, waking up from different vague dreams all the time. One of Madeleine's closest friends just died, that's why I dreamt about saying I'm sorry to her. This isn't from this DJ entry but for some time ago I dreamt about Gabriel and that he was in trouble so yesterday I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me. This is the first time I have taken help from a dream directly in real life. I have let my dreams guide my real life, that's pretty cool I think. We are going to play some table tennis and take a bath I think.

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    6. My new way of flying is amazing! Super fast acceleration.

      by , 06-23-2020 at 11:08 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      Just read the red text if you want to read about my new flying technique.

      I'm playing football on my old school's football field. I'm the goalkeeper. I'm playing and running up with the ball even tough I'm the goalkeeper. There is a corner-kick and I grab the ball directly. There is another corner and when I try to kick the ball away it doesn't go far away at all, about 5 meters. One of my teammates kicks the ball far away.

      Me and my team are playing basketball against a colored team. I'm the goalkeeper and we have a small football goal instead of a basket. Each time I get the ball I try to throw it directly into the other team's basket from our goal. Every time I throw the ball, it would hit the basket if I threw twice as hard (the ball is in the right direction). I run up with the ball alone and try to dribble them and succeed with some of the dribbles. When I throw the ball it's disappointing. I can't throw hard enough, even if I try to with all my strength it won't reach their basket. I have a grudge against one of the other team's player. In the last part of the match the other team kicks the basketball and it goes really fast into our goal. I think they should not kick the basketball.

      I wake up in my parents' bed and think about whether this is a dream or not. I pinch my nose and try to breath in. I manage to breath in but I have all this mucus in my nose so I blame the mucus that I'm able to breath in. I try to pinch my finger through my palm but it doesn't work. I try to fly a little bit but it doesn't work. I walk to the garden and my older sister and Therese are there. There are many flowers in different shapes and colors, I remember the color pink mostly. Therese says that flowers can be created by humans and that every human got their own color. The color the human owns determines the color of the flowers that the human can create. Me and my older sister says to Therese that humans can't create flowers and she agrees with us. I go to the kitchen and cook some hamburgers. The person I disliked from the basket comes into the kitchen but in another human shape. Now he's blonde and good looking instead of dark colored and afro hair. I start to wrestle him and sit on his leg in a way that it hurts much. He resists me and we stop. I look on the hamburgers and there is only one hamburger in the frying pan. There are two more hamburgers next to the frying pan on some paper. I'm about to put them on when the blonde suddenly throws the hamburger in the frying pan onto the ceiling. My dad is in the other room and I tell him about the blonde who ruined our dinner. Dad says that it's my own fault. I go away and think to myself. "This would never happen in real life!". I realize this would never happen in real life and that it's a dream. I go outside and fly out of the gate. I always have to jump a little bit so I get power to start flying. I fly over a city I have never been in before. I remember my goal about creating fire in my hands. I hold my hands in front of me as I fly and do a quick hand motion and expect there to be fire. There are bright orange flames over my fingers and I'm excited that it worked so well. I feel my speed increase as I have fire over me. I'm on the ground again. I think about combining my flying power and fire power. The results are astounding. As told before, I always have to jump or fall from a tall place to get the power to fly and it goes really slow when I start flying. This time I took some power from the ground and jumped as I called the flames. I burst into the air with incredible speed! I'm so happy and think about what more elements I could use to increase my powers. I think about water and try to call water as I accelerate some more. There is a water wave splashing around me as I call the water and get increased flight speed. There are water over my fingers and I become a different person. There is a big fire monster by a burning building by the water. I become a giant woman (not intentionally) that is made out of water and extinguish the fire monster and the flames. Suddenly I become another giant person and I'm holding the water woman in my arms and I think she is cute. I think to myself: "How could anyone ever want this moment to disappear". I just hold her for a while and then I decide that this moment has come to an end. I become the water woman again (not intentionally) and decided to transform to my normal form again. The view changes to third person from 50 meters away and I become a giant naked woman with some water goggles on instead. The dream fades slowly and I come to my human body. I feel how relaxed my body is and I try to reenter the dream but realize I'm not sleepy.

      Notes: Two days ago I watched a series about football. That's why I dreamt about football. Yesterday I heard someone say that everyone has a natural color to their hair. That's why I dreamt the flower part.

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    7. Interview with my DC Ri

      by , 06-21-2020 at 09:05 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a really big space with different areas. One area only has lava, one area has stones and there are some more. I try to dive into the lava but it hurts. I equip some kind of lava resistant vest and dive again. I dive far into the lava and there are different layers of lava.

      I'm by my old school. I see some birds and some small dirt piles. There are worms in the dirt piles and one of the birds eat a worm. I wonder why they don't eat more worms because there are so many of them. A bird fly away and I fly after it. I become semi lucid here. I think about my post on dreamviews where I wrote about how I sometimes try to rule my dreams when I actually need to be guided. I think this is an excellent way of being guided by my dream. I just keep on flying behind the bird. I also think about how to improve my flying. The bird stops by a pillar on a roof and I stop too. I follow another bird and manages to catch it with my hands. I stop my flying powers and just fall to the ground with the bird in my hand. I grab a lamp-post to dampen the hit with the ground in the last second. I think the bird is scared because of the drop from the sky. There is a girl about 13 years old. I grab her and try to fly. To my surprise it's easy even tough she is heavy. She doesn't like being flewn away with so I go back to the ground and drop her off. Her mother is now there and I ask the two of them if they want to fly with me. They agree so we fly over the school. I remember my interview goal and I ask the mother what her name is. I think she said Marie but I'm not sure so I ask her if she said Marie. She says that she said Ri, not Marie. I'm relieved because I thought she was going to take the identity of my mother Marie. I ask her what her favorite color is and she says yellow. I ask her what her lucky number is and she says Schinski with a polish accent. I'm disappointed because that's a part of my last name and it's not even a number. The dream fades.

      Notes: I would like to ask her more questions. I wonder if I can see her in another dream. I can't remember her face so I'm not sure. I remember the girl's face but not the mother's. Here is the interview in a more simple format:

      Gender: Woman
      Name: Ri
      Favorite color: yellow
      Lucky number: Schinski
    8. False awakening...

      by , 06-20-2020 at 11:55 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a farm and I know it's a dream. I fly over the trees and look at the red barn. I remember I wanted to meet up with and create a permanent DC. I thought of a new experiment. I have a distinct favorite color and some lucky numbers I always go with. I would like to have an interview with a DC in my dream and ask him or her what his or her favorite colour is, what their lucky number is and try to memorise their face as well as I can. When I wake up I want to make a painting of the DC's face, write down the name of the DC, her or his favorite color and lucky number. I also would want to create some notes about what I think about the DC and what he or she likes to do. By doing this I will create a deeper connection with the DC and much more easily create a permanent DC. I wake up in a bed and there are Diego and some other people. We play a game and Diego wants us to pray.
    9. Marriage

      by , 06-15-2020 at 10:52 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm outside and realize it's a dream. I decide to fly and instead of having my arms pointing foreward like superman does I have my hands following along my sides. There is a girl flying in front of me. I try to catch up to her. Every time I try to fly faster it's like I accelerate for three seconds then stop accelerating. I have to accelerate three times before I'm faster than her and catch up. My flying has become really good I think to myself. I fly for the rest of the dream

      I am walking by the streets. Suddenly a car pulls up by me and a girl in my age calls me in. She has orange hair and some freckles. I think she is cute. She asks me if I recognize her and I say I don't. She tells me about a time when I saw her and now I did remember. I had seen her once before in my dreams. We decide to marry and we drive to a beach. As she drives I think to myself that I finally have a permanent DC. I was half lucid because apparently I knew she was a DC but I didn't acknowledge that I could fly or do anything else.I'm by a beach with some strangers. The sand is wet and I have trouble walking in it.

      I'm walking inside an Asian big house. There are many doors and I have a companion with me. I walk into one door and there are some Asian girls a little bit younger than me sleeping there in different beds. Some beds were bunk beds. I kiss the girl in front of me on the forehead and she wakes up and says she doesn't want a relationship with me. I know she has an evil dad that doesn't let her have relationships with other people. I say that to her but she doesn't listen. She calls the guards so I try to open the window to fly out. As I fly outside I find myself outside the chapel.

      Possible recurring elements: Girls with dads that are bad guys, cars, marriage, beaches, china, the chapel.

      Notes: I dreamt about a girl with an evil dad yesterday. Maybe it's because my aunt talked about small girls that are married away when they are twelve years old yesterday. My aunt and my mom talked about marriages yesterday and how their marriages was. That's why I dreamt about marrying a girl. I am about to train for a driving license and that's why she drove a car to me. My friend made a parody about japanese anime and that's maybe why I dreamt about Asia.
    10. Dream goal completed! Summon a fire in your hand

      by , 06-14-2020 at 08:21 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I go to bed 03.20 and I'm really tired. I fall asleep really fast and my vision is black. I know I'm walking out to my bathroom but it's all black. I try to do my RC but I think my body is still in my bed. Suddenly I'm in the TV-room and I'm about to walk out. I look at my fingers and they are a little bit too small. I try to pinch my finger through my other hand but it doesn't work. I think about what I want to do in my dream. I decide to improve my flying since it didn't work that well in my last lucid dream. I fly pretty good but as I increase my speed I just fly up in the sky and fall backwards when I'm flying right upwards. I walk to the boats and I see a girl and I greet her. She is sad and I'm asking her if I can assist her. She tells me her dad is being bad against her. I decide to make her happier so I go to her dad's home. As I walk to her dad's home I see some kids. I remember my goal about summoning a fire in my hand. I show the kids my hands and close them together. I expect there to be a fire in my hands and I feel a nice warmth in my hands and I see some glow from them. As I open up my hands there are small blue and purple flames over my fingers. They extinguish after some seconds. The children are amazed. I finally reaches her dad's house and he sends his bodyguards against me and I fly out as he does. I fly over the water but can't control the flying so I fall into the water. I breathe and the air in the water is fresh. I try to swim as fast as I can but the bodyguards are catching up to me under the water.
    11. I can't do anything cool in my lucid dream

      by , 06-06-2020 at 09:56 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm sleeping in a bed and there are two other people in the bed. I have just waken up and I'm trying to take the quilt all for myself. I decide to go up from bed and my sister comes into the room. She has some white shirt on her and she's holding something. One of the persons in the bed says that her white shirt amplifies her powers so that she can make us sleepy. She activates her powers and I become really dizzy. I manage to escape the room and I'm suddenly outside. I'm supposed to go to school for PE but I find it odd because I know it's summer vacation. I keep on walking and I meet up with my friend Gabriel. We are talking and he apparently has some money problems. His mother owes 1000 dollars to the rent man. I offer him help because I have money but he says that he doesn't need my help and gets a little bit offended. We talk some more and he apologizes because he was rude when I offered him money. I go to school and suddenly I'm in a church. I talk with my schoolmates and wonder why we have school in a church even though it's vacation. They can't give me a straight answer and that's when I realize it's a dream. I walk to the exit and I see my dad talking with two persons. I walk past them and go outside. I remember that I have been wanting to summon a fire in my hand and I'm trying to. It doesn't work so I decide to fly instead. I run and jump into the air but fall into the bushes. This dream is not cooperating with me. I walk and see Pia. She laughs and I walk past her. The dream fades rapidly and I wake up.

      I'm really angry with my dad and we are arguing.

      I'm in a wood workshop and doing a mini hammer with another person. We have a leader that is guiding us. I am about grind the tool I'm making and suddenly there is a book that is shifting pages and the pictures in the book are moving. I see a man in the book and I ask our leader if that is the master of the dark side. She is shocked and tells me that I'm a fool. I see my face in the book and I have a bird mask on me. I realize it's a dream and I walk to the window. I climb it in order to jump out and fly. Just as I am to jump I wake up because my mother knocks on the window to my room.

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    12. Teleportation madness, where will I come? (And Yoda)

      by , 05-31-2020 at 06:44 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I've been using some longer mantras lately and thought about how much the mantra actually does. I change it to a more simple mantra, "It's a dream, pinch your nose". I had two lucid dreams tonight so I guess it worked. I have been trying out the "summon a mirror and teleport through it skill" and I tried it out several times this night.

      I'm in our summer place on the upper floor. I think about flying out the window but I sense that the dream is not stable and I think that I will wake up if I do anything crazy right away. I walk down the stairs instead and say to myself "this is a dream". I walk out through the door and try to summon a mirror in front of me. I say "take me to the place I want to go to". As the mirror rises from the ground and I start to see what is in it I am not satisfied. There are several worms that look disgusting in the mirror. I don't enter the mirror and keep on walking to the waters instead.

      I'm walking outside our house and wonder if this is a dream, I think about it and don't find any reason why I would be walking the street outside my house. I do my RC and realize it's a dream. I summon a mirror and don't give the teleportation any directions. I walk in... I don't remember more but I think this next part is the same dream.

      I'm walking the streets in a medieval town. I start to walk behind someone and I think to myself that I should not walk so close to a stranger because they might think I am trying to kill them. I slow down and walk at a distance from the person in front of me. He pulls out a flintlock pistol with a long pipe and shoot on me. He misses and I run away. I have a long adventure and my friend Albin is next to me. We run all over the place. I don't remember what we run from and I come to a white room with people in it. I grow bored and realize it's a dream. I try to summon a mirror in front of me without giving it directions. The mirror rises from the ground and I start to see something through the mirror. I walk in and see all these trampolines but they are all a part of the ground. There are people I know there. I have read a post about someone who talked about being nice to your DCs so I start to say hi to those I know the name of. It's a little bit awkward when I don't know the name of a person. I come to the last trampoline and the people on it act as if I have jumped with them before. There are beartraps on the trampoline and they play a game where you are supposed to avoid the beartraps. They invite me to play with them but I don't want to. They want to show me a new game they have made. I stay a little bit longer as they show me. All the people are supposed to jump except one. The last one rams the trampoline from the side and those on the trampoline are supposed to avoid the beartraps as they move when the trampoline is rammed. I grow tired of this place and try to summon a mirror without directions. A mirror rises from the ground and there are weird patterns on it. Mostly black and white. My reflection is shown when I move my hand up close the mirror. I try to enter it but it won't let me. I think about how I can use another medium as a teleportation tool. I look along the wall next to me and see a starwars poster. Almost like an instinct I go to the poster and open it up from below. When I open it up it's black on the other side. I enter and as I do there are space ships flying past me. I fly and try to come to the space ships. I succeed and I am faster than the space ships. It's a feeling of freedom. (I just shivered when I thought of the feeling because it was really nice.)There are two space fleets. The "good guys" and the "bad guys". I notice who are the bad guys because they have a big ship and the good guys have many small ships instead. I fly really fast to the big ship. I come to it and stop. The other ships fly past me and I wait some time. When the ships are far ahead of me I fly as fast as I can to race with them. I fly a while and I'm not sure if I am able to win anymore. I get some extra speed and pull it of. I come past them and there is a planet ahead. I fly and accidentally crash with another small ship. I see the small ship crash landing and when I have a closer look on the crashing ship I see that Yoda is holding on to the falling ship on the outside of the ship. It looks as if he is having a hard time holding on to it. I think Anakin is in the inside of the crashing ship. I am suddenly in a ship and I am about to crash in the water. In the last second I am able to steer the ship up and as I do the ship touches the water. (This is in third person and I lose my lucidity around here) I fly some time and suddenly it is a video game. I hear my little brother's voice. He is asking William for tips how to clean up his base in the best way. My view is like a screen and I see that it is my little brother who plays because I hear his voice as he makes his decisions. William gives my brother some advice and they sound to be smart. The game is a blend between two games. Starcraft 2 and a "tidy up your home game". My brother is preparing his base for an attack and tidying away some litter on the ground from his base. The enemy comes and my brother manages to survive with only defensive structures.

      Possible recurring elements: Summer place, worms, walking outside my house, Albin, old classmates.

      Notes: It's soon summer vacation and my dreams are affected. That's why I dreamt about being in our summerplace. It's to bad that the first strategy didn't work. "Take me to the place I want to go to". I had nothing in mind and wanted the dream to surprise me. I wanted the dream to give me an answer to what I wanted to do in my dream. I have been walking close to my house a lot in the past nights. I think I dreamt about the medieval town because my brother played Assassin's Creed some months ago. The gun the man tried to shoot me with reminded me of Assassin's Creed anyways. I dreamed about the trampolines because our summerplace has a trampoline. I only remember Oliver from my last class in the trampolines. The beartraps comes from a game I play with my little brother, it's called Dead by Daylight. The flying was one of my best ones ever. I had almost no restrictions and went on full speed with full control. My cousin William had a Starwars marathon with some of his friends and I dreamt about Starwars because of that. Now after the dream I realize that the big ship that was on the "bad guys'" team actually was the good guys' ship in Starcraft 2. I dreamt about Yoda because he is a meme that me and David likes. It is natural for me to dream about someone asking William for advice since I think that he is really smart.

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    13. Non lucid lucid dream

      by , 05-28-2020 at 08:44 PM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I used the mantra "I am going to wake up after each dream and remember it". I woke up four times tonight and wrote down my dreams when I woke up each time.

      "I know it's a dream but I feel obliged to help you!" I say to my brother in my room. He says something and I look behind my bed for important papers that are supposed to help me help my brother. I walk to the bathroom. I become more lucid and decide to do some experiments. I look on my fingers and they are almost normal, just a little bit small. I have wondered this week if I have my glasses on in my dreams. I got glasses two years ago and I'm not sure if my brain gives me glasses in my dreams so I check in the mirror. I don't have any glasses and my view gets a bit muddy. My brain understood that I didn't have my glasses and made my view bad. I block my view from the mirror with my hand and excpect the glasses to be on when I move my hand. When I move my hand I have glasses on me. But on the left side the glasses are inside my head. I adjust the glasses but my view gets even worse with the glasses on. I take of the glasses and my view turns back to normal.

      I fly over the city I live in and William appears, I ask him if he is my dream guide. He replies. "I am not your dream guide. dream guides are only for those who have mastered dreaming." I keep on walking. This dream was a little bit lucid but not that much.

      I am with my cousins who all eat cereals. I am the only one who don't eat. Some of them drink milk from baby bottles. Oskar asks me if I can sit next to him and I do. I put my chin to his baby chin and go back to my chair.

      I wake up in the night and test out WILD. I suddenly have my arms in another position and I think I moved them without noticing. But I realize I fell asleep and moved my arms in the sleep. I try to remember if I dreamed and remembered this dream.

      I'm sitting in the kitchen and mom is sitting next to me. There are some cookies on a plate on the table. Mom says that she got them free from her work. We eat them but I don't remembered the taste.

      I'm walking fast to school and see Max B on the way. Our eyes meet when we are about three meters away but I quickly move on. He's talking with his friends and I don't want to interact with them. Max is waiting for the train but I walk to the bus. We have a math assignment and I tell the buss driver about it. He says that he knows exactly how it feels and I feel comforted. The bus is driving to my old school Rosenfeldt.

      Possible recurring elements: My brother and chaos, my house, the city I live in, William, my cousins, school, math

      Notes: I have had the theme of my brother in chaos very much lately. Today I spent time with him. I read a dream journal about someone who had their dad as her dream guide. I also watched a TV episode about a person who is dreaming and talking with his dream guide. That's why I dreamt about dream guides. I am with my cousins very much and it is only natural for me to dream about them. My mom have brought cookies from her job sometimes in the past but not this year at all. I thought I saw Max B yesterday when I got my food from school but it was someone else I didn't know. That's why I dreamt about him. I have had a hard math assignment about proving a math theorem about matrixes and eigenvectors that I worked with a lot yesterday with. I proved it today and I'm so relieved.

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    14. Walk with the trio of old women and teleportation completed!

      by , 05-24-2020 at 08:19 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm in a big room without ends. I am there with William, Rolf, Simon and some other people I can't recall. The floor is bouncy and we have a competition who can make the best flips. There is a pit we compete in and some kind of electronic device who is judging our flips. I am really good and get 0.27 better score than William. Rolf is almost out of his mind talking out loud how someone can be as good as I am. Later on the floor is not as bouncy.

      I walk into my brother's room and it's chaos. His mattress is laying sideways, leaning on the the bed up against the roof. I lay on the bed and realize it's a dream. I walk up to the dinner room and do my RC but I'm not sure if it's a dream so I have to do it three times to be sure. I walk outside and as I do the dream fades. I stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together and against my face. It works. I walk to the sheds and notice that one of them is open. I look in and see a small TV-screen that plays a childrens' movie about birds. It's one of those we had attached to the car when I was small so we could watch on movies on long trips. When I look towards the other side I see a really big, orange field mouse. It's bigger than my hand, but it's not afraid, only curious of me. I suddenly wonder what I should do in the dream and remember my dreaming goals. I try to remember how the dream started but it's really hard. I think it started with me walking into my little brother's room. I don't have any will to fly or anything so I just sit on the ground to meditate. As I sit down the dream fades and I feel my real body little by little. I have never exited a dream to the real life that smoothly.

      I wake up in my room and do my RC. Yes! It's a dream. I go to the window and open it. But as I open the window I suddenly fall to the left side and then to right side. My balance is letting me down. I manage to climb the window. I'm not sure it's a dream anymore and think to myself that I am going to die if I jump out of the window in real life. I do my RC and am now sure that it's a dream. I fly out of the window and decide that I will practice my flying this time. I fly to the left but instead of flying forward I fly up. I can't control my flying. There is another person flying and she is really old. I inspect her and suddenly she flies backwards. I can't control my flying and I also fly backwards, then forward, then backwards etc. It's smooth and I realize I fall like a leaf from a tree. From side to side. The old lady did the same. When we land on the ground I speak with the old woman, asking her if she wants to hang out. She denies. A girl in my age comes and I ask her if she wants to hang out. She says yes, but as she does, the old woman interrupts and says that she wants to hang out with me. I know that she did so because she is jealous of the young woman. I say okey and we walk the city. I get lost in the dreaming story and lose my lucidity As I and the old woman walk there is another old woman. We say hi and ask if she wants to join us. There are now two old women walking next to me. As we walk over the first pedestrian crossing to Hemmakvšll from our house there is another old woman that joins us. The dream suddenly dissapears My dreams usually fade away and I can't recall a single time a dream has ended that abruptly.

      I don't know where the next dream started but I know I was lucid and remembered to test out the teleportation through mirror skill.

      I'm outside my house and I try to summon a mirror. It comes up in an instant and I see my room through the mirror. I jump into the mirror, afraid that I won't come through if I don't use force. It succeeded! I teleportated into my room! I am really happy. I don't remember how the dream ended.

      Possible recurring elements: Freerunning, cousins, my brother and chaos, TV-screens, vermins.

      Notes: I sometimes do flips and I had weekly freerunning practice before. The floor in the first dream almost was like the floor in the practice hall but thinner and didn't sound when you jumped on it. I don't want my dreams to boost my ego by putting DCs who say I am incredible. I feel a little bit stupid and almost like it is I who wants to be acknowledged and that it is why the dream did that. Me and my mom talked about acknowleding other people yesterday. Maybe that is the explanation to the dream, and that freerunning is my most safty bet how to get acknowledged. Wow, I would have never got that insight if I didn't write like this. I now realized that freerunning is the easiest way to get people to say "wow" and get people to notice me. My brother's life is in chaos and I think that his badly cleaned room was a sign of that. I will try to help him fix his life more activly now. I should always start my lucidity with trying to sense if the dream needs stabilization. By doing so I can have longer and more realistic dreams. The field mouse was there because we have recently got rats in our house. Now when I think about it the field mouse standed right next to one of the rat traps on our site. But the rat trap was not in the dream. I wonder why I didn't want to fly in the first lucid dream. I always love to fly in my dreams. I think I dreamt about the old ladies because yesterday Monica and Klaus were here. They talked with me and my parents about old people.

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    15. Why won't my DC talk to me?

      by , 05-22-2020 at 07:54 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)

      I'm not sure when I got lucid but I take one part in a time. Maybe in the wrong order. I think it was several dreams.

      I'm being hunted and I hide in a house with a lot of guitars in it. I look out of the window and the persons I am trying to escape stand there. I know it's a dream but I'm not really 100% lucid. I try to fly out of the window but I'm having troubles. I fly super fast up in the sky but I'm trying to fly forward. The dream fades as the ground gets smaller and smaller

      I try to teleport through a mirror but the mirror is too small and I don't even fit. I look for more larger mirrors but don't find any. The mirrors' reflections of me is slightly off and don't follow my exact movements.

      I'm flying outside my house. I want to get better at flying and stop moving my arms as if I am swimming when I fly. It didn't go so well. I'm next to my door and I see my friend Gabriel walk by the trees against Stumholmen. I have read about people who talk with their DCs in order to talk with their subconscious. I run as fast as I can towards him and asks him why he is in my dream. He ignores me with a smile. It almost feels as if he teases me. I walk to another part and see my older sister. I ask her why she is in my dream, almost jumping her. She doesn't respond either but I don't remember her reaction.

      I'm trying to leap of the ground in order to fly but fail. I just land with my front on the ground.

      Possible recurring elements: Old schoolmates, being hunted.

      Notes: I played a lot of guitar yesterday, that's why I dreamt about guitars. I'm going to make a new lucid goal and try to play on the guitar in a dream and see how it feels. Is it really possible for the dream to make fingermovements accuratly when it can't even make my fingers without misshaping them? This night was so weird. I was lucid but I don't remember the dreams so well. It feels as if every time I have had lucid dreams in the past I remember everything about them when I wake up. This night I woke up and didn't remember I had been lucid at first. If I hadn't laid still and tried to remember my dreams I would have never remembered my lucidity and it wouldn't be counted as a LD. I need to stabilize the dreams more. I read about people who wrote that you have to tell yourself in the dream that your body is in your bed and that this dream body you have can do anything because this isn't reality. I want to test that out too.

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