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    Recent Entries

    Lucid This week

    by livingthedream on 09-27-2015 at 02:23 AM
    Had this LD sometime this week, breaking a 2 week dry spell so will post it now. Just moved back to college and my dreaming has been pretty bad since the start so this was a nice LD to come across

    I beomce lucid in my appartment and see my friends T and Z. I tell them I'm dreaming and put my hands on T's shoulders and tell him were in a dream. I fly out through the window then get stuck and think fuck it, I want to enter sage mode a la Higat. I close my eyes and sit down with the intention but I wake up. Next time i Need to tap into the energy of the dream and the "i can do wahtever i want" feeling that comes with it

    Short WILD

    by livingthedream on 08-31-2015 at 07:00 PM
    I wake up in my bed, and immediately realize I am dreaming. I first notice that I have no arms and try to remember what my arms feel like, and they gradually appear. I walk out of my room with the expectation of opening the door and being in atlantis, the underground city but it leads to the next room in my house...my body is feeling extremely heavy and its very difficult to move. I walk down the stairs thinking if I could just get outside of my house I will be free from this heavy body. I look at my hands to just make sure that I am dreaming and sure enough only 3 fingers on my right hand. I make it down the stairs and open the door to the outside world and am shocked at what I see - my moms car, the honda pilot, is crashed into the side of our house! I wake up soon after and try to chain this lucid but it doesn't work.

    3 Lucids Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday days 7,8,9 of competition

    by livingthedream on 08-28-2015 at 09:40 PM
    The first lucid was interesting. Starrts out with me on a bus talking to my friend and his dad. I'm flipping through my DJ on the bus about to fall asleep, go to bed wake up in my basement and wonder if im dreaming, RC but I have 5 fingers, so I go back to sleep in my dream. I wake up in a new dream and am immediately lucid, I talk to three girls around me asking them to become my teachers, but it doesn;t work and I wake up.

    My next lucid is crazy, I'm at a ski resort and get "beamed" down from the top of the mountain to the bottom via green light. My dad and I pick ourselves up out the snow, and head into a sauna. I realize i'm dreaming. I walk out of this sauna and see a woman, I try to enforce sexy time with her and fly into the air and we have our fun up there, which was quite enjoyable. i see a castle in my peripherals and lose lucidity, and transition into a NLD where I talk to my brother about shared dreams and dream journals so maybe a semi lucid.

    My third lucid was great too. I'm walking down the woods on a path tht leads to the road. I make it to the road and immediately ask the first person who passes me if I can use their camel to hitch a ride, even offering to pay them twenty bucks. They decline, and another group comes through which is more friendly. They say they will "take me" to where I need to go free of charge. I tell the girl who is with me that, "This is what I love about life. Crossing paths and meeting interesting people who are kind and like minded." I follow this girl until we get to a town, and I see a friend from high school who is getting undressed and I go in fro a hug and immediately become lucid. I walk into the bathroom and ask the dream to show me something I need to know, and begin to search for that thing in the dresser drawers in the bathroom, but only find a hair brace. I try to manipulate the air around me by doing hand motions a la avatar aang but instead I end up pushing the steam and water that was in the shower. I walk outside and try to TK the DC's but I make the swiping moiton with my hands and nothing happens. Then I wake up

    Updated 08-30-2015 at 05:21 AM by livingthedream


    Competition Night 2 lucid

    by livingthedream on 08-19-2015 at 10:22 PM
    I'm walking into a bar to see Donald Trump making misogynsitic comments behind Ellen DeGeneres's ear, who herself is in front of a mirror and getting her hair done. I'm in Montreal where I go to college and am wearing a shirt for the company I worked for in Connecticut, a dream character sees my shirt and asks me to go to the package store ( a place in my hometown where my friends and I purchased alcohol). I realize they can't know about about package - we're in Canada! Im dreaming. I immediately the two figures in front of me that I am dreaming. At first they don't believe me, they say "how do you know that this is not a nightmare?" To show him that I'm serious, I make his head change shape (DC manipulation) and with that I attempt to walk outisde, these two characters now my "allies." I am beginning to make my way out of the door when a swarm of characters confront me - literally by the hundred it seemed. I make a motion with my hands as if I am parting the seas and "push" everyone away from me. ( mass telekeneis) I then black out and wake up.

    Short Lucid

    by livingthedream on 08-03-2015 at 09:12 PM
    The first thing I can remember about this dream is that there is heavy rain. My brother and I are in the living room debating who will get the door for the pizza, he rings the doorbell and I think damn, i really need to tip this guy heavy for delivering in the rain! I sign him a $4 tip and then the scen cuts to me driving down the street with my brother. I see my hands and count six fingers and shout I'm dreaming! my body feel heavy and U try to tell my brother I'm dreaming but before I can I wake up.