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    1,000th DREAM!!!

    by Armistice on 07-22-2011 at 04:41 AM
    Last night I hit dream number 1,000! It's taken 1yr 8mos

    Here's my DJ for last night(thousandth dream is noted below) :

    7/21-22. 915. With someone who’s a friend in the dream. Area kind of looks like near the area around the Ruby’s on the Pier in Oside. Sunset? Area seems more compact though. See an expensive yellow car that looks kind of like a Lotus. Called a “Cararo” (made up). Comment on it in the style of Jeremy Clarkson. Someone then gives us a PA speaker? Then on freeways. Lots of construction going on and unfinished walls. Can see rebar sticking out of the concrete

    Dan Fxxxxx is over at our house. He drives me somewhere. Then back home and it’s Kyle’s birthday. I see 2 fire helmets and they’re for me for some reason

    Dave and someone drinking. We’re in some sort of theme park? They’re getting sick from drinking. The one person throws up? Then some people pass and I talk to them?

    FA? I’m in my bed. I get up to clean myself and take a shower using the toilet. Mom and dad are then up and help me. I see academy people in the mirror

    225. At Theresa’s. The cats are waking up
    non-lucid , memorable

    Driving, FA, random mind wandering

    by Armistice on 03-29-2011 at 01:39 AM
    3/27-28. 930. Something about WoW? Then driving at night. Rain? Headlights go off then turn back on. Then looking at stars. Maybe on the 71N before Pine, or on the 15N after Norco

    2ish. FA. Dad wakes me up I think. I look at the clock and it’s 415am, but my alarm is set (4am). Then I’m talking to him while he’s on the couch and he asks, “What did you see after I left?” It had been a dark kind of shadow but passed it off as eye trick, but didn’t say that, didn’t answer. Then I wake up for real

    At some school. I’m in a bed and Cameron from House is there and my mom. Something about some medications reacted and that’s why I got sick. Meds were for stomach pain and something else. Then I’m a super hero and I go to find the Flash. Find him and talk to him. Ask if he could take me back to my class on his back because I was running late. Then it’s a high school in a PE lockers kind of area. Some fire starts and I go grab an extinguisher. Electrical fire and some black girl is trapped in a stall. I walk around the stall and it’s completely open so tell her to come on. Then I’m on the school’s roof. Mr. Hxxxx from middle school PE opens a vent up to let out the smoke. Adam Hxxxxxx is with me and we jump around on the roofs. One of the gaps is too big I think so look for another way. As I finish looking, there is now a hill where the buildings were, hilly and open land, and there’s a ramp I use to get off the roof. I get to my class which is being held outside. I take out my phone and start to turn down the sound. The teacher sees and says, “I hope you’re putting your phone on silent.” “Yes, I am.” “Thanks for being honest.” Then in a Mid East kind of place, sandy and dunes. We’re doing a shot gun project that has to do with mapping out where shotgun shells land. There’s some guy on a piano. Then these raiders come and attack us (hills are green from the area they come from). As the raiders go by, some crawl out of the ground slowly, but very crude looking and jerky. Then I’m watching a MST3K movie and they’re making fun of how horribly the special effect of them coming out of the ground is done. Kind of a theater. Mom, and Kyle(?), there. I have these cards from Joy and Mark Jxxxxxxx so open them and read them
    non-lucid , false awakening

    Chucks, house then shaft then plains

    by Armistice on 03-13-2011 at 12:02 AM
    3/11-12. 1. Looking at Chucks. Dickies store? Selling for $50 (I'm not exactly sure if this was from tonight, but I remembered it when I went to a store that sold shoes today. Could have been from the night before, or 2 days ago [been horrible lately abut writing dreams down right when I wake up])

    In a house and I’m sitting on the floor, beige. Dad and I then walk around the house, like it’s a tour. It’s Gma V’s house. I’m wearing an SCBA mask for some reason, purge the bypass. There’s quite a bit of remodeling work being done. Lots of art, glasswork, and pictures around and on the being of being clutter, like a mansion. Then there’s stuff that’s broken or stolen. Gma knows who it is. I examine a broken glass piece. Outside and see some windows broken out, 2 story house. Then I’m lying on my stomach and there’s a super deep hole in the ground and other people are stuck on ledges. I’m a little uncomfy on that edge so scoot back a little. Christopher Loyd (Doc from Back to the Future) falls. We start to turn off the lighting for some reason. We get a system of 2x4’s set up and they’re placed in a certain order and they help pull up the people trapped. It’s my job to put the boards in the correct spot (I have had this dream before about the mine shaft, Doc falling in, and the board system). Then Herman Munster (from The Munsters) is helping us out. Then we’re on some plains, looks like Stonefield from Rift, and there’re these pins I have to stick in the ground to keep monsters away. I’m examining the tag and pin because the pin goes into the center of the tag, but looks like it barely stays on and could come off easily. Then the pin and tag have turned into the guy from Inglourious Basterds, the one that says, “How fun!” He’s in a tank and is stiff like an action figure, the tag is his base, like a plastic Army man. He’s kind of yelling at his tank crew about something

    Updated 03-13-2011 at 12:05 AM by Armistice


    Training, Universal Studios, Rift, British

    by Armistice on 03-09-2011 at 06:49 PM
    3/7-8. 12. 8. Going through a covered walkway. Feels like a line to a ride kind of. I look into a piece of glass, it’s a window, but there’s nothing inside, and see a reflection of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Edd is talking about something. Then it’s a CoD/ Metal of Honor kind of war training. Something about the gun magazine. Then dodging enemy gunfire.

    At Universal Studios. Pass by an old looking part of the park. Sit on a bench. Glee people are there and sing a song (feels like that on vid of the people singing Bad Romance acapella). Then a building falls so I go over to help and dig 2 people out. One is an old man

    Fighting Rift baddies. Then I’m on an iTunes-like site and DL Bad Romance. I think about putting my iPod of shuffle so I can hear it

    835. In some older looking hotel. Hilarious British skits. In an elevator and when it goes up and stops you jump or something like that. I think a guy was scared so that’s why it was funny. Then in a room with an orange color to it. Some guys that look like Fred and George Weasley are showing me questions from a math test they took. They had the most hilarious answers to the questions. Some answers were so vague that they were right, and some were questions they missed because they had been misread, but were hilarious. Woke up actually laughing

    I'm not sure if there was the thumb, but this is pretty much how it looked. Mind you, I was laughing hard at this


    computer games, bar scene

    by Armistice on 03-06-2011 at 08:19 PM
    The first dream was probably because I've started playing a new MMO called Rift. Also, I had a dream earlier in the night, but the last few days I've been so tired that I don't write them down many times. Hopefully it's just a phase

    3/5-6. 3. Playing WoW on dad’s computer on the couch. He comes in and says, “Are you at a stopping point? I need to get on” “Yah, I just have to loot these guys.” Get off. Dad gets on and logs into HIS WoW account (he plays in the dream). His character is lv55. “Wow, you’re 55, huh?” (graphics look amazing). Then I want to show him my character when he’s done. Use his computer, but ends up taking too long and he doesn’t care anymore. I start to play a racing game. Cars are based off of Toy Story characters. A setting was set to “real” so if you crash, you blow up. I make a racer blow up in a pile of rocks

    1030. Theresa and I are in a hotel in Amsterdam. Take out the keycard and our room is 17. We walk by a door with 2 girls. Look on the wall and there’s a 17. They had just opened the door for someone and I peek inside. One of the girls at the door gives me an odd look like I shouldn’t be looking. “Oh, this is my room… 17.” We walk in and it’s huge and open(50-75’ ceiling at least). Girl shows us around the place. Starts with the front and there’s a heart shaped bed. Then an open space and the lady starts to dance. I think to myself “I hope I don’t have to dance with her.” Then the room is a bar and lots of people. We find Michelle Xxxxxx and hang out with her. See a Kelly Xxxxx guy around. We go to some table with a few guys and talk. Guys start to act like dbags, so we kindly leave and get our own table. Theresa is now StacEy, but named Brianne. Another girl is Brianne Xxxxxx. StacEy is now Theresa again. I’m sweating a lot for some reason and trying to use my shirt to wipe off the sweat. Shirt is long sleeved and light blue. We then start to leave. Kelly guy seems mad at us. We decided to head up some stairs and go to our room. I’m back on the 1st floor and some guy bumps me. Then Kelly again. I head to the room since a big fight seems to be brewing