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    1. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by HumbleDreamer On thread : Share your dream from last night in one sentence
      -Bathroom lovemaking and someone screaming something about PDA (public display of affection), then I was teaching something like a boy how to read in some classroom.
      Liked On: 05-11-2020, 08:40 PM
    2. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by LabyrinthDreams On thread : Draw Your Dreams
      Wanted to practice drawing and sketched up some dreams. First one of my more profound dreams. Myself kneeling in prayer between an angry crowd and a stage of controversial speakers, using stick...
      Liked On: 04-10-2019, 06:44 AM
    3. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by dolphin On thread : Thoughts in Dreams
      The way I see it, thoughts are just combinations of knowledge. Knowledge is the basis of thoughts. Without knowledge, there is no thought. Our present knowledge is based on our previous knowledge,...
      Liked On: 03-04-2019, 09:19 PM
    4. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by oolally On thread : How Long Have You Been Dream Journaling?
      I naturally wake up after what seems like my 2nd, 4th (+ maybe others) REM cycles. I've done that for so many years now and always felt like I was a terrible sleeper, but now with lucid dreaming it...
      Liked On: 03-04-2019, 09:18 PM
    5. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by TravisE On thread : How Long Have You Been Dream Journaling?
      Originally my dream journals were part of my waking-life diaries. I kept them off and on starting late in 1992 when I was a kid. These were all on paper until the late '90s when I had a suitable...
      Liked On: 03-04-2019, 09:17 PM
    6. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by Darkmatters On thread : Thoughts in Dreams
      Honestly I can't think of any - just randomly checked a few entries in my DJ and I don't see anything like that - it seems to be all action, situations and atmosphere. Except for the NREM dreams of...
      Liked On: 02-24-2019, 02:32 AM
    7. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by zelcrow On thread : Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
      Ah, okay. I think I understand more so now. I have had that happen to me a couple of times now. It is a strange happening to have false lucids. I wonder if the vividness aspect of your dreams...
      Liked On: 01-21-2019, 12:58 AM
    8. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by zelcrow On thread : Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
      The "sleeping awareness" is interesting and I'm curious to know a little more. How would you further describe that and would you be able to elaborate? And I agree about the variability with...
      Liked On: 01-19-2019, 10:17 PM
    9. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by RNelson On thread : Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
      Last night I had a weird dream that kind of fits into this discussion. I dreamed I was with a friend at some building. I walked home to get something with the intention of returning. I got home...
      Liked On: 01-19-2019, 10:17 PM
    10. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by Superman1 On thread : Naked Body Mirrored
      It seems your relationship reflects the similar union with yourself which she helps you have.
      Liked On: 01-10-2019, 04:17 AM
    11. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by zelcrow On thread : Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
      I really enjoyed the thread "Treatise on Proof" After reading this thread and then the one you posted a link to, I am questioning myself more on whether the last three dreams I have considered lucid...
      Liked On: 01-10-2019, 04:02 AM
    12. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by Sageous On thread : Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
      I certainly have had dreams about being lucid, many times... and I think such a thing is very common: I have a feeling that many of the dreams we remember as lucid are actually dreams about...
      Liked On: 01-10-2019, 04:01 AM
    13. rshort1202
      rshort1202 liked post by RNelson On thread : Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
      I once had a dream where I was at school signing up for a lucid dream class. There was even a sign outside the classroom that said "Lucid Dreaming" on it. Interestingly letters on the sign stayed...
      Liked On: 01-10-2019, 04:01 AM
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    Recent Entries

    Tuesday, July 14

    by rshort1202 on 08-20-2020 at 05:57 AM
    I am flying, rising up through the air. There are two others with me (Iím not sure if theyíre unfamiliar or if I canít remember what they are), the three of us in a triangular formation. I notice that we are very close to a huge, impossibly tall pine tree. I also hear the lyrics to ĎLow Spark of High-Heeled Boysí playing in the background: ďIf you had just a minute to breathe and they granted you one final wish, would you ask for something like another chance?Ē This really gets to me; I think about it and listen to my heart, saying Ďyesí. The others do not, and I veer away from them, up and to the right. With some effort and vigor, I rise higher. I notice the ground far below, a patchwork of green and brown. I am falling back down now and land way less forcefully than I expected.

    Monday, July 13

    by rshort1202 on 08-20-2020 at 05:56 AM
    Iím at what I think is work. The area looks like a large garage or warehouse or combination of the two. Itís somewhat dim, though there are two large doors open. Iím sitting in a chair and trying to hide an erection by raising my right leg and resting its ankle on the other legís knee and holding a pair of pajama pants as casually as I can over it. I think it may be out of my underwear at one point. Now, Beth (from JCP) walks in and starts talking to me, I think about her car. She looks slightly different than I remember. Now Iím in what must be the store. There are fairly tall and crowded bookcases. There is a corner that I think no one ever goes into, so I head over there to change or touch myself? I then remember and worry about the fact that there is a mirror over this section. Before I can do anything, someone calls my name, and I come over to him. We are now outside of this warehouse. There is a smaller building at the end of this concrete lot; I go over to it because I think it has a bathroom. Iím bringing the flannel pajama pants so I can change. Before I get to the door, someone stops me again. Iím glad he does: I look through the gap between the door and door frame and see a man with a gun. He is muscular, with short hair and beard. He grips the silver pistol with both hands, it poised and ready. I have the feeling heís looking for someone else, but still I donít want to be in his way. I also see into the bathroom. It is mostly barren concrete with what looks like a pit toilet. The base of the toilet looks slightly filthy. This open door is motley blocking this little corridor and Iím glad at the little protection it affords. This guy seems to be going back and forth with another armed man on the other side of this small, square building. Me and this other guy by me do so for a while too, not wanting to get caught in the middle. I now take an opportunity and dash away from the building. The two men come out from the corridor spaces into the open and begin firing at each other. The bullets travel slow enough for me to track them but fast enough that I imagine theyíd still cause harm. Each misses the other a few times. They are conversing during this; the first mentions how he was already shot and died? There is a sense that I did not have to run away from my spot and that it actually wouldíve been better had I not. I feel ashamed at my cowardice.

    Saturday, July 11

    by rshort1202 on 07-27-2020 at 05:43 AM
    Iím in my car with Melissa, driving us somewhere. I think I need gas, so she tells me where to go. She tells me to go left through this roundabout and then to take a right, and I do so. I notice a car coming to the roundabout and think itís not going to yield to me because everyone assumes no one will take the second exit. Indeed it doesnít, speeding in front of me. Iím driving down a hill now. The area is very green, with many leafy trees and a large grass area. Thereís a large pond in the grassy area. We are now swimming in it, and the surrounding area doesnít seem as green anymore. A few people in kayaks pass us, too closely I think, and say not to fish/swim in here, humorously. I jokingly say we wonít. I think he meant not to submerge ourselves, which, looking at the murky water, Iím not going to do anyway. Weíre out now and on the sandy shore. Iím laying face down on either a towel or my shirt so I can dry off.

    Iím on my bed with Melissa and I think weíre each doing something separately. On my record player I am listening to a Brokedown Palace from 1972. Bobby is telling the crowd to shut up and says ďoh, I donít wanna singĒ to the melody of the song. I chuckle at the historical interest of it, and Melissa makes a comment too. Now I go out to see if the air is on. I think itís been running all night, same as the water. We also watch an animated movie with a twist ending or something that suggests a sequel.
    *Last night I meant to turn the water off but kept forgetting.

    Tuesday, July 7

    by rshort1202 on 07-11-2020 at 05:33 AM
    Iím in a car with Mom and Makayla, I think with Mom driving. We are in or near downtown. I am in the backseat and currently looking behind us as what looks like a large flame bursts through a window in the GSR. I canít believe it, and I take my phone out so I can get it on video. I think there is another fiery burst towards the top, and then the building appears to slowly collapse. We are a ways away and driving straight away from it, but the dust cloud slowly engulfs the street and everything else not too far from us. I tell Makayla (maybe she was driving the whole time) she might want to step on it a bit. It almost seems like no one else knows whatís going on. Now, Iím in the GSR and I donít think thereís any damage. I donít get how this could be.

    Saturday, July 4

    by rshort1202 on 07-11-2020 at 05:25 AM
    I am in Germany with Mom and Makayla. The first place we go to is a small, unassuming office building. Inside, it looks more like a home that has been converted to an office space. It is a perfect blend of the two. For a short period of time, Makayla and I canít find Mom. At one point, I see her with a glass of non-alcoholic beer with a few sips missing. Part of me thinks ĎAlready?í There are two German ladies here. They are short and squat, older and very friendly. They speak English with a faint German accent. They work here but do not come off as an Ďemployeeí, eradicating any Ďus vs. themí and promoting a genuine sense of helpfulness. The music that is playing here is odd and definitely nothing Iíve ever heard in any office building. Itís fairly loud, a slow and melancholy beat with droning female vocals. Through a window, I see that it is overcast out. One of the ladies says they should do something when it lightens up, gesturing as if sheís parting clouds. Now, I am outside with a different lady. We are sitting on a rocky shore against what must be the ocean. As I sit and observe the scenery and feel the perfect temperature, I am overcome with both grief and something close to euphoria, knowing that this is where I belong and that Iíll have to leave. I think I almost start tearing up. The scenery is rocky, but of soft soil and greenery where it is not. The ocean is calm and dampens the temperature to what I would call perfect. I talk to this lady as a small, wooden pallet drifts this way. There are a few seagulls on it that seem to be steering it. It becomes overcast. I think part of me is aware that Germany is not an island. The lady is showing me a map, pointing us out (a clear island), and showing how close we are to the very southern end of the ĎHawaiian archipelago.í There is a succession of maybe ten or so tiny islands to the North until I see the familiar cluster of Hawaiian islands. The rest of the map looks like a bunch of green islands close together on the deep blue of the ocean. She is now showing me where Iíll be staying. The house is two stories, wooden, and facing the ocean. It looks like the entire second story has a deck; weíre walking on it now. We see into one of the rooms, and she is nonchalant, but Iím not sure I like what I see. Looking down into the plain room, I see what looks like a dog bed. On it is a dog collar and some rod-like object. The unsettling part is that I think this is for a human )a captive?). Along the wall to the left there is an open cabinet. Attached to its door are about three black sheathes with different knives. I am disturbed because I thought Germany would be completely pleasant and not at all like this.

    Iím outside somewhere that looks similar to Midtown, but I think more residential. From a third person perspective I am watching Donald Trump and his advisor jogging. It seems his Ďadvisorí is trying to keep up with him. Now, I am jogging with them. His pace is fast, and I think of his old age. We turn a corner and head down a straight away. For some reason I imagine someone attempting assassination and how itíd be easy right here; I donít think he currently has any protection. Now, I am home (the house seems unfamiliar) and I hear some activity in the doorway. Thereís a member of the press just inside the door, interacting with someone just out of sight outside the door. He steps into view - itís Donald Trump. I think Iím naked and/or donít want him to see me yet, so I hop into the Ďshowerí, which is actually the refrigerator. I shut the door and just barely fit in here - I think doorís actually still open just a bit. Pressed up against the sides of this Ďfridgeí with nothing but me in it, I donít recall my Ďshowerí being this small. I turn the water on and it comes out cold.

    I must be performing auto fellatio. I am alone in an almost pitch black
    space, feeling the sensations of both giving and receiving oral. It is slow and passionate.

    Iím in a store with Mom. she points out a case of beer - itís all of the World Beer Cup gold winners. The white case is probably almost as long as me and I think $15. Though I know it would be a good choice, I just donít really want to get it.

    Updated 07-11-2020 at 05:28 AM by rshort1202