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      Well, that's kind of a big question lol. What kind of info are you looking for exactly? What the trip is like? The dose, duration, intensity, etc.? The way it effects the brain? Specifics.
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      Happy birthday ZeraCook!
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      That does sound pretty fun. That's good to know!
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      No problem. And oh really? :O How did it go?
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    I grew up on a "native american" Rez, and I am enrolled with the tribe. I discovered lucid dreaming through the movie Waking Life, Having my first lucid dream a couple of days after watching it. I have been playing guitar for almost three years now, and am recording my own music, but I'm not refined enough to be making much money of it, plus I'm not good at playing drums and I will never use Loops or someone else's beat that isn't in an official band with me. The type of music I play some would say its metal, but I, and others who love it and play it call it Post-Hardcore, sometimes I'm going into metal-core. I want to make it and be famous someday but its so hard to make it in any entertainment now a days and especially hard for musicians that are not backed by money so for now I'm hustling. I'm thinking of going to college but I'm torn between studies, to either get my CDL, but I feel I want to learn Psychology and Mathematics because thats what stimulates my mind.
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    Music Production, Playing Instruments, any. Humans, Self-Awarness, Gaming
    How you found us:
    Stumbled upon DreamViews looking for information on Telekinesis in dreams.


    " I couldn't stand her at first, But then I loved her so bad It Hurt "


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    Lotta dreams due to sleeping fourteen hours straight.

    by ZeraCook on 01-16-2013 at 10:23 PM
    January 14

    I'm walking through thee trees just north of IGA in pablo, going to get Mara, I then reach the highway and see Mara and Isis and another dogs leashes all tangled up and they are scattered among the highway. I quickly rush over and untangle Isis and Mara from the other dog and then start walking back to my moms with them, After I get to the other side of IGA I see mike and give him Isis explaining what happens. he says lil fuckers. like always.

    I'm in a trailer park below china gate, across for Safeway, I see Shannon and Aaron outside, of the trailer I am living in, its trashed but I have nowhere else to go and I am trying to get it clean. I go outside and visit with them. I find out they are living in the trailer park in the trailer right next to me, mine facing the highway theirs facing my trailer, and we decide to be good friendly neighbours and watch out for each other. I wake up after talking to them sleeping on my trailer floor right next to the front door. there is an irritation on my stomach and I wake up to see a puffed up area with bugs crawling in and out of my stomach I rip the skin of that area and it revels so much more, I throw open the door and jump out trying to get the bugs off me, Aaron is standing there freaking out asking what she should do, if she should call her dad. I then wake up.

    I fall back asleep

    I wake up in the trailer but this time on the bed, and no worries about the bugs from before, I go next door to see charlie, because he has moved in with his mom and sister. I meet up with him and he says he got a letter to meet a girl on top of the hill overlooking where the highways cross. I go with him. The girl is pregnant, and they talk, me giving them some privacy, watching the cars drive by. Chuck says this was his skull and hands here a skull but thats all I hear, and it catches my attention so I start to watch them. I see her put the skull up to her stomach and it osmoses its way inside her belly, She then goes into labor and a baby is born. Chuck then takes the baby, which is already growing at a substantial rate. he then invites me to lunch at china gate. I go with him, where we meet up with my gram, and two of my aunts jeris and miss. They seem to ignore me but talk to chuck and cuddle the baby. they say things like Oh it looks just like him but when he says something it sounds like me. that puts them at pause and freaks them out and they start crying. I then realise I'm the dead spirit of the previous me and this baby is me reborn by a witch….

    I'm at a pawn shop with my Yaya and I set my laptop down and someone tries to buy it.

    I wake up and decide I want to have sex in my next dream so I will it as I'm falling asleep.

    I'm in a dream and I can tell I will it to let me have a three some with Kylie and Amanda. I open my eyes and I'm in a house i've never seen. I get a nock at the door and its Kylie and Amanda and some girl smaller then both of them. they ask if I wanna have sex. We then proceed to the bedroom and do, happy with the extra girl my subconscious gave me. after along time I start to hear a bunch of people outside the bedroom. I go out and kick them out wanting privacy. Some say I can't but I prove to them that I can do anything because its my dream, eventually they all leave, and I go back to the bedroom. Eventually I fall asleep with Kylie and the other girls.

    I then have a series of four false awakenings at different houses I've lived in

    I wake up at myles house. everything seems normal till we go outside, on our way to go play pool. The neighbours yard has a giant pool in it with alot of prehistoric animals in it. I end up accidentally letting a Velocioraptor out
    I track it on foot all the way from there to McDonalds. I see my sister inside and ask her for help to catch it. We do and we put it on a leash like a dog. We don't think its harmed anyone and it doesn't seem to want to. we start to train it and it is really smart, I treat it alot like my dog, which my sister doesn't like. She says its not a dog and we should treat it more like an equal. I tell her to get her own, then but at least mine will never hurt anyone. Right here my dream trips me out because instead of staying with me it starts to follow my sister like a movie. only first person. I have no control as she gets a banana and goes to where I got the velociorapter She then starts throwing chunks over the fence into the water to see which one will eat them. they all try to and even fight over them. eventually a really big snake like one that is more oval shaped and comes to together like a sideways eel jumps over the fence at her. she drops the banana and it eats the rest in one bite, then attacks her. eventually myles and I come out. it gets myles right on the knee and my sister picks up a gardening claw and starts to chop its head off. it takes three or four swings then me and her pulling on the body to separate it. once done myles can pry the thing off of his knee. the head drops and split touches but we think nothing of it. we end up talking for awhile. the yellow white eel thing then comes back to life and cut the head off again and separate it in a few places. i then touch the inside of its body and it burns me like acid. we conclude that it melted itself back together and came back alive. something else creeps its way out of the water and through the fence. similar to the one that already did, but its green and it has many heads and mouths coming off a bunch of necks at the top like a medusa thing. it starts to eat the one already dead, and we notice that the heads are how it moves, and there is a bigger mouth in-between all the head. we trick it into eating a sparkler bomb and kill it.

    Futuristic Space Colony Feels the Wraith of Killing my Loved Ones

    by ZeraCook on 11-02-2012 at 07:09 PM
    Desolate Land spreads as far as we can see, but we've sustained somehow, and have a little group of survivors. In fact, Somewhat famous for dealing with other Survivors that do harm or threaten others. Average day out, when something we've never seen before comes from the sky. A space station of some sort, Metal, Grey, With Giant Glass Windows all over it. It has Giant Rocket Like things on joints on the bottoms that enable it to lift and fly. It comes down landing right in front of where we are. People come out blasting, I'm thrown off guard that such a thing is controlled and used by humans. I get blasted by a blue bolt of Electric Like stuff that paralysis me and brings me down. I black out...

    I wake up strapped down to a chair. Everyone from the campsite is chained up and being hung, from the torso twenty yard in front of me. Their then being blasted by gunshots and I start to break from my chains. They all die. I go into a rage. Snapping the guards neck to my right and then using the others gun to shoot himself. The Two Guards guarding the door run through it. Leaving it locked behind them. I look to the wall to the right of the door, left of the way the chair was facing, and see guns placed in a holder. I walk up and grab some SubMachine Guns throwing the straps over my shoulders, grabbing a double pistol hip holster, and some sort of grenade launcher. Alarms start going off. I turn to the door and send a grenade from the launcher that way. The blast blows the door off, killing and/or knocking down a gathering of soldiers on the other side, I come through Shooting the guards trying to get up with a pistol. As I pass the last one I grab a replacement pistol from the guy, put it in my holster and then I grab a shotgun. I have no destination but I'm walking determinedly in a rage, blasting anyone that gets in my way with the shotgun. Eventually a door slides open in front of me. and I see all the windows that were in the front of the ship. There is one guy, standing in front of a control panel. I raise the shotgun and fire, but its empty. the guy then turns to see me... He doesn't look like a normal guy, more robotic, then I realise that he is hooked up by long wires from his finger tips... I pull up a pistol and blast him in the face... He smiles like its nothing and some soldiers come running in through doors on the left and right. I pull the other pistol out and start blasting them as they run in... Eventually I notice that their are too many and I'm being over run. I then pull out my smgs and start blasting the windows. I see clouds outside, so its not really a space ship so much as a moveable station in the sky. The glass shatters sucking us all back. As I come by the man hooked to the panel I see he is still hanging by the cords coming out of his finger tips. I grab his shoulders as I fall past. I look around, all the henchmen are gone, but I see the ship is still flying fine. I look up at the cords. I climb a lil bit up the guy and start to rip the cords from his finger tips. once I get to the last two we rip free. we get sucked out the windows. as were flying I see the ship going down with us, flipping end over end. As I'm rushing toward the ground and my death I'm happy, knowing I avenged my loved ones, with self sacrifice.


    by ZeraCook on 09-08-2012 at 04:23 PM
    I'm in some car, trying to save some people from a life of slavery. I pull up to the gas station that is really a front. Then I see her, the girl they took from me. I see a couple of other slaves too. I pull UP to them and motion for them to get in, they slowly do. I then pull over to the pumps that the girl is at. I motion for her to get in and right as she opens the door, there master turns away from the road he was staring at and sees. She jumps in as I peel out. We take off. Then I'm hit by another car and knocked out. I wake up in a bed next to some cute girl. I figure this is part of my slave life. I quietly get up and start to explore. I'm in some big mansion. I eventually find the room the boss slaver and the girl I wanted to save are in. I kill him.

    My Power Still Grows...

    by ZeraCook on 06-16-2012 at 09:22 PM
    I'm in my cousins house. His GF is throwing someone out for being loud, drunk, nasty and rude. I'm playing some game, but I'm not really interested in it. I notice there are two girls in the dinning room, A cute blond with long hair that has a some black streaks and roots and a straight up brunette, and doug looks like he is ready to pass out. I stand up and stretch, notice I don't feel tired at all. I decide to leave before Everyone passes out and I tell doug I will see him later. I then leave the house and start to walk to my house. Its a super dark night and I notice I can't see the moon. I finally reach my house and hear my dog is barking inside. I walk in and there are two girls inside. One is older but the other seems about my age, and she is holding a bucket full of many coloured neon fluid. She drops the bucket and I throw up one hand using my mind to pin her to the wall, and when the old lady tries to attack me I try to do the same to her but I can't. Instead I grab her with my other arm and subdue her by holding her close, with my arm over hers so she can't hit me. I then shout what are you doing here and the girl pinned to the wall replies they were paid to come and steal that, pointing to the bucket. I leave her pinned to the wall but lower my hand and touch the swirling tie dye of colours and it starts to creep up my arm with a tingling sensation before soaking in my skin. I feel so energised and I let the older lady go and Pin her to the wall with my mind too. It seems the liquid made me stronger some how. I feel so much energy, when someone walks in the door behind me. I turn away from the girls leaving them pinned to the wall as I do to see the guy from my Dream, a couple weeks back, that allowed me to Regain my powers when I thought they were lost.

    "Good Job" He says, "You Stopped them and have learned how to use your powers on more than one person at a time. "Well let them go, we have things to do" He says turning and walking out the door.

    I follow him and he Stops after walking off the porch. He then takes off flying really fast into the sky, and I am taken by surprise but follow him as soon as I get ahold of myself. He is ahead of me and moving much quicker than I am, forcing me to push myself way to go faster. Things start to blur below but I am catching him. I notice that he is leading me toward the sun, and to a place I've probably never been before. Eventually He slows down and I do too. he flys lower and I follow his lead. He brings us to a river and is flying over it when suddenly he dives in. I hesitate before I follow him but then go in the water I don't really stop flying though. I fly right through the water following the streak of bubbles the guy is leaving. Eventually he goes up ward again. I follow and we land on a bridge. There are lots of cars driving by in the early light. The guy then really trips me out by putting his hands on the poles going up the bridge and climbing them without any grip. I follow him and do the same, using my mind to hold myself to the poles without anything to grip on. We reach the top and ever silent he jumps off and lands on the bridge, I do the same. Then he finally talks.

    "Well are you ready to finish this then?" He asks.

    "Ready for what?" I reply and he just starts walking again, quietly. almost silently. I notice that my foot steps are way louder than his, so I figure its just another thing I can control with my mind, and I focus on making no sound at all. Eventually we are both silent figures. I follow him off the the left of the bridge, down a dirt road and eventually up a green hill to a fairly large house. He walks through the door which I notice doesn't make a sound either. I follow concentrating on making no noise. He leads me up a set of stairs straight a little to the right when we walk in. once upstairs I notice a bathroom to the right of the landing and its an open room with three girls in it.

    He throws up his hands pining the 'boss' girl to the chair she was sitting in, and I follow his lead by throwing the other two girls that flank her against the walls. I don't even need to throw my hands up anymore, just think it.

    "Let them go downstairs" the guy says, and release them and they walk down.

    As they are walking by I notice one of them is the blond from my cousins house earlier. I then follow them and watch them walk all the way down the stairs. I fell a strange pull to the bathroom to my left now. I walk in and close the door behind me. I walk around taking it all in before stopping to stare at my reflection over the sink. Suddenly I hear a chant coming through the walls. I face the door and notice a weird light shining through, and I know it is the blond.
    lucid , memorable

    Longest Lucid Yet, After a Week and Half Dry Spell

    by ZeraCook on 06-04-2012 at 01:30 PM
    I'm waking up in my bed at my aunties house. I get up and look around a bit, everything looks like it always does. I contemplate playing some games or going to the kitchen to get something to eat. I get up and see some girl walk into the bathroom before me. All I saw was her hair, It was strawberry blond, and went to Golden-orange tips, a little over shoulder length. I walk out into the living room and see doug on the couch sleeping, I walk into the kitchen and grab a bagel. As I walk back into the room someone knocks on the door. I turn and look down the hall to see doug waking up and answering it. I walk back into the bedroom and start to change, and get clothes ready for after I take a shower. When I walk back out the girl is sitting on the couch in the living room and everyone is in between us. Someone has the shower running, warming the water up no doubt, but the bathroom door is open. I then run in and shut the door. Doug starts screaming at me, and then I yell back that I would be out really quick. I check myself out in the mirror for a bit. Notice my hair is parted kind of funny and fix it. I then walk out of the bathroom and everyone says hi, except the girl, and I walk back to the bedroom. In there and play my guitar for a long time. Suddenly the girl walks in, in nothing but a towel, her hair dripping water. She closes the door and drops the towel casually and then walks over to the dresser and starts pulling clothes out. She catches me staring at her and turns to me and says, "What?" Nothing I reply, and start playing my guitar but keep staring at her. After she is done I walk out into the living room and no one is there. She walks out and sits next to me on the small couch. She asks if we can lay down so we do, and I end up falling asleep.

    Doug walks in the front door and I wake up, alone on the couch. I get up and start to talk to doug be then I realise something is off. I start to question wether it was a dream or not. I then try to throw something and it doesn't work at first. I can't stop this feeling though and I just know its a dream, so I walk out front of the house. I notice my memory is fuzzy, I can't think of what the TOTMs are and I don't know how I ended up here or who the girl was. I insist to myself its a dream even though my first check proved nothing. I then try to float just a bit high.

    It starts working, I float higher, so I can see all of the col-du-sac and into the town to the west. I then sit and try to think what to do. I let myself back to the ground, and walk inside. Doug is in the kitchen and I go to the room. I sit and meditate and think as much as I can on the floor. I enjoy and notice how everything feels so real. I push myself to make everything more vivid. once I feel like the world is as vivid as real life and all my senses are getting a good dose of real feel, I start to think about what I want to do now that I am lucid. Suddenly I remember the advanced TOTM I walk outside and start to fly up. I then Fly to the north, and remember the train tracks that I know of are in another town further north. I also notice that the world is getting fuzzy and dull so I scream for Lucidity and Clarity. Sure enough it helps, but only after my vision is flickered white a few times. I then think a train will appear a train will appear. I then hear one, Its to the west, and I'm flying north so I change direction and head that way. I see it is also traveling north and i fly closer to it. I then land on it and start slipping around. there are no rails or anything to hold onto and it is moving fairly fast. I slide off and almost hit the ground before I catch myself and make my fly. I decide that one of the carts up ahead will have rails to hold onto better. I then fly alongside it. I get so overwhelmed with joy and a love for the feeling of flying I scream really loud for no reason. I then ponder if I made any noise with my real body and how real the dream feels. I decide I have flown far enough and fly upward so I can see the top of the train, and sure enough it has rails now. I fly up and land on the train again, this time holding on the rails on one side of the car. I then start walking further and further up toward the front of the train. I jump from one cart to another a few times and then I notice a little hatch on the floor. Its pitch-black on the inside of the train but I decide to jump in anyways. I start to float and can's see anything its all black, and I feel like I am coming out of my dream.

    I wake up. the girl from earlier is holding me and we are in the back of a car. I look around and Doug and Chuck are up front, Doug Driving, and we are pulling into my aunties house. they walk in but we stay in the car. I turn to the girl and she is really beautiful. She is staring at me and we start to talk.

    "You know this is my dream and your inside my head right" I say

    "What do you mean" she asks

    "Well you have had dreams before when you sleep right?" I ask her,

    "Of Course everyone does," she says

    "Well I'm really sleeping right now and this is my dream" I say to her

    She starts to freak out and cry and I give her a hug and tell her its alright.

    "You basically just told me that everything I have thought till now was a lie, and that once you wake up I'll die and your life will go on." She sobs to me.

    "Its ok, You won't die, because really you are a part of me. Your special to me, a piece in a way."

    "But After this I'll never be able to do anything again."

    "Not true," I tell her "Who really knows what dreams are, maybe you stay active the whole Time I'm awake. No one really does know"

    "Well next time you dream will you find me" she asks

    "Sure I reply, but I might not unless I get lucid first. But If you show up then You can help me get lucid and realise I'm dreaming." I say

    "What do you mean?:" She asks

    I then go on and explain to her what Lucid dreaming is and how once I realise I'm dreaming I can do anything and control everything and we start to walk inside. When I'm finished she asks if I can heal her then, I say yeah of course, and we walk inside. She lowers the right shoulder of her shirt and I see a blackness spreading over it and down her back. I put my hands around it and concentrate. Everything gets sharper then duller and even more sharp again as I stare and put all my power into it. the blackness starts to retract back to the center. Doug and Chuck are in aw. Suddenly I feel like I have to go outside. The girl thanks me and I take one more look into her beautiful eyes and notice they are golden with a bluish ring around the outer area. I go outside and someone flys down out of the air and lands right in front of me smashing the ground. He starts to laugh and asks why I think I'm the only one that can control dreams. I tell him its my dream and I'm in control and he says I lie. I then try to lift him into the air with my mind, and he starts laughing again, and mocks me. I start to shout at him THIS IS MY DREAM AND I CONTROL EVERYTHING. I then put my hands out in front of me and use my mind to lift him and slam him into the ground repeatedly. Eventually I drive him into the ground and close the hole over him, trying to make sure he will never be able to escape.

    The phone Rings. I swear my mom wakes me every time I have a Lucid.