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    Thread: My theory.

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      My theory.

      I believe everything that ever was and ever will be... started from something.. in the end, everything will seize to exist. Except for ONE thing. The thing that has always been there and always will be... it is 'everything' it is what some may say is God. It is us, it is you, it is me, it is the physical, it is the un-imaginable, knowledge and creation, time does not exist as everything does exist at the same time, everything is now, is then, and forever will be... you eventually get put back together, the pieces that is you, is me, is everything, but does not die. If what makes us seized to exist, then we would never exist to begin with...

      How can ultimate consciousness, knowledge and power ever be stable? It's like being alone with no one to tell the most un-imaginable things are possible. Its like frustration, an unstable atom. It gives in, it collides, with/within itself so to speak and explodes in a 'want' to experience it once again... Big bang, or even string theory because 'source' is stripped down to nothing, is slowly starts vibrating and stringing itself together within a vast space of nothingness - dark matter - anti matter. It can do this all at once in a single moment but it can be nothing at the same time, time is just a perspective of us perceiving everything at that moment, time is merely an illusion, limited by the speed we can comprehend and understand ourself....
      Hence, if we knew and understood everything time would seize to exist and we would be source/self/consciousness/god for that moment. Like an elastic band, the universe will stretch out, or energy will come to a point, where, it will start contracting, and ultimately become one again, we still have so much to experience.

      The law of attraction, the 'law' - Einsteins theory of relativity, it all makes sense for us not to skip through time and see things we are not ready for, in due time, we will be happy, and fulfilled, whole, and not striving to be the winner. We are all winners, of our own personal lottery, as we are a living soul. Embrace what you have, whether it be alot, or pain, cherish every moment you have given yourself, it's for greater purpose, it's for self exploration to experience, and gain knowledge. This laws we have put in on our own, it what makes us find our way home, no one but ourself is capable of changing what we've ultimately made. It's what makes us piece everything back together. It is inevitable. It's how we chose to be, to be unpredictable and have freewill, without knowing, so that someday we may become what we have always been and always knew... without always knowing.

      To love we must feel hate, to appreciate something we must experience loss, to feel joy we must feel pain, to remember... we must forget.
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      There are not nearly enough ways to say "Cool story, bro" for what this warrants.
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      I greatly resonate with this. We are all connected. The best way to explain this is that we are the NOTHING (conciousness) that CREATES the SOMETHING(The universe)

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      I agree. Things often through the history of the universe have proceeded to occur in an event-based fashion almost without exception. It's really the ultimate and arguably the only possible truth, from which all other "truths" are inferred. We can fabricate all kinds of modes of understanding. Our universe is only the way it is because it is constructed in the specific fashion that it is. Could it be another way? Maybe, but questions that can't be answered aren't very helpful. Some patterns emerge in a sequential, repeating fashion. Some would say this is the definition of a pattern. There are many patterns to be found in our world and the universe because some aspects of the universe emerge in a sequential, repeating fashion. That's the thing about sequences, they're like a progression. A particular arrangement of things sort of like how a definition is used to define (and how that is the definition of definition... lol.)
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      This is a very old philosophy but remember when thinking philosophically you should argue to your full extent with your theory until it is proven wrong by yourself. Because philosophy cant be proven or unproven it will show you that you dont know anything and let you think deeper and question yourself more. Im just saying dont get obsessed with one theory because theres many more that "prove" yours wrong and right. Keep thinking
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