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    Thread: Scientific Evidence in the Quran

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      fogelbise I hope you're kidding about Turkey being the mediator!

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      Quote Originally Posted by brucewilson66 View Post
      If you are in doubt with The Noble Qur'an, you will think this book was only created by too much imagining people. If you think so, then call for help from everyone in physical and astral world, then all of your work together to create something similar with The Noble Qur'an (Al-Isra : 88). Everything will not be created except to worship who create them (51:56). Whatever you choose in your life, you absolutely will worship who create you. In doubt with it? Do the challenge above. It's back to you, no human can force you to do what they want.
      You are mistaken if you think that the quran is unreplicable in it's style. It has been done many times, and is not "miraculous" or impossible to achieve by humans. What do you even think is so supernatural in it? What is in it that humans could never write? I read it before. Not as magical as u think. And yes, read it in arabic as arabic is my mother language. It's simply delusional, and quite desperate tbh, to appeal to "irreplicable style" to prove the content, ESPECIALLY that it IS replicable, and has been done before. Just do a simple google search. Also, I'd like to point out that Shakespeare is also possessing a unique style of literature. Is he god now??!! NO. This premise is falwed to begin with, other than the fact that the quran's style is overrated and not impressive at all. I have been impressed by kid stories more than the quran. Sorry, but this "proof" is false and delusional. I've heard it a million times before. It's funny when i ask "why is it so special?" then get no real answer.
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      Quote Originally Posted by LouaiB View Post
      If YOU need heaven and hell to be good, then you're not a proper human being.

      If the religion leads one to finding God...

      Finding salvation...

      Finding spiritual Truth...

      Anywhere... save for within ones own Self

      Then that religion is not a proper religion either
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