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    Body Painting While Watching the Waves

    by , 03-19-2011 at 04:48 PM (337 Views)
    DJ Log: March 19, 2011 – 7:45AM (USA Eastern)
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    I am on a open shuttle bus, riding from a huge parking lot into a large water park. There are several other people on the bus that are all dressed in bathing suits, spandex shorts, or bikinis. I am wearing blue jean shorts, a black cutoff t-shirt, and no shoes. The bus stops and unloads us all in front of the ticket booth at the main gate. I hand the cashier some money and she hands me a ticket. I turn around and pass through the turnstiles, handing a guy my ticket in exchange for an arm band.

    I follow a large group of people through the park, looking at all the water rides and commenting on how boring most of them look. The group splits and I walk with several others into a large stadium-like area that overviews the ocean. The setting is night and there is a storm out at sea, creating some nice big waves. The stadium is built from heavy steel and has concrete floors and seats. All of the seats appear to be uncomfortable, as they have steel pipes for back and arm rests. I climb all the way to the top row and select one of the highest seating areas in order to gain the best view possible. There are a couple of rows behind me, but they are a bit lower than the top row. A guy and a lady with medium-length red hair sit directly in front of me. The lady quickly starts to flirt with me, but I pay no attention to her. She grabs my hand and stares at me with a seductive look. I withdrawal my hand and continue to ignore her. The lady continues to flirt with me until her man catches onto what's going on and they move. He looks at me with a strange look as they walk away.

    The storm approaches and the waves begin to get really large and crash into the stadium, causing it to move and make creaking sounds. About half of the people leave and the remainder find good spots to hold on and enjoy the ride. Suddenly, I feel someone messing around with my back pocket area, so I reach back and push my wallet deeper into my pocket. I can hear a guy say, “Damn, I almost had it” as he quickly walks away. I momentarily pull out my wallet to make sure it's still there, then shift around a bit and lay down sideways in a manner that my wallet pocket is pressed against one of the metal pipes so nobody can get to it. My legs are now hanging slightly off the rear of top row and into the lower row behind me.

    After a few more waves, I can feel someone playing with my bare feet. I look to see a younger guy and girl, both playing with my feet and toes and massaging my legs. I think that this is a bit strange, but it feels really good so I don't stop them from doing it. I look forward to see a guy with short blonde hair and a ball cap who just sat in the row in front of me. He leans back and looks at me with a rather playful look. I ignore him and continue to watch the waves coming in. A really large wave crashes into the stadium, causing it to move around quite a bit. A bit of water splashes the top row and pushes the guy up over the bar and almost into my lap. The girl and guy behind me grab onto my legs and hold on tight when the wave hits, then they start to paint and draw on my legs. I feel a third person now playing with my feet while the other two work on my legs. I push the guy off me and he sits back down in the seat in front of me. I start to wonder I am sitting in the 'fuck with me' seat or something.

    As I watch the waves crashing into the stadium, a surfer crashes into the stadium with one of the waves. After the wave recedes, he stands up and appears to be a bit dazed. A couple of security personnel quickly run in and grab him, saying, “You don't belong in here!” and “You don't have a wrist band.” while carrying him away.

    After a few more waves, I feel the need to use the restroom, so I get up and climb down toward the front of the seating area so I can make my way over to the stalls. The blonde guy follows me along with the other three that were behind me. I stop and sit down against the wall to brace for another big wave and the three people from behind me grab the rails also. The blonde guy keeps walking toward the restrooms. I look down and see that they had painted both of my legs with very colorful, full tribal tattoo designs. I look at them and say, “That looks awesome! Thanks!” They tell me that they will paint the rest of my body if I want them to. I agree that that would be cool and tell them to stay there and I will be back in a moment. After the wave hits, I get back up and walk into the first restroom stall. The stall is very small and has a small urinal on the ground, directly below the sink. There is a side door inside the stall, labeled Employees Only. As I start to urinate, a lady comes out of the side door with a broom, says, “Excuse me.” then leaves the stall. I finish my “duties” then wash my hands in the sink. When I exit the stall, the blonde guy is sitting at the edge of the steps that lead up to the stall area. As I walk by, he grabs my arm and says, “Come down here.” I sit down beside him and he asks if I have a lighter. I ask, “Why?” and he says, “I've got a doobie and it's the good stuff.” I say, “We can't smoke that right here, there are employees all around here. We should go back to the stadium and hide on the top row.” He keeps insisting on smoking it there but I refuse, then get up and walk away.

    The dream quickly fades and I wake up, feeling a moderate need to urinate. As usual, the feeling propagated into the dream and incorporated itself into the story line quite well.

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