Ode to a Dream

By DreamLord1

The darkness surrounds me
I feel myself falling
Every thought dissolves
Into a sea of chaos
In the distance
Rising from the darkness
I see a light

The dream
Like a tranquil lake
Which is seen as a mirror
I approach to touch it
And I see something beautiful
But it dissolves
As if by magic

I tell myself
“How odd this is”
“A world doesn’t just dissolve”
In an instant
I see the truth
My eyes are opened
Like a blind man
Who sees for the first time
My eyes are opened
To see a world full of wonder

Every leaf
Every grain of sand
As real
As in life
Whose leaves dance
On the wind
And what a wind!
A breeze
Cool and sweet
The sun
Brilliant and powerful
With its fire on my skin

The colors
Every color
That shines like the sun
Like the water of the sea

I fly off
I feel a storm in the air
The sky darkens
But is split in two
By a blade of light
The earth trembles
With the force
Of the thunder
Attacked by a thousand winds
With the cold rain on my skin
I am free

Overwhelmed with joy
I feel every fiber of my being
With the fire of the stars
Free at last
I hear the trumpets sound
In the heart of the storm
Feeling the fury
Of the wind
The water
The thunderbolts
At last
I am free

The dream
Has given the powers
Of a god
To a man who will return
In a few moments
To a world
Where what he lived that night
Will simply be
A dream