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      Question HILD isn't working for me. any suggestions?

      Hi recently i've been kinda insomniac and can only sleep around 4-5 AM. i've been kinda tired tbh.
      so i tried HILD last night for the first time to see if i could relax and enter a meditation state. i played an hypnosis youtube
      video with earphones and my phone next to me. i tried to follow the voice and it's instructions. but i couldn't
      relax and would always feel the urge to move my fingers and toes. i always feel that urge when i go to sleep
      so it's nothing unusual. but i feel i can't enter in a meditate state like that. i tried to visualize everything
      the voice told me to, but i just couldn't enter in a deep meditate state.
      I guess since my sleep schedule is all messed up, that doesn't help either.
      what do you guys think? is it just a matter of practice or any other issue?

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      With the temperature there recently I'm not surprised you've had poor sleep... It's one of the reasons I'm grateful for living where I do now.

      Anyway, I have the same issue as you, where if I'm trying to do certain meditation-like stuff (such as WILDs) I find certain things like fingers and toes (and especially throat) very distracting. Sometimes it helps if I try to stretch and crack them first, though it doesn't always help. The throat thing really annoys me but I haven't found a solution to that one apart from avoiding certain drinks beforehand.

      Maybe it is a matter of practice, but I would certainly advise you to try and take it easy on yourself given the other issues you are having. We are not in full control of a lot of factors that affect sleep, especially if you have a condition that affects sleep like me, on top of the external factors.

      Basically just make sure you don't put your expectation of results too high for how you are currently feeling - like with being exhausted, you can't expect to get a lot of focus in that state.
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