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      Did I reach Sleep Paralysis?

      Last night I made my first attempt at WILD after I woke up after about 5 hours to ensure I had been in R.E.M sleep. Keep in mind it may sound fairly obvious I made it to SP, however i'm not sure. I could move whenever I wanted to, never stuck in SP like people said. This is what confuses me, are there other people who don't get stuck in SP and can move if they want to? Anyway When I layed down in the corpse position staying perfectly still, after at least a minute I started to feel my limbs going numb, I felt at one point vibrations through my limbs and being pressed down at one point, all through this time I could see lights in the back of my eyes going off. Even at one point it felt as if my limbs were becoming separate from my body like I was moving.

      Cheers for any responses.

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      Yes, I used to not be able to move during SP. But I now can't get it anymore. I can just move. So yeah sometimes and some people can move.

      Also don't aim for vibrations/SP, they say that in the guide as well and it's not necessary for LD. If you are getting them though, it means you're on the right track. Keep going!

      Hope that helps
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      When people refer to sleep paralysis in the context of entering a dream, they are usually referring to REM atonia, the process in which our body is immobilized while we are dreaming. Sleep paralysis is actually a sleep disorder in which REM atonia occurs while we are not dreaming.

      Upon entering a dream after experiencing REM atonia, we are dreaming, so we can move our dream body, but not our waking body.

      In the case of sleep paralysis, there is no dream body to move because there is no dream. There is only a waking body we can't move.

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      It sounds as if you were well into the hypnagogic state. That space in between awake and a'dream is one of my favorite places to linger. I wouldn't get hung up on SP, though....sounds like you were very close to the dream.

      You can definitely get there without SP.
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