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      How do you set a strong intention without keeping yourself awake?

      Hi, Iíve had this quite a few times now, may be others have too. When I set a really strong intention to become lucid, I struggle to get to sleep infact some nights I have to ditch the intention otherwise Iíll be laying awake in bed for hours. Has anyone got any tips on how to get over this?

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      I think once you've done the strong intention ritual, you're good to let it go and sleep.

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      Hi Ant101

      Setting intentions has never really kept me awake but I have had this problem when doing a mantra before going back to sleep (I suppose theyíre technically the same thing) Hereís what I find helps.

      1. Relax before doing anything. Breathing meditation whilst laying down works for me and gets me into a nice relaxed sleepy state. Then when I feel I could just roll over and fall sleep I begin intentions/ mantras.

      2. When Iím doing the mantra I keep it simple and easy to remember and try doing it in time with my breaths in and out. This keeps a rhythm going and I can do it whilst falling asleep usually.

      The idea is not to focus too intently on it. If itís keeping you up stop as sleep is the most important goal and the intention is most likely set after saying it in your head a few times anyway. I find daydreaming and visualisation helps me drift off after doing mantras/ intentions if theyíre keeping me up.
      When setting intentions I usually just say what I want to do a few times and form a plan. Talk it through in your head what you want to do and how youíll do it and visualise it as youíre thinking about it. If you have a plan ready before sleep then it will solidify better in your mind and you can refer to it easier when you do become lucid. Thatís if you can remember it when the time comes! Iím also going through this plan at moments throughout the day as well to help me remember it and prepare for when the time comes.

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