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    Thread: Lucid dream. Did I meet another dreamer ?

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      Lucid dream. Did I meet another dreamer ?

      Hi everyone, I've been lucid dreaming for a long time and can usually enter a lucid dream soon as I'm extremely tired. 80% success rate in that. About 5 years ago I had a lucid dream where I was sitting on top of two large pillars on top of each other in large open desert and the sky was full of stars. While sat I was aware I was in a dream, it felt incredibly real and still remember it to this day , still fresh.
      They was a young dark short haired woman sitting with me , she told me she also was dreaming and she could tell I was new to this. I woke up. Anyone had similar encounters ?

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      Yes, I went to a hotsprings party once in an astral dream and a woman their specifically told me she was asleep in France (I live in Idaho, USA). I have also met a young woman who told me she is stuck in a comatose state (hospitalized) in Western Canada.
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      I am certain this happens more often than we realize. In December I had a pretty prolonged lucid which ended in another dreamers dream it felt like. We were trying to share waking details with each other and they felt "edited" or "censored" from the dream.

      The diner disappears, I am now in a highrise corner new york flat with large windows looking out to the night time city and only one other guy in it. He looks identical to Mark Sheppard. I tell him that I am dreaming and he agrees with me, I go through several periods of almost waking up but always come back into this room. Maybe 4 or 5 times. He is impressed but attempts to get my name. When he speaks details it is gibberish and the same with me, so he tries to write it down. They look like wingdings combined with korean characters. I describe very clearly what I see.
      He tells me he wrote his name. But I cannot read it. He is very amused that we can have normal conversation but certain details seem to be 'edited' in real-time from us. He tells me to find him when I wake up.
      I write my name down in permanent marker but he tells me it just looks like random gibberish to him. We are both amused that we can't seem to share each other's name. I do manage to piece it together one of the times I phase back into his apartment after partially destabilizing. He says his name is Marc Bilit. I need to find him when I wake up. He is also surprised when I come back into the room. Apparently when I destabilize I just disappear from right in front of him, and when I come back I just pop back into existence. He is very tickled by this occurrence. Marc Bilit. Remember Marc Bilit it's very important that I find him when I wake up. We are working to understand cross-communication between dreams.
      It felt very important at the time. I have not been able to find this person by name yet.
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