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    Thread: Is this a controlled & manipulated collective lucid dream?

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      Is this a controlled & manipulated collective lucid dream?

      Hi everyone

      This may come across as a controversial post, but I feel that we should look at reality from different perspectives using an open mind and our intuition on what feels right and true.

      Do you feel or think that we're living in a collective lucid dream, but a controlled and persistent version that we have been manipulated to believe is solid and ‘real?’ Just like in a real lucid dream, where we become conscious we're dreaming and influence the dream experience. What if in this waking life, we're not conscious that this is a dream and the dream is controlling our lives until we “WAKE” up to our True Infinite Self in Awareness? Like perhaps all of this we're experiencing has to do with us being collectively programmed to create the world in the state it has been from some outside source. Like a massive collective thought belief projection/form for experience.

      What if there’s an “external” malevolent force controlling and manipulating this reality from another realm for absorbing the energy of Fear (food)? This control system maybe was designed to keep human consciousness under control.

      What if we are the dream and the dreamer? And that we've forgotten and the dream has taken over? What if perceive the dream we have in sleep as just an illusionary dream experience and this dream (waking life) to be real?

      I’ve been going deep down this rabbit hole for over a decade and the more I understand and experience the nature of reality and the nature of our conscious experience, I’m more aligned with this possibility, because think about it, look at the world around you, so much wars, suffering, hunger, crime, government mind control and manipulation etc…and we don’t even know who we really are, where we are, what is this reality or why we are even here. What if our collective memories have been wiped?

      If what I have written above has some level of credibility and truth, this would mean that we all have the inner power and personal responsibility to influence the quantum field of energy that holds this collective reality, for example, how do you affect all the fish at the same time in the sea? You affect the sea, if the sea changes so do we. The sea symbolises the energetic Field of this ‘physical’ reality like a cosmic wifi field.

      Your thoughts?

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      This topic is likely more suited to be in the "Beyond Dreaming" section, where I'd guess similar topics have appeared before, as I don't think this is necessarily a novel idea - the specifics probably differ in some way.

      I could ask a counter-question to your topic title; What if you and everything else are a figment of my imagination (or vice-versa)?

      Growing up, I didn't instinctively know or understand that other people felt the same (or similar) things as I did and in many respects I did see the world around me as a kind of construct that was existing only for me - regardless of that existence being positive, negative or something in-between as I lived it. By that point, only a few years into my conscious life, I was the only thing I understood to be "conscious" and sleeping had always been a weird phenomenon for me as a child, especially as other people in my life would often talk about their dreams and daydreams, things that I barely recognised in myself at the time.

      Although originally I had those feelings about reality, I can't really say that I lived accordingly for any considerable length of time; if I had, I would have treated everyone else as some psychopaths and so on might do, with very little regard for other things and people. At one point, after a minor and otherwise insignificant event, I chose to discard my earlier view of reality. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to compromise properly with others, in order to live life itself.

      In what you're talking about, or even in the way I originally conceived of reality as a child, there is no more truth than in believing something else, because anything can feel true and even proven, under the right circumstances and context.

      In addition, regarding the context you put forward, it assumes that the outside "reality" of this one would work in some comparable way to what we know. Any number of assumptions could be made about an unobservable "outer" reality.

      Truly, I can't say that your hypothesis is false or that mine was ever true; I can only truly say that I can't believe in them. You'll be damned if you believe someone or something else controls the mind of those who aren't with you and you'll be damned if you don't believe it, all the same, because either way, their behaviour will likely remain the way it is, or be reinforced in the face of your beliefs being made known.
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      In my experience, there's clearly some sense in which the world is a collective dream. However, there are real limitations on the way that it must work, we don't simply make it up in any inconsistent way that we want to. We can't, for instance, suddenly turn it into a utopia by collectively embracing a utopian spiritual ideology, or deciding that if we think positively we can all live in our own billion-dollar mansions and without anyone having to build or maintain them. There are contradictions built into all such ideologies, which do not include an understanding of many of the reasons things are the way they are.

      Nevertheless, that doesn't mean that no improvement is possible at all. And the range of what is possible is certainly greater than what a person might guess if looking at the world in a purely materialistic way.

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      My understanding is everything works according to hermetic principles. All is mind (many minds within the mind of all), this reality is an astral realm like any other except that it's vibration is smack bang in the middle between higher and lower vibrational realms. As a result, its more consistent and changes occur in a more linear way over time. It used to be called midgard in ancient times, the lower realms being more hellish, the higher ones more heavenly. All astral realms are influenced by each individual to varying degrees but also collectively.

      Usually it's easier to influence your immediate environment in small ways, but on a larger scale its more difficult. The overall astral realm is collectively decided upon on both a conscious and subconscious level, to change it is like one mind vs many. The elites know this, it's why they use TV programming to condition the mass mind in ways that suit their agenda. The more minds believing the same thing, the more it influences the overall projection of this realm.

      I am not stating all this as a belief or something I've read or been told. Its something I've experienced first hand time and time again. Some might disagree with me but seeing is believing.

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