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    Hazel's Boiler Room

    1. Resident Evil Meets Vampires

      by , 01-21-2011 at 10:41 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Wow. I remembered about 90% of this movie-like dream upon awakening, but I quickly lost about 80% more before I even had the chance to think about it.

      1- The Second End

      Our Future

      We have suffered an apocalypse under the vampires. After a long and epic struggle, Alice, Claire, and I have managed to kill off a good majority of them. Unfortunately, they've also managed to kill off most of our convoy and nearly all of my fellow werewolves.

      We think the hard part is over, that we can begin to rebuild. But Fate strikes us down as Claire begins to speak a prophecy that has suddenly been delivered to her. "The future of humanity depends upon the T where blood flows." ((Oh. Ohhhhh! I just realized that it was talking about Alice! Duh!))

      "What the hell does that mean?" I ask, somewhat worried.

      "I don't know. But it doesn't sound good."

      She also receives a scrambled word: n-g-e-i-t-a

      "Eating," Alice says, before I even process it. Wow, she's quick.

      "We're not out of the clear yet, apparently. Don't let your guards down," I say. As if they ever would.

      The Ship
      Something is definitely not right aboard this ship. The crew seem nice, but I sense something off about them. My suspicions are confirmed just as I am searching for Alice and Claire to warn them of the danger I feel sure that we're in. One of our convoy members is sedated and dragged into a secret room as I watch from the shadows. I put my ear to the door and listen while crew discusses chopping her up and preparing her as tonight's meal. "Eating," I whisper to myself with realization and horror. This ship--- it's a trap. And we fell right into it.

      My haste to find Alice and Claire has grown exponentially, but they are walking with several crew members (Umbrella operatives, I now realize) when I come across them. One of the men leads Alice, Claire, Carlos, an unknown woman from our convoy, and myself into a small room and locks us in. "Great," I mutter. "I was just coming to warn you, but I guess I was too late."

      Suddenly a chute opens up in one of the walls, and two vampires frozen with sedatives fall into the room. The chute closes, leaving us trapped, weaponless, with the monsters.

      The female vamp animates almost immediately, killing the helpless woman and sinking her teeth deep into my arm before I can stop her. The virus quickly works it's way into my system, and....

      ...I switch to Alice's point of view. I can only watch as my werewolf friend kills off the she-vamp before succumbing to the virus herself. F*cking Umbrella Corp, I think with fury, After all we've done to get rid of the virus, and now they're SPREADING it? There is no time for such thoughts, however. My once-comrade is now coming at me with a hungry look in her eyes, her werewolf genes making the effect of the virus that much more powerful.

      I am taken aback by how quickly she moves, by how quickly her sharp teeth sink into my flesh. No... How did it come to this?

      I kick her off me, watching as my hands become the clawed hands of the very monster I lived to destroy. But wait. I still have my thoughts... All hope might not be lost.

      I look up to see Claire and Carlos backed up against the wall as the newly turned vampire stalks up to them. No. I can't bear for them to die, too. With a feral snarl, I slam my monstrous hand into Hazel's head, and am somewhat surprised when it flies off her shoulders and lands on the floor with a sickening squelch. This power... it's too much.

      At that moment, the dark-skinned male vamp snaps to life beside me. "Don't be alarmed," he says hastily, sensing that he is about to share the same fate as my now headless comrade. "You're going to need my help." That accent... I realize immediately that this must be one of the living Vampires from legend, a race of immortals unrelated to our hellish virus.

      He tells me that Umbrella has had him frozen for quite some time, so I give him a quick debriefing of current events. "We had the werewolves fighting for us," I say, drawing my story to a close, "but they're all dead now." I look down at Hazel's body with remorse. What a cruel fate...

      The Shooting
      *3rd Person*

      Four Umbrella operatives are standing on deck, peering into the small room from their vantage point at the top level. "Okay, boys," one of them, their commander, begins in a decisive tone, "it's been long enough. Open fire."

      The three gunmen begin shooting, each unloading their entire supply of bullets into the small room in what, for any other group of people, would seem like overkill. "There's no way they could have survived that," one of the young men says proudly.

      Little do they know that below deck, crawling through the leaking pipes steadily toward them, a Vampire and his newfound companions are-----

      "MEOW! MEEEOOOW" My cat lets me know, LOUDLY, how displeased she is at being locked out of my room. GAH! I want to find out what happened!
    2. Vampires, and the First Lucid of the Month

      by , 07-01-2010 at 02:44 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Woah, it's July first? That means I had my first lucid of the month! ^^

      1- Holly the Hypnotic Vampire
      I am a woman named Felicity, trapped in a room along with my friends by the evil vampire, Holly. We've been there for quite a while... We're starving to death, and so, so thirsty.

      "I'm REALLY thirsty, Felicity. We gotta get outta here."

      "I know, Frank, I know."

      Suddenly something within him changes. He starts babbling about how he can feel the life energy flowing through him. Soon the others do the same. I seem to be the only one unaffected by this madness. Don't they realize the life energy isn't flowing through them? It's flowing out of them! They're becoming vampires!

      I try to tell them to fight it, to resist what Holly has done to them, but she is fighting me every step of the way. She tells them that I am no longer worthy to be their leader, that they should listen to her, instead.

      "Who should we believe?" Theresa asks, confused.

      "The one you love the most," Holly answers in a hypnotic voice. "Who do you really love?"

      Theresa considers this for a moment. "Holly," she answers.

      "Holly," the others echo.

      I give Theresa a dirty look. "Oh, and... uh, what is her name...? Felicity," she amends half-heartedly.

      Ugh, she almost forgot my name. I think it's safe to say they're a lost cause.

      "Are we always going to be this pale?" I ask Holly in annoyance. "I mean, can't vampires get a tan?" She ignores me.

      2- Evil Sleep Mask
      My dad's girlfriend has a cute pet rat named Jenny. She is sitting on her shoulder, and doing funny things to make us laugh. Hm, I need to play with my rats more often.

      I "wake up" and find that I am alone. I wonder where everyone went... Oh, well, maybe I can play with Jenny. When I go over to the cage, I see that it is now the size of a cage at the zoo. As if that wasn't weird enough, there are all kinds of unusual animals within... Several of them look like giant, carnivorous sloths, and one looks like the mammal version of an alligator. All of the animals are trying to eat each other. There are a few small monkeys in the cage, too. They come up to the bars, quivering in fear, giving me a pleading look. "Aww, hey little guys! You're so cuuute!" This is obviously a dream. I RC and become lucid. Yay!

      Time to look for Samael. I call out loudly, "Samael!!!!" My voice sounds cool; it echoes throughout the dream world. The thought of those monkeys distracts me for a moment... Maybe I could make on of them my familiar, since I'm looking for one. No, one thing at a time. I call out again. I have somehow arrived at a dark and abandoned country road.

      Now my eyes are trying to close themselves. Ugh, it's the stupid sleep mask I'm wearing IRL. I take it off, which works for a few seconds before it reappears on my face. I can see through it, but it's making my eyes close... When they do
      I wake up.

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    3. I Need to get Curtains

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:38 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      During most of the night, I had terrible recall. Only 2 dreams remembered by 6:30. I can very rarely get back to sleep once light starts showing through my window, even IF I put my sleep mask on, but this time I was lucky.

      1- Midnight Tragedy
      A wolf... wandering through the forest. "Pain is pain, but one step out of Hell is alleviating. The wolf's war had never been closer." He grants a big dog sentience to ask it a question, just after the poor thing gets chopped in half. It is still alive, writhing in a pool of it's own blood. But the wolf doesn't care about the other animal's pain. He just wants answers.

      2- Wanderlust and Surprisingly Good Excuses
      Chris and I are walking down a path through the forest. I stumble upon the biggest deer antler I have ever seen: it's about the size of my own body, if not bigger. I want to take it with me, but Chris refuses to help. I end up dragging it behind me by myself.

      Later, I am no longer myself. I am a Princess, walking through a beautiful meadow with my sister, my guards, and one of our suitors. (Who is a Prince from a faraway land.) We reach the end of the meadow... the edge of the woods. My sister sends all the guards and the Prince away. One of the guards doesn't want to leave us, but the Prince says that they all must obey any command we give.

      "We have to hurry, or Mother will find out that we're here by ourselves." As soon as I utter the words, my phone rings. It's our mother. She begins telling me something about Chris coming to the place she works to teach everyone martial arts."

      "That's great," I say, not really paying attention. "I have to go now. Love you, bye!"

      Time passes. I am riding in a limo with my sister when we get attacked by vampires. Even worse, our mom has somehow found out about us being off in the woods! I managed to get our vampire attack on video, and I use this as an excuse for why we were in the woods by ourselves.

      3- Mirrors Hate Me (WILD)
      ((As I enter SP, it feels as though I'm being drug across carpet. "Oh no, it's the carpet monster!" I think to myself jokingly, waiting for it to stop. Finally the sliding ends, and I feel a shift.)) Okay, I'm in a dream. But I still can't see. Should I open my eyes, or try to see through them? I open them. I now see that I'm lying facedown on the floor, at my grandparent's house. Weird that I ended up here. I give the dream a moment to put itself together, as it looks... fleeting. Once the clarity increases, I stand up and begin to rub my hands together.

      I just so happen to look in the mirror as I am doing this. My reflection is EVIL. She is clapping her hands, rather than rubbing them, and laughing like a demon. Her eyes are filled with darkness... "Holy crap, that's freaky," I think, though I am more amused than creeped out. Suddenly my reflection hits me with a jolt of dark energy and I collapse to the floor,
      waking up.

      4- Restless (DEILD)
      ((I DEILD back into the dream.)) "Okay, no mirrors this time." I pick myself up off the floor where I had fallen and make sure to keep my eyes averted from any reflective surface. There's really no reason for me to be in this house, anyway. I'm going out.

      Outside, I ponder over what to do. I should go to my training grounds, but... Out loud, I say, "I want to find Man of Shred or Waking Nomad and see if I can learn anything about shared dreaming." I fly to the top of the house, intending to go to the moon. But...

      5- A Lousy Attempt (FA)
      ...I "wake up." Fine, I'll just DEILD again. I'm already halfway into sleep paralysis, anyway. The only problem is, every time the vibrations start getting intense, my hip feels as if it's dislocating. I can't stop myself: I grab it in pain and get out of SP. I tell myself it's only an illusion, that I am experiencing HI. I am talking to someone who is in the room with me, so I really don't see how I didn't think to RC.

      6- More Vampires
      I am walking into a vampire restaurant with some people who I'm traveling with. A lady in the doorway takes a snap at me; I merely roll my eyes and keep walking. I watch people as I walk toward the counter. One of the waiters is asking a couple of kids who they are. "Vampires," they answer at the same time. I realize this must be a password for something. "Oh, you must be part of Sadalgo's lot."

      I tune them out and order a doctor pepper. I'm hoping they don't add blood to it, like they are for everyone else. "How can she be in here, eating with us?" I hear a voice say. The whispering starts. I see a man glance over to me every so often as he has a hushed conversation on his cell phone. Trouble is coming.

      "They're talking about ME," I whisper to my comrades.

      "I know."

      Outside, I get attacked by that same vampire lady and her slightly chubby male friend. I chase her off and take the guy captive. I have to literally sit on him to keep him him from getting away. I can't let him up until we get the signal that our weapons are ready. At one point, a cute little puppy walks up and starts licking the vampire man in the face. I laugh, enjoying his discomfort.

      As soon as we get the signal, more vampires arrive; the battle has begun. I have a weird hand gun that I try shooting, but it doesn't work worth a flip. Annoyed, I throw it to the ground. THIS is why I prefer swords! I run off to the forest, planning to cut off the vampires' reinforcements.
      Becoming lucid, I pick up a long piece of tree bark and decide to turn it into the Deathcat. One of the vampires attacks me with a huge battle axe. I raise my sword to block, but... "What the heck? It's still a piece of bark!"

      I dodge out of the way and draw the Deathcat from my sword belt. I can feel it in my hand, but it seems to be invisible. Oh well, it's still sharp. I parry the vampires next blow, then chop off his weapon arm. Unfortunately, he's wearing so much armor that I can't finish him off.

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    4. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:03 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- Fangoria
      Vampires have taken over Barnes and Noble, and as a slayer it is my duty to dispose of them. Their hoarde is located in a secret underground room, which is guarded by enslaved humans and a group of vampires known as Moon Guards. Most of the humans in the store are unawar of all this, and if any of them wander too close then the Moon Guards will capture them.

      My Master distracts the Moon Guards, and the humans allow me to enter. I head straight to the armory to upgrade my weapons. While I am looking at swords and battle axes, the leader of the vampires, Victor, arrives with his daughter. We have a long talk, but despite an almost friendship we cannot come to a compromise.

      The battle cominces. Victor attacks first, and I start chopping at him with a razor sharp hachet. It embeds deep into his neck, coming free of my grip. I switch my sword to my right hand, slicing through a bookshelf to show its power. While Victor recovers, his daughter stabs a dagger into my arm. Ignoring the pain, I attack her with daggers of my own, then impale her through the heart with my sword. She falls to the floor, blood pouring from her mouth.

      Victor lets out a howl of misery and lunges at me, but I throw up my sword just in time. He has now suffered the same fate as his daughter. I begin to cry, grieved that it came to this. I hadn't wanted to kill them, but they gave me no choice.

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    5. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:54 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- Laberynth of Lies
      I am sent on a quest to collect these special eggs from a laberynth. The maze is huge; there are several cities within it. The whole point is to eventually find a one-of-a-kind egg called the Embryo. ((Shugo Chara reference.)) Helping me on the quest is a biped werewolf who does not seem to have a human form.

      As we are collecting the eggs, we realize that they each have a fortune inside of them. These are more important than the eggs themselves, so we just crack the eggs and take the fortunes along with us. One of them says that I will eventually lead the Vampires to victory against the Werewolves. Enraged, my werewolf friend begins to attack me, but I manage to explain that I would never do something like that, because I hate the Vampires as much as he does. I figure that the fortune must be referring to something a bit more cryptic, because I would never betray the 'wolves. He calms down and we continue on our way.

      After a while, we pass by some werewolf slayers, and I hide my friend from them and force him to stay in the woods so he will not get killed. I go back and collect some more of the fortunes, and read one that says the werewolf will save me from danger on the road. As I am heading back to find him, I am assaulted by two passersby. At first I think the werewolf will rescue me, but then I become lucid and decide I'd rather take matters into my own hands. I fight with them for a while, and although no damage is dealt I manage to chase them off.

      I then lose lucidity and begin to howl. The werewolf howls back and I manage to find him somewhere within the forest. We eventually come upon an old abandoned church and hide out there for a while to read the fortunes we have collected.

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