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    My Training Grounds
    This is supposed to act as my "home base," a place where I can store weapons, train, access portals, etc. It's most prominent feature is the Tower, a huge, lighthouse-like structure that I will easily be able to see from where ever I happen to be in the dream. Within the Tower is my armory, and the upstairs room contains many doors and mirrors which function as portals. Northeast of the Tower is my old barn. I may keep different types of animals there in the future, but as of now it should be empty. Beside the barn are some training dummies that I will use for target practice.

    To the Northwest of the tower, my windmill can be found. I don't remember why I felt I needed a windmill, but I suppose it may come in handy one day. At any rate, it blocks the view of my trapdoor, which is directly behind it. I purposely did not create what is beneath the trapdoor. I assume it will be some kind of tunnel, but I'm leaving it for my subconscious to determine.

    To the Easternmost edge of my training ground lies my floating ship, The Oneiro. (So if I sail it, it gives whole new meaning to the term oneironaut.) It was my original plan to gather a crew to be at my disposal if ever I needed them. I don't know if I'll ever get around to this, but it still seems like a fun idea.

    South of that is my rock garden. Gargantuan boulders are great for practicing both flying and telekinesis. I'm sure there are a plethora of other uses for it that I haven't even thought of yet.

    Originally the western part of the Training Grounds didn't have much to it, but I decided that a forest should be added instead of the items that I had previously imagined there. The forest should be somewhat dangerous, of course, but the creatures within should not be able to interfere too greatly with the flow of things. Thus I have a razorwire fence around the main portion of the Grounds, to keep out unwanted visitors. There is no gate as of yet, because I can easily fly over it.

    The Bridge of Tuphdula
    This is the secret city of the free rodents. The bridge is located underground, but the entrance seems to change places quite frequently. Here, thousands of rodents of all different kinds live in peace. I was first taken here by my rat, Patches, some time before she died. There have been several references to it in different dreams.

    I have never seen the city itself, as I am far to large to fit inside. I imagine that there is a system of tunnels within the bridge that the rodents are able to access. As for the bridge, it seems vaguely Mayan or Aztec in structure. From what I gather, the rodents didn't build it themselves, but I really don't know that much about it.

    Pronounced: (tuhf'-doo'-luh)