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    For my Crimson Mage persona.

    ifre (ihf-ruh')- shoots fireballs
    aquiferous- a powerful jetstream of water
    ezathra (ee-zah'-thruh)- energy blast
    incerefy (ihn-cair'-uh-fy)- engulfs desired object/foe in flame
    deran (d-rahn')- causes it to start raining
    nebulus- freezes an enemy
    morta- kills an opponent instantly
    vercada (ver-cah'-duh)- causes an enemy's eyes to burst, blinding them
    panacio (pen-ah'-cee-oh)- causes the enemy to enter a state of panic
    zalor (zuh-lohr')- causes the enemy's blood to boil in their veins
    solo- illuminates desired object
    bladrun (blahd'-ruhn)- shoots blades from channel
    heliot (hee-lee-aht')- causes the sun to come out
    spirus (speer'-uhs)- shoots fireworks from channel