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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Time Dilation

      by , 01-20-2011 at 09:52 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Really long lucid last night. I know that I only had 45 minutes left to sleep, yet the dream felt like it was around 2 or 3 hours. Time dilation was obviously involved.

      1- I Attempt to Visit the Antechamber of Insanity
      ((There is a lot that happened prior to this point, in which I am non-lucid, but I can't recall what it is. Something about packing to go on some sort of vacation. I make a point of packing my laptop in case the hotel offers free internet. Somewhere along the line, I become lucid. I think of my goals, and decide to visit the Antechamber of Insanity. I wonder how to get there.... A portal might be useful, but there's no guarantee I can even make one, and I have limited time. Instead, I stand on a chair and climb through the ceiling (I've learned my lesson about flying headfirst into solid objects), willing myself to end up in the AoI.

      When I pull myself through, I feel that I am on a wooden floor. However, it is too dark to see anything. "Does this mean my mind is filled with empty darkness?" I ask myself, half-jokingly. I think I sense Madison nearby, which is a good indication that I'm in the right place, but it doesn't count if I can't see. Madison tells me something, but I can't hear her.

      Suddenly, I'm on a shelf above my future step-mother's kitchen, looking down on her and my dad while they're cooking. I feel like a ninja.

      Jilda looks up and spots me, nearly dropping the pot she's holding and letting out a startled shriek. Without a word, I drop down and go outside.

      As I'm walking, I pass by a dog that is in a cage, yelling at me. (Not barking, yelling.) Wanting to test out my dream control, I point to the dog and tell it to turn into a human. It changes from a quadruped to a biped, but retains all of it's dog-like features. Interesting. I tell the dog it's stupid for not being able to transform, and show it how easily I can turn into a wolf. I begin to run, forgetting about the dog and taking joy in being a wolf, when the dog (who is now completely human) jumps on me and starts attacking me.

      I instantly turn back into a human as the dog boy painfully rips my stomach open. I feel blood begin to pour out of me. Angered, I pin the boy to the ground and start tearing at his throat and stomach. Although he is bleeding profusely, he's laughing as if this is just a play fight.

      I stand up and examine my wound. It has already healed completely, but my stomach is still red with blood. I wipe it off...

      ...and have a false awakening. I am in the back of a truck with my dad and brother. We seem to be going on that same vacation from earlier in the dream. However, I begin to notice that some things are a bit... off. First I see some things that I KNOW were in my dream, then I see islands floating in the sky. It seems normal, but a part of me says that it's not.

      I begin to read the signs as we pass, to see if they change or say strange things. A sign that should say "speed limit" instead reads "cookie monster." Okay, that's definitely not normal. I examine some billboards, and find that I'm having trouble reading them. That's strike two against reality; time to RC.

      I become lucid with a nose pinch RC and exit the truck. I go off exploring, but most of that is lost in memory.

      Non-lucid again. My brother is watching a video on YouTube. "What are you watching?" I ask.

      "This really cool thing with Justin Bieber in it!" he exclaims and shows me.

      "Justin Bieber?" I burst into laughter. "Why are you watching THAT?"

      "'Cause he's a really awesome singer! Uhh... just don't tell anyone I told you that."

      My mom walks up and I become lucid again. I am trying to prove to her that this is a dream, but even though I stick my finger through my palm she doesn't believe me. Stupid DC...

      Later, yet ANOTHER false awakening. My brother is still going on about that Bieber kid. "I thought that was a dream," I mutter to myself, confused. I am contemplating telling my friends about his strange behavior, or saving it for when I need dirt on him.
    2. In Which I Turn Confusion into Lucidity

      by , 01-13-2011 at 05:46 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Failed Planning
      I have gone to take the SAT, and for some strange reason Mitchell, my friend's ex-obsessionboyfriend, is with me. He is supposed to be taking the test, too, and my mother is going to pay the fee for him. However, his name does not seem to be on the list. "Can't you just print him off an answer document?" My mom asks the lady.

      "Did you even sign up for this, or were you just planning to take it on a whim?" I ask Mitchell in annoyance.

      "Sign up?"

      I try to explain to my mother that he didn't sign up and that no, they CAN'T just print off an answer document because the College Board deals with that and they would need all of his information. She refuses to listen to me and keeps arguing. I glare at Mitchell, who still does not appear to know what's going on.

      Later, he has somehow angered a mob of crazed tourists. I learn that there is some sort of zombie virus outbreak, and that he has tricked the tourists into giving them these tickets that are used to gain passage into a zombie free zone. I snatch the tickets away from him after I chase off the mob. "Why did you take all these in the first place?"

      "I needed them for autographs!" Oh my god, what an idiot, I think in disgust.

      "Autographs? What the hell are you talking about?" I notice that all of the tickets have the initials RL scrawled on the back of them.

      ((Also, it seemed like Samael was involved in the whole ordeal, but I can't remember how.))

      2- Street Punks
      I am riding the school bus, and for some reason my dad is sharing the seat with me and this other girl. She asks my dad why he's coming to school with me. I suddenly wonder the same. What in the world is he doing on the bus? Without learning the answer, we arrive at school and I wander down the hallway. What class am I supposed to go to...? Something is wrong with my memory. I end up at my AP United States History class. "Oh yeah, I have APUSH first period," I remind myself.

      But where is all my stuff? Is it in my locker? I go to my locker and find that someone else's stuff is there. "Did we have a locker change again?" I ask a nearby student.

      "Yeah, it's really annoying when they do that. Should have waited 'till the next semester."

      I remember that my alternate locker number is on my schedule... which is in my locker. Great. ((BTW, there is no such thing as a locker change or an alternate locker number. Yet another false memory.))

      I go to the office and find a bunch of band students playing jingle bells very unenthusiastically to a tall, official looking lady. They finish as I enter the room, and she claps happily. I hesitantly approach the lady. "Um, I don't know if you're the right person to ask for this... What is my new locker number?"

      "You're number 18," she says cheerily, without even looking at a list. "I placed you myself. See, we try to position everyone based on their abilities."

      "Okay... 18. Thanks." How does she know who I am? What abilities? I mull the question over and walk out the wrong door. I get it right on my second try. "Great," I say to myself, embarrassed, "I definitely have 'special' abilities, alright."

      At that point I "wake up" in my car, pouring sweat. Ugh it's so hot in here... I look around and note that I'm in the student parking lot. Weird... I don't think we even have school today. Was I sleep driving? I'd better call my mom and let her know where....

      My thoughts trail off as I RC and become lucid. All worries assuaged, I observe my surroundings. It is sunny, and though the parking lot is empty, there are people walking everywhere. I happily get out of the car and decide to go on a walk. No telling what might develop along the way.

      It isn't long before I come upon a gang of boys who are playing with a yoyo. The youngest (who is about 10) accidentally slams it on the ground and breaks it. "Oh no," he moans. "If Carlos finds out about this, he'll kill all of us." I notice what is in my hand at the same time they do. One of those rubber yoyo's with the flashing lights inside of it. Well, then...

      I break into a run, and they all jump on motorcycles and come after me. I'm fast, but they're faster. I make it to a bridge several miles from my house before they catch up with me. Well, I gave them a chance. They chose not to take it.

      With an evil grin, I leap into the air just before the bikes would have run me over. They skid to a halt and glare up at me, unfazed by my unnatural performance. I am suddenly hurdling through the air directly at the largest gang member. My foot slams into his chest with enough force to knock him off the bridge to his death. NOW they look appropriately frightened. I make short work of the others. Now only the youngest is left. I do not intend to kill him at first, but then he holds one of his dead comrades in front of him as a shield. This angers me. "Stupid street punk!" I yell as I beat the life out of him.

      3- Playing with Energy
      I am listening in to the Elders' meeting without their knowledge.

      "What? The youngest son of the Uria clan has run off?"

      "He is a disgrace to his family."

      "What of the eldest?"

      "Her position in this matter is unknown. When asked about it, she merely said, 'These things happen.'"

      I roll my eyes and place the headphones back on the table. Stupid old bags. Is it really so difficult to understand why my brother ran off?

      My uncle walks in the room, and I look as innocent and meek as possible as he goes into his usual speech of upholding the family values, blah blah blah, and I'd better not end up like my "wretch of a brother."

      At this point, I RC and become lucid, exiting the role of this Uria character.

      I go to the back door and walk outside, thinking about the Queen (yet again) and wondering if I should try to contact her. I am still contemplating this when I look up and notice Sadie sitting nearby with two other cats. One of them seems to be massaging the other's shoulders. At first they look similar to cats I'd previously owned, but then they change slightly and I no longer recognize them.

      The one who had been getting the massage runs over to me and bites my hand affectionately. I pet her and ask her what her name is. No answer. "Come on, you can tell me." She still doesn't answer. I look at her black and white companion. "Hey, cat. I know that's not your name, so speak and tell me what it is." No answer. "Sadie?" Sadie turns up her tail and ignores me. "Hmph. Fine, be that way." I ask the cat that I'm petting one more time what her name is, and I hear my stepdad's voice behind me say "Betty."


      "Yeah, that's her name."

      He and my brother walk up and start horseplaying. I notice that whenever my brother goes to throw a punch, I can see his energy fly from his hand and hit Chris before the physical impact. "That's interesting," I say. Chris takes some of Steven's energy in his hand and forms it into a ball, then throws it at me. "Ow!" That really hurt. He throws another one, but this time I catch it and examine it closely. I let my own energy flow into it; the ball goes from being clear to swirling with black and purple energy. "Interesting," I say again. I throw the ball at Chris. At first it sticks to my hand and absorbs back into me, but I make a new ball of my own and throw it. I have terrible aim; it lands several feet away and creates a mini explosion.

      I notice it's getting dark out, which is a good indication that the dream is getting unstable.
      I wake up before I can do anything about it.

      4- Canoeing
      I am watching from above as PJ and a few other people are canoeing in a beautiful wide river surrounded by an evergreen forest. The dream tells me that this is in Detroit, Michigan or maybe Delaware, I can't remember which. I know it started with a D.
    3. Why Reality Checks Are Useful

      by , 01-13-2011 at 01:11 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Why Reality Checks Are Useful
      Driving has never been incredibly easy for me, but it's certainly never been this difficult! What is wrong with me today? Or is it the car? I flinch and hit the brakes nearly ten feet from the stopped car in front of me, but my stupid Kia keeps moving and bumps into it. Either the driver doesn't notice, or he doesn't care. More than a bit unnerved, I turn onto the interstate and head STRAIGHT INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!! Oh my God, I'm going to die!

      In a panic, I swerve to the right side of the road, lose control of the car (as if I ever had control in the first place), and slam into a vehicle who was blaring their horn at me in horror. My car is totaled. "Good thing this is just a dream," I say to myself right before I die.

      I am majorly confused. My mother tells me that I wrecked my car, but I am certain that the crash was only a dream. Was it possible that the car was destroyed as a RESULT of my dream? Or am I dreaming right now? Hmm...

      The dream changes. I am now a man who has been killing people in his sleep. The memory is vague at this point, but I recall looking at a lady with short blond hair who was holding a bloody knife...
      Tags: death, driving
      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    4. A Night of Adventure

      by , 01-10-2011 at 09:43 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Had a pretty epic night; I was almost sad for it to end.

      1- Crystalline Fields
      I awaken to find a three foot layer of solid, clear ice covering the ground. Inexplicable towers of ice jut up into the sky, some of them formed around entire trees. In the predawn light, the scene looks incredibly beautiful and surreal. It is fairly clear, however, that travel will be impossible for the next few days, if not longer.

      ((Sometime after the ice dream, I experience strong HI of myself and the Queen, who I was referring to as Stephanie, having a conversation. I do not recall what we spoke of, but I remember feeling somewhat disturbed. Interesting...))

      2- Dreams are Truth
      Lucid, though I do not recall how, and speaking to some sort of oracle about my dreams. He says that there is a truth my dreams that I must deal with. I feel a great sense of despair and horror. Though I try to deny it, I know which dreams the oracle speaks of. I do not let my mind fully wrap around a certain memory... ((This dream is really vague now, but it was Leroy and the Queen who I was trying not to think about. I'm not sure why I was so concerned. In reality, I'm glad that they seem to be cropping up again. I've missed them both, despite our love/hate relationship. Of course, I do find it disturbing that they seem to have been my parents, if that other dream had any truth to it. Ick...))

      3- Harry Potter and the Forbidden Codex
      I have been charged by Dumbledore to be the keeper of some very important scrolls, called the Codex, which seem to be entries from a certain adventurer's personal journal. (Interesting, since a codex is the opposite of a scroll.) I am supposed to be studying these entries and trying to gain knowledge from them, but doing so is nearly impossible when Voldemort is constantly trying to steal them from me. He even disguises himself as Dumbledore, but becomes angry and attacks me when I see right through his disguise.

      ((At some point during our battle, I wake up and manage to re-enter the dream.))

      I am surrounded and completely outnumbered; plus I learn that Voldemort has captured Dumbledore and is holding him prisoner. Our only hope is for me to return to Hogwarts. Fortunately, Dobby appears and apparates us there just as Voldy's henchmen come in for the finishing blow.

      Once at the school, I track down Ron and Hermione. ((I don't know how I know them. I am myself in the dream, but we seem to be friends.)) They accompany me as we travel deep into the bowels of the school in hopes of rescuing our Headmaster. Vicious beasts attack us along the way; one of them is a large cross between a wolf and a bat. Fighting it takes up nearly all of our energy, and we are dismayed to see another, scarier creature replace it almost immediately. ((This whole thing may sound silly, but believe me, it was really intense.))

      As if things couldn't get any worse, Voldemort's henchmen show up and change both of my companions into big worms, and paralyze me. However, as soon as they leave, we go back to normal. Why didn't they kill us? I realize that one of them must be a mole, secretly working for Dumbledore. If we can just get to Voldemort, we'd be able to kill him for sure.

      Finally I find Voldemort. The mole dispatches the other henchmen, while I cast a spell on Voldemort that renders him the scared, insecure child within his soul. He then transforms into a gray blob that bears a somewhat fruity personality. I think I preferred his evil side...

      4- Hungry Cats
      As I am feeding Sadie, I realize that I have a whole bunch of cats outside that I haven't fed in nearly a month! This prompts me to RC, and I become lucid. "I should wake myself up and feed those cats as soon as possible!" I say to Sadie, but then I remember that that's against the rules. "They'll be there when I wake up, if they even exist," I assure myself. ((I hate false memories. I only own one cat.))

      I can't stop worrying about my "poor, starving kitties," so I decide to go outside and see if they are in the dream world. Sure enough, a pack of wild looking cats are living in the woods at the edge of my back yard. There are dozens of them, and kittens, too!

      I call their leader over to me, and ask how they've been doing. "It's a rough world," she says, "But we're surviving."

      I apologize profusely for forgetting about them and promise to bring them some food when I wake up. "I WOULD do it now, but since this is a dream that would be sort of pointless."

      No dream goals pop out at me, so I decide to go on a walk. There are now a few people from school walking with me, but I ignore them as I think once more of Leroy and the Queen. I wonder if I should try to find them...

      My thoughts are interrupted as I come to a fork in the road that was never there before. Should be interesting to see where this goes. But it isn't long before a sports car with a crazed driver comes hurdling towards me. I grin and stand my ground, jumping at the last second and running along the top of the car with one swift step. I land and the car speeds on down the road.

      This happens several more times, and then guys with REALLY strange looking chainsaws show up. I understand that this is a sort of sport; the guys try to kill me with the chainsaws, and I have to use only my feet to survive.

      This proves to be exceptionally fun! It's really the same concept as the cars; I simply jump into the air and kick my foot down hard upon the chainsaw, knocking it and its user into the ground. At one point, my shoe becomes a chainsaw ((like Giriko from Soul Eater)) which further enables me to squash my opponents. "I wonder why they don't have a game like this in real life..."

      5- More Hungry Cats
      I "wake up" and RC, but it fails. Good, now I can go feed those cats! When I get to the place where the cats should be, I notice a lot of food scattered around on the ground. What the...? Annoyed to think that I'm wasting time yet again, I RC once more and become lucid. "This is getting on my nerves. Do I even own these cats?" I really feel like I do, but I tell myself that I can't be sure. After all, I thought I'd owned that horse, too, and THAT had only led to nearly getting my leg bit off by a feral goat. So no sense in getting worked up about a few cats who may or may not exist.

      As I am thinking this over, a cute little puppy wanders over to me. He begins talking about how he ran away from his family, because he hated his uncle, who was the Alpha. At that point, my dogs Fred and Bessie walk up. The puppy worries that Fred is his uncle, but when he sees otherwise he gets "violent" and says he will prove his strength and kill Fred. I tell Fred to go easy on him.

      But the puppy chickens out at the last second and rolls over on his back in a sign of submission.

      ((At that point, I wake up for real and find that we have about a foot of snow!))
    5. 10/22/10

      by , 01-03-2011 at 11:32 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Conspiracy
      I am walking around the karate place, which seems to have been expanded into a store. For some reason, headphones are blaring Within Temptation songs into my ears. I think it's rude to wear headphones in public, so I'm trying to figure out why I'm doing so. Suddenly a man taps me on the shoulders. I take the headphones off, but I still hear the music (I have it playing in real life.) I struggle to hear his question.

      "Can you show me where the flats are?" he asks. As if I work here... and what the heck are flats?

      I look to the front desk, where Anna (the receptionist/secretary) is standing. Pointing to her, I say, "Anna would know better than I would." He walks off.

      I see my Papa leading my brother into a long hallway with many doors. Curious, I secretly follow them. They stop in a room at the end of the hallway, but I can't get close enough to see without being noticed.

      When I leave the hallway, I am now in my house. I find a hole in the wall that allows me to see into the room where my brother is. He is in a room with a bunch of sickly old men, all of whom are sleeping in recliners. Weird...

      *lapse in memory, but I get knocked out somehow*

      "Waking up" in my bed, I am determined to find out what is going on. I had overheard Papa telling my brother something rather disturbing, but it hadn't made sense. Apparently I had been attacked... but I'm having problems recollecting the situation.

      I leave my room and ask my mom what's going on. She is evasive. My brother gives me a look and says, "I'll tell you later."

      My mom suddenly gets angry and says,"There is nothing secret in this house!"

      But there is. A winged bringer of death has been going around killing people, and I KNOW that it involves that secret hallway somehow.

      There is a cut scene of my dream father getting attacked by this thing. I fear he is dead, but when I reach him, he spits up water and sits up. Alive. We find out that the death-bringer is someone that we had trusted, who had clearly betrayed us.

      This man begins attacking us. Realizing I'm dreaming, I tell my dad to run. I can handle this.

      He is easy enough to fight, especially using my awesome karate moves. Maybe this will help me get better in real life... But he calls reinforcements: several zombies, a goat demon, and some other creatures. I run inside and use the screen door as both a shield and a weapon, ramming it into the zombies and then kicking them down the porch steps. After I beat the final zombie off the porch, the goat demon exclaims, "You killed her!"

      "Uh, she's a zombie."

      He breaks into the house, so I run out, taking my chances with the other creatures. I fight them for a few minutes, but then a strange man wearing a backpack says he's going to open his pack, revealing "the truth." One of my allies tells me to run, so I take the advice. I don't get very far, however, before I feel someone grab ahold of my back. "Let go!" I shout. Then I realize The Truth. No longer am I running; instead, I'm GROWING out of the strange man's back, and I suddenly have spider-like legs coming out of my body.

      I let out a bloodcurdling scream (even though I know I'm dreaming)
      and I end up having another false awakening.

      This time I'm in a hospital, and the strange backpack man is standing over me with a video camera. "How would you like to be in my new reality show?" he asks me playfully.

      I scowl at him. "I'd hate it. Almost as much as I hate you."

      "Now, now, I'm sure you don't mean that." I hear a threat in his words. If I don't do what he says, I'll be growing out of his back again... The thought is not pleasant.

      "Fine! What do you want me to do?"

      He makes a fool out of me, telling me to do all sorts of stupid and random things, like making silly faces at the camera. I am furious, but I have no choice but to comply.
    6. The Only Kind of Nightmare I Hate

      by , 08-13-2010 at 09:57 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Treat
      I am in a grocery store, reading some World of Warcraft manga, when I jump and realize gravity seems a bit off. I RC and become lucid. Wanting to do something fun, I find a bunch of candy and start eating it... It tastes REALLY good.

      2- Terrible Nightmare
      FA. I RC but it fails. When I go to the bathroom to start getting ready for school, I notice that my teeth are all crooked. "What the heck!? But they were fine last night!" I RC again, but it still fails. I show my mom and she says she'll have to take me to the orthodontist to get braces again.

      Practically in tears, I am RCing like crazy. "No, I refuse to let this be real..." I turn the lights out in the bathroom and make faces at my reflection, trying to make it come out of the mirror and attack me. ('Cause I'd rather be attacked by my evil reflection than to have crooked teeth.) It behaves like a normal reflection. I fall backwards and try to sink into the wall. It is as solid as ever.

      "THIS IS NOT REAL!" I tell myself firmly, and do another nose pinch RC.
      I cannot begin to describe my relief when it actually passes. Never have I been so happy to find myself in a dream...

      3- Following the Plot
      Another FA but I never lose lucidity due to the narration: "The deeper he goes into FAs, the more stable the dream becomes." ("He" because I've suddenly become a guy. I wonder what's with all these gender switching dreams, lately.) I get out of bed and look at the clock out of curiosity. 8:45. I sure hope that's not the real time, or else I'm late for school.

      I'm about to try to wake myself up again, when I remember my new rule. It's just a stupid dream notion, I probably don't even have school today.

      When I go outside, I immediately see my dog Fred approaching me. He suddenly morphs into his human form and pulls out a gun, firing three shots into the air before returning to his dog form, then beckons me to follow. I'm busy thinking of how I'm going to write this once I wake up.

      He leads me to a graveyard way off in the woods and signals for me to stay hidden. I observe several people walking out of a church and become wrapped up in their conversation. (All of which has been lost, unfortunately.) They are trying to decide the fate of a certain man who has betrayed their religious order. Eventually they spin a wheel, which tells them to send the man to "Lady Fortuna." This seems to disappoint many of them.
      Tags: animals, fred, lucid
      lucid , nightmare , false awakening
    7. Samael (or not)

      by , 08-13-2010 at 09:33 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      New rule: Even if I believe the house is on fire IRL, I refuse to try to wake myself up.

      1- Neverending Dream
      I become lucid for whatever reason, but I MUST wake myself up because apparently I have a horse named Jake who is getting attacked by something IRL. I can hear him snorting in fear... I end up stuck in SP for a while, followed by a kajillion false awakenings. "Wake up." RC. Lucid. Try to wake up for real. "Wake up." RC. Lucid. Try to wake up for real. "Wake up." RC. Lucid. Try to wake up for real. ((Etc, etc, etc...)) Witness some pretty disturbing things... WHERE is the mind bleach!? [/color]RC. Lucid. Try to wake up for real.

      FINALLY I "wake up" in the stable with my horse. I see that he is being attacked by a savage billy goat, which immediately turns on me and chomps down on my leg. In terrible pain, I am practically pulling the goats ears off in an attempt to get him to release me. Once it lets go of my leg, it fits my whole foot into its mouth and nearly rips it off. If Jake hadn't kicked the crazy animal off of me, I'd have probably been one foot short. That's when it clicks: I don't even own a horse! How retarded am I?

      At least now I can actually make use of this time. I go off to once again search for Samael.

      For some reason, my voice doesn't work when I yell. I can hear myself loud and clear if I speak to myself, but when I try to yell out Samael's name all I get is a dry rasp. How annoying...

      It doesn't matter, however. I soon come across one who claims to be him. He looks "just like his avatar," according to my terrible dream memory. ((What is with these stupid false memories???)) Actually, he is covered in white paint, looking like a cross between a clown and some kind of demon.

      I am curious about how I appear to him, and he tells me I look just like my avatar. What is my avatar? I think to myself, searching my memory. Isn't it a catgirl? I feel on top of my head to see if I have cat ears, but I find that I have none.

      We talk for a while, and I begin to wonder if it's really him or just a DC. Then he randomly says, "God, you're cute."

      "Okay, now I KNOW you're just a DC..."

      We get attacked by something, and I lose lucidity.

      After the battle, the entire situation changes. I am now talking to a girl who seems to be trying to kiss me. I'm not sure if I want her to or not, but I keep getting terrible hip cramps that are practically knocking me to the ground. Finally she exclaims, "Screw your hip cramps!" (obviously thinking that I'm doing this on purpose to evade her) and forcefully kisses me anyway.

      More false awakenings. My brother jerks me off the bed onto the floor, but I'm too grateful to get out of the endless FA cycle to be mad.

      Matt is there, and he is doing a perfect rendition of the speaking part in Creek Mary's Blood by Nightwish.

      I finally wake up for real and find that Creek Mary's Blood is playing on my Mp3 player.
    8. When Things Go Wrong

      by , 07-04-2010 at 03:37 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      1- Gross
      ((I'm not going to describe the events that led up to my lucidity. Believe me, you don't want to hear it. I'll just say that it involves tonsil stones.)) I look in the mirror and decide that I'd better RC for good measure, because this is NOT normal. To my relief, I am dreaming. All I remember is going out in my backyard...

      2- Hitler's Reincarnation
      A man who is the spitting image of Hitler is doing some experiments on a dreamstone. He is progressively getting crazier and crazier. There are some people that he has locked up, and he is talking to one of them. "I wonder how the stone will react," he murmurs, "when it absorbs all the negative energies from your massacre!" He opens the gates, and the prisoners flood out. Men on horseback come, slaughtering every one of them.

      3- DEILD attempt

      I am trying to DEILD, but I don't realize that I'm already dreaming. It's too late to even call it a DEILD anyway, 'cause I've already opened my eyes. I am looking at my reflection in a mirror above my bed. She is gesturing for me to come closer. I refuse, telling HER to come closer. She walks out the mirror door, subsequently walking IN my real door. Cool, now there's two of me! ((I'm semi-lucid at this point.)) My reflection doesn't seem to like me that much, but I don't care. I try to think of something interesting we can do, when...

      4- Wild Chase
      Chris calls me, and I "wake up."

      "What is it!?" I yell from my bed.

      "Come here!"

      He hands me two cookies wrapped up in a piece of paper. He tells me I have to take them to Nathaniel. "Why can't Steven do that?" I ask irritably. "It's his friend." But I go out to the car anyway. For some reason, Jordan's there, and he's in the driver's seat. What's the point of me even going?

      We start off down the road. From the talking in the back seat, I conclude that Tony, Eve, Charles, and my brother are with us as well. Why are THEY here?

      Jordan is swerving all over the road, and I yell at him to get in his lane. "I can't! I'll hit the pigeons!"

      "How can you even see any pigeons!? You don't have your lights on!" While he's trying to find the lights, he swerves off the road and nearly crashes. We come to an abrupt halt. Charlie runs out of the car and pukes all over the road. When he gets back in, I'm about to tell Jordan to let me drive, but he takes off at an alarming speed.

      "Slow down, you idiot!!!" Now the cops are chasing us. They're shooting! He manages to get away, and I force him to stop the car. "I'm driving!" I fume angrily. He doesn't argue.

      I have another run-in with the cops, but I'm driving a hell of a lot better than Jordan was. They're only chasing me because of his stupidity... But using my new-found super driving skills, I easily evade them. Steven tells me we have to stop at McDonald's to get his friend's burger.

      Somehow, I'm on a motorcycle now, and everyone else is just walking around me as I pull up to the drive through. After ordering, I realize that we must have left those cookies in the car...

      Conclusion: Samael is right. DC's should never be allowed to drive.
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    9. Chain of DEILDs

      by , 07-02-2010 at 01:24 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      It took me ages to get back to sleep after WBTB, but it was well worth it!

      1- Stuck
      I am stranded in the middle of the river. This has the potential to not end well... I text both of my parents to let them know where I am, then I text my boss, saying "I might not make it to work tomorrow morning, because I'm stranded in the middle of the river."

      I make it out sooner than expected. About an hour later I realize that I have failed to inform my boss of my safety. When I get out my phone, I see that I have a reply from him. It reads, "Your text nearly broke my heart..." Um, okay. It wasn't really that big of a deal...

      2- Poodle
      I am at the doctor's office, and I notice a poodle walking around. One of the doctors reaches down and pets it, then walks into a different room. Isn't that unsanitary??? I don't normally like poodles, but this one is very friendly. It has a weird habit of chewing on my hand when I pet it, though, just like my RL dog.

      3- Talking Squirrels
      I walk up to a cage that contains two squirrels. They are arguing over which kind of nut tastes the best: walnuts or pecans. (I vaguely notice a decapitated parrot next to the cage, but for some reason this is never an issue.) What a silly thing to argue about, I think to myself. Maybe if I give them an acorn, they'll agree that it's way better than both of the others. I pick up an acorn off the ground, but before I can even stand back up, an invisible squirrel runs up and steals it from me.

      4- Tree Frog
      I find an unusual (and extremely cute) tree frog near the stepping stones of my house. As I pick it up, I instantly remember the squirrel dream I had. I make a mental note to write it down later, then start looking for a safe place to put my frog.

      5- Showing Off (DEILD)
      I feel myself exit SP, but it's still a struggle to open my eyes. RC just to be sure, but I know I'm dreaming. I get up and look around. Everything about my room is as it should be, except for the graffiti-like markings on my ceiling. Interested, I try to read what it says. Basically a fancy to-do list: Wash room, clean laundry, etc. Hm, that sounds sort of backwards.

      I walk out and run into my brother. "Hey, wanna see something cool?" I ask him. ((IDK why, but I've always felt the need to show off my abilities to any nearby DCs.)) I stick my hand through the window; the glass melts around my arm, as if liquid. I go all the way through to the outside. "Ha, that's much more fun than using the door!"

      Now, time to look for Samael. I walk to the road and call out, noticing that my voice is echoing again. Wonder why it hasn't done that before? ((My problem is that I'm too focused on my voice to pay attention to what's supposed to happen. ))
      I abruptly wake up.

      6- No More Messing Around (DEILD)
      I re-enter the dream and decide to be serious this time. Before I make it out of the house, Chris stops me and says I need to get to work on my to-do list. He mentions something about sending a hammer fist into my leg if I don't get it done when I wake up. "Uh, yeah, whatever," I say, walking out. I hope he doesn't turn out to be one of those DCs who hinders me throughout the entire dream...

      I walk down the road, thinking about the best method for summoning Samael. I notice that I have gone a bit past Shelby and Taylor's house (which is bright green this time), and I decide to count how many houses are beside theirs to add to my dream map. There's two actual houses, but the second one has three separate buildings to it: The main house, a rather large dog house (or possibly a play house for kids), and a beautiful building made of cobblestone. I walk through their yard, examining things. I vaguely think about trespassing, but it's not like it really matters if I'm caught. This is a beautiful place, I am constantly amazed by my mind's ability to come up with all these little details.
      I wake up.

      7- Portals and Mirrors
      I chain back into the dream, but something distracts me and I believe myself to be awake. When I make it to the living room, Chris is there waiting for me. "Remember our deal? You haven't finished your to-do list yet."

      "Wait, what? How can you possibly remember that, I was dreaming when you... Wait." I RC and become lucid. "Yay! You made me lucid!" Ignoring whatever he is saying, I go through the window once more and continue my search for Samael. Calling out doesn't seem to be working ((because I wasn't doing it right)) so maybe I can summon a portal. I think about it, and one starts to rise up from the ground. It looks like a large round shadow at first, then it slowly turns more tangible, and then... puffs out of existence.

      Oh well, portals have never been my forte. Maybe a mirror would be more useful. I remember one of my first LDs where I used a mirror to travel to outer space. This may be my best chance.

      I look around and spot an empty car in the middle of the road. Perfect. I use the rearview mirror and say, "Show me where Samael is. I need to see Samael." A figure starts to appear in the mirror, but then I notice cars coming up behind me. I think getting run over would seriously hurt my chances of success, so I use super strength and push the car out of the middle of the road. Who would park a car in the middle of the road in the first place?

      Before I can return my attention to the mirror, I notice two people on motorcycles driving by. On the red bike is a lady with short black hair; on the green bike is a man who looks a lot like... Lucifer. "Hey, wait!" I yell out excitedly, but the noise of their bikes is too loud, they can't hear me. In a split second, they are gone.

      More distractions; Now there are a lot of people around, and my brother and his friends are throwing things at me. I ignore this. "Hey, do you know of anyone around here who calls themself Samael or Jack?"

      "My last name is Jack," says the boy standing next to my brother.

      I sigh. "Well, if you happen to find him, let me know."
      The dream ends.

      I'd better get up and write this down, before I forget... but my body feels so heavy. I'm still being affected by the SP. I manage to sit up ((which probably never really happened, most likely HI)), then fall back over and go back to sleep.

      8- One of those WTF moments

      There is a guy lying in his bed, talking to someone about a dream he just had about them. I think he's talking to me, until I hear him say, "At least you let me touch you this time." Okay, that definitely didn't happen in any of the dreams I just had. Who is he talking to?

      My vision shifts a bit. I can now see that he is talking to a poster on his wall. The poster is of two male cartoon characters, sleeping together. Or rather, one is asleep, and the other one is talking to the guy. He says something, and the guy laughs. Doesn't he realize that he's still dreaming? I wonder. Does he honestly believe that his poster would be talking to him?

      "Good night, boys," the man says to the poster, then turns out the light and goes back to sleep.
    10. Vampires, and the First Lucid of the Month

      by , 07-01-2010 at 02:44 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Woah, it's July first? That means I had my first lucid of the month! ^^

      1- Holly the Hypnotic Vampire
      I am a woman named Felicity, trapped in a room along with my friends by the evil vampire, Holly. We've been there for quite a while... We're starving to death, and so, so thirsty.

      "I'm REALLY thirsty, Felicity. We gotta get outta here."

      "I know, Frank, I know."

      Suddenly something within him changes. He starts babbling about how he can feel the life energy flowing through him. Soon the others do the same. I seem to be the only one unaffected by this madness. Don't they realize the life energy isn't flowing through them? It's flowing out of them! They're becoming vampires!

      I try to tell them to fight it, to resist what Holly has done to them, but she is fighting me every step of the way. She tells them that I am no longer worthy to be their leader, that they should listen to her, instead.

      "Who should we believe?" Theresa asks, confused.

      "The one you love the most," Holly answers in a hypnotic voice. "Who do you really love?"

      Theresa considers this for a moment. "Holly," she answers.

      "Holly," the others echo.

      I give Theresa a dirty look. "Oh, and... uh, what is her name...? Felicity," she amends half-heartedly.

      Ugh, she almost forgot my name. I think it's safe to say they're a lost cause.

      "Are we always going to be this pale?" I ask Holly in annoyance. "I mean, can't vampires get a tan?" She ignores me.

      2- Evil Sleep Mask
      My dad's girlfriend has a cute pet rat named Jenny. She is sitting on her shoulder, and doing funny things to make us laugh. Hm, I need to play with my rats more often.

      I "wake up" and find that I am alone. I wonder where everyone went... Oh, well, maybe I can play with Jenny. When I go over to the cage, I see that it is now the size of a cage at the zoo. As if that wasn't weird enough, there are all kinds of unusual animals within... Several of them look like giant, carnivorous sloths, and one looks like the mammal version of an alligator. All of the animals are trying to eat each other. There are a few small monkeys in the cage, too. They come up to the bars, quivering in fear, giving me a pleading look. "Aww, hey little guys! You're so cuuute!" This is obviously a dream. I RC and become lucid. Yay!

      Time to look for Samael. I call out loudly, "Samael!!!!" My voice sounds cool; it echoes throughout the dream world. The thought of those monkeys distracts me for a moment... Maybe I could make on of them my familiar, since I'm looking for one. No, one thing at a time. I call out again. I have somehow arrived at a dark and abandoned country road.

      Now my eyes are trying to close themselves. Ugh, it's the stupid sleep mask I'm wearing IRL. I take it off, which works for a few seconds before it reappears on my face. I can see through it, but it's making my eyes close... When they do
      I wake up.

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    11. A Three Lucid Morning

      by , 06-22-2010 at 03:40 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Woah, I'm glad I decided to go back to sleep.

      1- Puppy with a Thousand Names
      I just bought a cute little dachshund puppy, but I can't come up with a name. Everytime I think of one I like, I forget it and come up with something else. To start with I'm calling her Doris, then Matilda, then Samantha...

      I teach her how to play fetch.... She's just so cuuute!

      2- Battle of Fire and Water
      I am surrounded by evil monks. My master is wounded; this battle is in my hands. But how can ONE win against THOUSANDS? I am barely able to keep them at bay with my fire magic, and my mana is running low. I quickly drink a potion which restores my power. But what good will it do? How can I defeat them? "Get them away from the floodgates," my master instructs. After a few failed attempts, I do as he says. Water rushes out of the gates and they all drown.

      3- Playing with Time Warps

      I am with the Doctor; he is a bit impatient with my cousin, so he decides to screw with her head a bit. He creates a time warp, and she walks up to him just as he is talking to a past version of her. She freaks out and runs away. Our laughter is interrupted by the sound of marching. A whole legion of warriors is coming out of Wal-Mart!

      "You of all people should know the dangers of playing with time warps!" I accuse as the army advances on us. "Look what you've done!"

      The general wants us both dead. Before he gives the order to attack, he randomly stabs an arrow into the head of a dwarf standing beside him. Okay, what was the point of that?

      The battle commences. I have a sword, and am actually doing a really good job of killing the soldiers. This is fun! The army is actually a mixture of humans and enslaved dwarves... I end up killing the arrow-dwarf's brother, and he wants revenge. (How is he still alive with that arrow sticking out of his head?) I knock him underneath a car. Now he can't sit up without the arrow hitting the bottom of the vehicle. Looks like a very painful way to be stuck...

      The scene changes; now I'm working for the General. I get an email about something detrimental to the General's plans. I can't let him see this... This could be the key to getting rid of him once and for all.

      4- Expectations (DEILD)
      Darkness. I'm not in SP anymore, I guess I woke up. But I RC anyway and become lucid. Yay! Only now, I can't open my eyes. Hmm... I take my sleep mask off, which has transferred over into the dream, but my eyes still won't open. I use my fingers and try to PRY them open... still no success. Oh well, I'll be able to see through them in a minute. I wander around the house blindly until I can see. I feel sort of confused though... For some reason I think I'm invisible.

      I go in my brother's room, where Steven and Matt are listening to the radio. I want to mess with them, so I throw something off the dresser at them. Apparently I'm not invisible, after all.

      My attention turns to the radio. Everything it is saying makes perfect sense. The commercials and the songs are all in real life clarity. Do they have this playing IRL? If not, my subconscious is awesome!

      I go outside. It's really dark, but I ignore this. I'm already having problems with staying in the dream, I need to stabilize this before I worry about the lights. (Or lack thereof.)

      I'm thinking about Leroy all of a sudden, and a man suddenly appears in front of me. Thinking it's my dream guide, I abruptly lose all my self-control and leap at him, giving him a big hug. I see a bit too late that I'm wrong, that this is just a random DC,
      and I wake up.

      ((Oops. I'm glad that wasn't Leroy, after all, since I had to go and act like that. Again.))

      5- A WILD within a DEILD
      I DEILD back into the dream. Yet again, I'm having the same problem with my eyes. I briefly consider ripping my eyelids off, but decide I don't really want to find out what that would feel like.

      I walk out of my room, into the hallway. I still can't see, but I am able to tell where I am just as easily. This dream is still really unstable... Maybe if I WILD within the dream, into a different dream, it will fix things? Worth a shot, anyway.

      I lay down right there on the floor, close my eyes (they were open, despite my blindness) and enter SP. There is a vague sensation of rolling around, and then...

      6- Exploration
      ...I am fully lucid in a new dream. Better yet, I can SEE again!

      Now I suddenly feel as if I need to prove myself for some reason. Maybe I'll go fight that werewolf... I head off toward it's lair. It's still pretty dark out, and there are random people along the road. Once I reach M's house I run into two mean looking dogs. I think they may have been in the pack that tried to kill me in another dream... "Hey, little doggies!" I say fondly, using passive control to make them like me. I pet them. "Wanna come help me kill a big bad werewolf?" Apparently not, they run off. I turn and fly toward the south. I'm near where I'm supposed to be; the warehouse where the werewolf lives is somewhere back here.

      Now, however, I'm distracted by the mountains beyond that. I had read something that The Cusp posted about dream mapping, about how there are certain borders on the edges of your dreamworld and that it's impossible to get past them. Well, I'll just have to see about that for myself. After a lot of flying and climbing, I make it over the mountains... only to find more mountains in the distance. Gah... I'm not going that far.

      Below me, there is a city. Since I'm here, I might as well check it out. I jump down, right in the middle of the road. Cars are coming at me from all directions, but I am unconcerned. It's fun leaping over them. A little tiny car drives by... I wonder what kind of person would drive something that small? I catch up with it and sit on top, riding through the city.

      I reach the lower district and get off. I am surprised by the variety of people, and how real they all look. Everything is so detailed; how could my mind possibly come up with all these different people?
      The dream fades, and I wake up.
    12. My Anti-Social Dream Guide

      by , 06-17-2010 at 01:24 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Sometimes, my dream guide really irks me. But yay, lucidity!

      1- Scary Lucidity
      I am listening to a song on my mp3 player that was written by someone on MM. It's very creepy... Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Eventually I get tired and turn it off, intending to go to bed. As soon as I lay down, the song starts playing. Ugh, not THIS song again. Wait, didn't I take my earbuds out already? I sit up and RC. Lucid!

      Suddenly it is very dark in my room. I vaguely think about lights, but I cannot focus enough to make the darkness go away. An aura of fear, of pure terror, weighs down the air, making it somewhat difficult to breathe.

      Annoyed, I walk to the center of my room and stand perfectly still. I picture what I will do to any attacker, even Leroy (who I know is behind this), for coming to me in such darkness with the obvious intent to scare me. But it's just so freaking dark, I can't hold the dream together.

      ((Note: I know it was Leroy, because fear is his "energy signature." Why he has to be so anti-social, I don't know.))

      2- A Dream of Wakefulness
      I am in MM chat, telling everyone about the lucid dream I just had. Moonbeam tells me that the person who wrote that song is banned from MM, because he stole our "void game." I am appalled. How dare he!?

      Later, I am a guy wandering around a college campus. I hear a "Hey, you," behind me and turn around. A girl is standing in the doorway, looking at me. "The manager told me to look for a Junior, and you're the only Junior around here. Even though you look more like 17 than 20. If you want to join our ranks, go meet Nelson by the band house."
      ((This is pretty much an exact quote of what she said, as I woke up afterwards and wrote it down as quickly as possible.))

      3- Alice in Dreamland
      I am cleaning out my grandmother's house; apparently she's moving. We fight all sorts of strange things in there, my favorite being some type of primitive war machine. It is a cart, with a catapult attached to one side, a removable spiky club attached to the other side, and spikes in the front. Useful for both long ranged attacks and ramming into enemies.

      Later, I am no longer myself, but a girl named Alice. I am standing in a graveyard with friends, sanctifying the grave of our deceased friend, Whisper. I say a spell which animates the concrete Angel used as her gravemarker. It now has her spirit. She thanks me, and offers to help in times of need.

      I am following some weird storyline as I wander further into the graveyard, away from my friends. A narrator says I will get attacked by the thugs who are after me, and my friends won't be able to hear my cries for help. The rational part of me realizes that I could leave now before the thugs find me, but this Alice part of me isn't aware of my future predicament.

      I see my (Alice's) father walk around the side of the church.

      Rational me: *gasp* My father has something to do with those thugs!

      Alice: Hm, I wonder where he's going?

      As I sneak closer, I spot the thugs loading some things into a car. Too late to hide: the short fat one has spotted me! I run, and he give chase. How can he run so fast!? I see my friends over the hill, leaving the cemetery. As predicted, they cannot hear me calling to them.

      Suddenly another of the thugs is standing in my path. This one, however, I know to be friendly. "Alice!" he cries out as I collide into him. He catches me and holds me with my back against his chest.

      "Being... chased..." I pant. Shorty walks up to us.

      "Neil! Good, you got 'er! Let's take 'er to the boss!"

      Neil doesn't move; I can tell he's debating with himself about what to do. Set me free, or follow orders? Right now, I don't really care which one he decides. I know that he'll save me eventually, if not now. Besides, I'm feeling very comfortable in his arms... "Neil, what are you waiting for?" Shorty growls impatiently.

      Neil suddenly lets me go and puts himself between me and the other thug. "Go! Run!" I don't want to leave him, but I must follow the storyline.

      "Thank you," I say, taking off down the sidewalk. I think I am going to get away, but at the intersection I am intercepted by another thug, who looks like Fabio. Damn it! Neil got in trouble for nothing!
      ((At this point, my mom's phone goes off, waking me. No fair... I was going to end up having a romance with Neil...))
    13. I Need to get Curtains

      by , 06-14-2010 at 07:38 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      During most of the night, I had terrible recall. Only 2 dreams remembered by 6:30. I can very rarely get back to sleep once light starts showing through my window, even IF I put my sleep mask on, but this time I was lucky.

      1- Midnight Tragedy
      A wolf... wandering through the forest. "Pain is pain, but one step out of Hell is alleviating. The wolf's war had never been closer." He grants a big dog sentience to ask it a question, just after the poor thing gets chopped in half. It is still alive, writhing in a pool of it's own blood. But the wolf doesn't care about the other animal's pain. He just wants answers.

      2- Wanderlust and Surprisingly Good Excuses
      Chris and I are walking down a path through the forest. I stumble upon the biggest deer antler I have ever seen: it's about the size of my own body, if not bigger. I want to take it with me, but Chris refuses to help. I end up dragging it behind me by myself.

      Later, I am no longer myself. I am a Princess, walking through a beautiful meadow with my sister, my guards, and one of our suitors. (Who is a Prince from a faraway land.) We reach the end of the meadow... the edge of the woods. My sister sends all the guards and the Prince away. One of the guards doesn't want to leave us, but the Prince says that they all must obey any command we give.

      "We have to hurry, or Mother will find out that we're here by ourselves." As soon as I utter the words, my phone rings. It's our mother. She begins telling me something about Chris coming to the place she works to teach everyone martial arts."

      "That's great," I say, not really paying attention. "I have to go now. Love you, bye!"

      Time passes. I am riding in a limo with my sister when we get attacked by vampires. Even worse, our mom has somehow found out about us being off in the woods! I managed to get our vampire attack on video, and I use this as an excuse for why we were in the woods by ourselves.

      3- Mirrors Hate Me (WILD)
      ((As I enter SP, it feels as though I'm being drug across carpet. "Oh no, it's the carpet monster!" I think to myself jokingly, waiting for it to stop. Finally the sliding ends, and I feel a shift.)) Okay, I'm in a dream. But I still can't see. Should I open my eyes, or try to see through them? I open them. I now see that I'm lying facedown on the floor, at my grandparent's house. Weird that I ended up here. I give the dream a moment to put itself together, as it looks... fleeting. Once the clarity increases, I stand up and begin to rub my hands together.

      I just so happen to look in the mirror as I am doing this. My reflection is EVIL. She is clapping her hands, rather than rubbing them, and laughing like a demon. Her eyes are filled with darkness... "Holy crap, that's freaky," I think, though I am more amused than creeped out. Suddenly my reflection hits me with a jolt of dark energy and I collapse to the floor,
      waking up.

      4- Restless (DEILD)
      ((I DEILD back into the dream.)) "Okay, no mirrors this time." I pick myself up off the floor where I had fallen and make sure to keep my eyes averted from any reflective surface. There's really no reason for me to be in this house, anyway. I'm going out.

      Outside, I ponder over what to do. I should go to my training grounds, but... Out loud, I say, "I want to find Man of Shred or Waking Nomad and see if I can learn anything about shared dreaming." I fly to the top of the house, intending to go to the moon. But...

      5- A Lousy Attempt (FA)
      ...I "wake up." Fine, I'll just DEILD again. I'm already halfway into sleep paralysis, anyway. The only problem is, every time the vibrations start getting intense, my hip feels as if it's dislocating. I can't stop myself: I grab it in pain and get out of SP. I tell myself it's only an illusion, that I am experiencing HI. I am talking to someone who is in the room with me, so I really don't see how I didn't think to RC.

      6- More Vampires
      I am walking into a vampire restaurant with some people who I'm traveling with. A lady in the doorway takes a snap at me; I merely roll my eyes and keep walking. I watch people as I walk toward the counter. One of the waiters is asking a couple of kids who they are. "Vampires," they answer at the same time. I realize this must be a password for something. "Oh, you must be part of Sadalgo's lot."

      I tune them out and order a doctor pepper. I'm hoping they don't add blood to it, like they are for everyone else. "How can she be in here, eating with us?" I hear a voice say. The whispering starts. I see a man glance over to me every so often as he has a hushed conversation on his cell phone. Trouble is coming.

      "They're talking about ME," I whisper to my comrades.

      "I know."

      Outside, I get attacked by that same vampire lady and her slightly chubby male friend. I chase her off and take the guy captive. I have to literally sit on him to keep him him from getting away. I can't let him up until we get the signal that our weapons are ready. At one point, a cute little puppy walks up and starts licking the vampire man in the face. I laugh, enjoying his discomfort.

      As soon as we get the signal, more vampires arrive; the battle has begun. I have a weird hand gun that I try shooting, but it doesn't work worth a flip. Annoyed, I throw it to the ground. THIS is why I prefer swords! I run off to the forest, planning to cut off the vampires' reinforcements.
      Becoming lucid, I pick up a long piece of tree bark and decide to turn it into the Deathcat. One of the vampires attacks me with a huge battle axe. I raise my sword to block, but... "What the heck? It's still a piece of bark!"

      I dodge out of the way and draw the Deathcat from my sword belt. I can feel it in my hand, but it seems to be invisible. Oh well, it's still sharp. I parry the vampires next blow, then chop off his weapon arm. Unfortunately, he's wearing so much armor that I can't finish him off.

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    14. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:51 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- A Visit to the Farm
      I am walking down the road when a loud warning alarm goes off. I think it means that there's going to be a bomb or some type of explosion, so I start to run for shelter. It then occurs to me that something evil must be chasing me. I keep running, and nothing comes. I realize that this is simply because I don't know what's after me, and that I must be dreaming.

      I keep running anyway, trying to decide what's chasing me so it will actually appear. I briefly consider wolves, and I see large wolves quickly gaining on me. I then change my mind and they disappear.

      I am no longer on the main road, but on a dirt road that has been cleared through a forest. There are a lot of even smaller paths coming off of it, but I decide to keep going straight. I eventually come upon two construction workers who are talking to each other rather than working. "Get outta the way!" I yell, and jump over their heads onto one of the side paths.

      The path eventually takes me to a farm, where two men are having a brutal fistfight. I break them up, and as a reward I am shown around the farm. The farmer shows me that he keeps goats and miniature unicorns. He informs me that some of them can talk. One of the unicorns approaches me and I start petting her. Then I suddenly think better of it. "It's okay if I pet you, right?" I ask.

      "Of course," she replies.

      I start petting her again. "Wow, your fur is so soft!"

      "That's because I take such good care of my mane."

      ((At this point I somehow poke myself in the eye IRL and wake up.))

      2- I'm Not a Guy
      I am a guy rayher than myself, and I need to write down the dream I just had. I locate a talking pencil on my floor which is trying to hide from me. I then write my dream down.

      The unicorn come into my room, but she turns into a human girl of about 16. She lays down on my bed beside me and we start to talk, and she precedes to fall in love with me. At first I think I return the feelings, but then I snap out of it and
      realize that I'm not a guy. It is extremely difficult to convince her of this fact, however.

      3- Meeting with Madame Trelawny
      I start the dream as myself, in a huge library. As I start to look around, I suddenly take on the role of Harry Potter. Madame Trelawny finds me and says she needs to see me in her office about something. I am a bit uncomfortable about this, because apparently she is sexually attracted to me even though I keep trying to allude to her that I'm not interested. ((What the heck!?))

      I go into her office, and she points to a door and tells me to go in. "I'll be with you in a minute," she says sweetly, giving me the creeps, when I pass her to go into the room, she smacks me on the butt and runs off. Deeply irritated and EXTREMELY creeped out, I go into the room and plan to tell her to stay the heck away from me as soon as she comes back.

      But instead, she gives me some really good information about Voldemort which makes me forget about telling her off.

      ((The weirdness factor of my dreams has definitely skyrocketed over the past few nights.))

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