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    1. Drowning At Shore

      by , 10-16-2017 at 12:50 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Morning: (somewhere along 5am-7am)

      I was staying in a mansion of sorts. Reminds me somehow of Victorias. There was very white pug that wants to be scratched on the belly. I was waiting for someone or some people. There were cars. The place feels familiar from another dream.

      Afternoon-Evenng: (around 5pm-7pm)

      I was looking for something. I ended up near or on the old place I was renting (doesn't look like it IRL). Some people are renting the place. I needed to get something there or do something. A massage? I went in. Lico was there? It wasn't him at first. There are two other rooms. One room was for business. I asked for the price. I got an answer but forgot it immediately. It was a decent, big office but mostly empty. I thought it'd be great to have the center there. It's in Mandaluyong.

      I went in. It was dark but not blinding dark. Just no light but I can see a bit. The landlady(?) handed me the papers but gave it to Lico first for checking. I asked again about the rent. I think I mentioned 18k, but I think she scoffed. I told Lico I'll just ask her when she's not busy since she seems to be going about. I left along with the others. I thought about how nice would be to stay in that place. Then I realized everybody left, and the place would be empty. I wondered if it's for rent now, and if I can get a discount. That would be nice: a place all for me.

      We walked down the stairs and along the street. It was evening, and it felt more like a medieval evening with its cobblestone sidewalk, not the light-filled evening of Metro Manila. It's reminiscent of a 3 a.m. Manila. Mostly quiet, few people about. A hint of danger.

      We kind of got separated, some of us walking with others. I was kind of in the middle. In the back, I saw two of ours (a male and a female) approach another (a couple of males). The approached male reminds me of a BL actor. They were all wearing black suit/pants/dress. We continued walking.

      We somehow ended up near the shore. And then I noticed that some of our group that went ahead are walking and almost drowning in the water. They just kept walking. Some of us realized and helped them. However, an old man and an old woman are already dead, and somehow both naked.

      Somehow it seems that some of us were possessed or pretended to be possessed and killed them. One guy in particular was walking and I felt like kicking him in the face. Not sure if he was lying. It was daytime then.
    2. High Waves and the Orange Cliff

      by , 10-22-2014 at 11:46 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      (dreamed this in the afternoon)

      I was lining up for a ticket. I saw Nimz with a few others I'm not familiar with. People lined up (facing in my direction), not sure for what but I was thinking it's for buying a ticket for a ride. It reminds me of the line in train stations. At first, there was only one line, and then there were two. Nimz and his companions tried to start a third one between the two lines, but his companions decided to line at the back of one of the two other lines, leaving him alone in the center. Eventually, he decided to line up behind.

      I went ahead. I already had my ticket. I rode the boat. I'm not sure if I was supposed to wait for Nimz. I don't have any memory of us talking. I remember having to put down my ticket at the entrance box. I think my number was 438, close to ticket 420. I sat on the right side of the boat/ship looking at the port, wondering why I didn't wait for Nimz.

      One of our high school teachers was a "guide" in the boat. Ms. Barcelona. She started a prayer and I recited along but forgot the words. It's a familiar prayer. After the prayer, the boat started to move. I saw us back away from the port and move towards open waters.

      I saw then that the boat was small, probably only about three to four meters high, no more. I was wondering how it will survive the open waters. Then I saw I was headed east or west, but not north. I was aiming for north. I also saw the tall waves, higher than our boat was long, but nobody in the boat was panicking, except for me.

      I saw an orange cliff in the middle of the waters, the waves breaking into it, constantly almost-hiding it under the choppy waters but not completely. I asked Ms. Barcelona where we're headed. I expected "Iloilo", but she said "Cebu", which is even farther than I thought. I told her I took the wrong boat: I was heading for Manila.

      We were facing another wave, which carried us very close to the cliff, almost hitting it. I told them I had to go down, although I doubted they would go back to port for my sake alone. Fortunately, we moved to a nearby island. As soon as I was near the shore, I jumped down on the sand. I climbed something like a wall or cliff. When I reached about two meters up, I saw there were others on the shore. I'm not sure if they got off the boat like myself or if they were already there.

      I went down "the other side" of the wall/cliff and ran on the shore to where I thought some people would be. The surrounding "cliffs" turned to walls and ruins. I was thinking I was in a forest and talking to someone about hunting wild boar, if I'm ready for it. I kept running.


      - This was a very vivid dream. At one point, I became lucid, but cannot control anything. It was very quick lucidity.
      - I think this one is rather easy to interpret in light with my recent concerns.
      - I haven't had dreams this vivid in a while. I've been forgetting to write my dreams.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Nov 21, 2012 - Large Fish Near the Shore

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:53 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      6:51 a.m.

      I was traveling with mom. She asked where to buy gasoline. I pointed at the station nearby. We went there and the guy charged 1000 pesos. We think he overcharged, and mom thought it was simply horrendous, but instead of disputing it, we moved on.

      I was shopping in a grocery/bookstore. I was looking at a Combos pack that uses Graham as its 'shell.' I only had a few hundred to spend, and it costs over 50 pesos, but I took it anyway. I also thought of buying Kopiko Brown coffee. I'm not sure if I did. I kept walking around. I saw some interesting books on self-development and magick. I think some tarot decks as well. I passed by a stall with some interesting mantras. A man was also interested and was checking it out. The saleslady/owner asked me to hold on to the paper which may fly away.

      Sasuke was put in a machine. It's supposed to copy his Sharingan. Somebody traded something for it. A scroll? We pulled him out of the machine, alive fortunately, and the guy who traded for the sharingan is already 'wearing' it on his eye. He thanked us for the trade, although a bit smugly if you ask me.

      I was near the sea. The beach. I was with a friend, and I was carrying my trusty, point-and-click camera. We saw a HUGE fish very close to the shore; it looked like a huge 'sapsap,' almost like a sunfish in size. Its 'dorsal fin' is above the water level, but I can see very clearly underneath, and it wasn't deep at all. At first I thought it was dead. It was moving but maybe it was just the waves. Then it positively swam parallel to the shoreline, to our left (away from us). After that, we saw more, and I took more pictures. One was a long fish, and there are other fishes bigger than a person.

      I was in a gym. We were either exercising, doing aerobics, or having a workshop of sorts. I never really figured it out. Everything was fine. I think it was my second time there. It was not 'light,' and most of the lights seem to be off, but there are enough for us to see each other although we're dominated mostly by shadows. After some time, I realize I was naked. This didn't bother me, but it obviously bothered most everyone else. Slowly, they distanced from me. I then noticed most, if not all, of them are females. I thought, if they were offended by my genitals, I could just cover it or wear my boxers. And they could just say so. They were wearing in exercise clothing. After a while, I just looked for my boxers and wore it.

      Outside the street, we were talking of how to get home.
    4. Meeting on the Shore

      by , 06-16-2011 at 07:08 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with a group of people, in a resort or something. There are huts (or something), and I saw people playing cards. There's a main one-floor building nearby, and other huts near the shore. I went inside one, and found a bandaged demi-human, playing the stereo. Then he got annoyed because the stereo in the other hut is playing too loud. He increased the volume of his own stereo. I left, thinking he would hear his own stereo better if he put it facing the inside of the hut instead of outside.

      There was some sort of a meeting. I saw LGBT books lined on the sea wall. One has a yellow cover, with a drawing of a chick, as if it's inside the egg.

      Then I was with another group of people, and they were holding someone hostage. Flora? They were talking about something, when someone who looked like me, wearing stylish army clothing (?). He said he was fascinated by them (demi-humans).

      They attacked him with swords, and they moved very fast. He (I?) also moved fast, avoiding them, while talking to them at the same time. He asked what more they are asking for. He didn't specify what, but I got the idea that he was talking about how great they are in speed and other talents.

      Eventually, he (I?) was caught.



      physical attack

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    5. Beach Blog

      by , 06-08-2011 at 06:39 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a beach of sorts. Somehow, I "felt" that it was a beach south of our hometown (Manapla), but I can't quite pinpoint, and it didn't matter anyway.

      I was traveling with some people, and I believe we were trying to run away from some people. The mood at this point was yellowish, and so is the color theme.

      Then I was in one of the cottages by the beach, and Ms. Monique was there, talking to me about business or job. I'm not quite sure. I was looking at people arriving and having fun by the beach. There was narrow "river" in front of the cottage, and I thought it was deep, until a kid ran over the length of it.

      Then I was looking for Reggie. I wanted to talk to him. I looked for his blog and left a message.

      I was also surprised that there are a lot of people there. I did not expect it to be that popular.



      Reggie (haven't seen him for more than a year, and he lives elsewhere)
      Monique (haven't seen her for quite some time)

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